3 of the Biggest Canadian Casino Winners in History & How they Got Lucky

We all know and love the thrill of casino games, but few of us have ever actually struck it rich with a big win. That’s not to say winning isn’t possible. In fact, it just so happened to be in the cards for three extraordinarily lucky Canadian players. These inspiring stories of good fortune are sure to make you smile, and who knows? You may just be inspired to take your shot at one of many casinos available in the Great White North.

1. Chi Hoc Huynh

Chi Hoc Huynh didn’t have any inkling of what fate had in store for him on Boxing Day of 2017. When he walked into the casino, it was just another day. The Montreal retiree decided to put $30 down on a Grand Prix slot to celebrate being on holiday with his wife, and he couldn’t believe it when he saw the action lighting up the machine before him.

He had won $1.8 million with a single spin. Though Huynh’s normal practice was to visit the casino three or four times a year for some good old-fashioned relaxation, he never once dreamed of striking it rich — especially not the day after Christmas. To celebrate the win further, Huynh had a glass of sparkling champagne with his wife Kim, and divulged that he planned to spend most of the money on traveling and vacations. We can’t blame him for that.

The gaming industry is heating up in Canada like never before, and the outlets with the largest consistent wins are the casinos. Picture Source: CasinoReportsCanada.

2. Marcus Goodwin

Canadian resident Marcus Goodman also had a fair bit of good luck on November 5th of 2016, when he decided to log in for some online casino gaming. According to his reports, Goodman was playing for several hours and had some smaller wins when he struck gold with a progressive jackpot slot game.

At first, the young Canadian was hesitant to believe his luck—after all, the screen said he’d won $11.6 million. It had to be some mistake, right? Well, it wasn’t. Goodman soon received a phone call from the casino congratulating him on his success, and it’s all been uphill from there.

The ecstatic winner could hardly believe that his life had changed so much with a single spin of the reels. Especially since he wasn’t even a huge fan of slots. Goodman said that he only played every so often, but that small bit of effort sure panned out in a big way. The incredulous Canadian said he planned to use the money for travel, vacation homes, and is planning a first-class trip to Africa for his entire family.

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3. Kathryn Stokes

For many Canadians, Niagara Falls is the ultimate vacation getaway. Cozy hotels nestled between picturesque hills set the scene, and a breathtaking view of the country’s largest waterfall is the cherry on top. Of course, you wouldn’t want to stand too close to these torrential falls for too long, or you’ll end up cold and wet. That’s one reason why many visitors choose to head into nearby Fallsview Casino to pass the time.

Canadian resident Kathryn Stokes decided to take a trip to the casino with some pals back in 2013, even though she wasn’t a huge fan of gaming. It turned out to be the best decision she ever made, as she experienced one of the biggest wins in the casino’s history: a staggering $1.8 million.

Most people can’t imagine hitting a jackpot while playing on a whim, but that’s exactly what happened to Kathryn Stokes back in 2013.

She was playing the Michael Jackson slot, singing along to the fun music when the lifechanging event occurred. Stokes said that she wasn’t an avid casino-goer, only hitting the machines because her friends decided to give it a go.

Being a huge fan of Michael Jackson, she knew that this was the game for her. It turned out that the King of Pop was a big fan of Stokes as well, enough to merit over a million dollars in payouts. When asked what she planned to do with the Money, Stokes didn’t have a specific answer.  

She did report that a brand-new car was definitely on the cards for her, and with that kind of win she could afford one fit for a star. Maybe not a Bugatti Veyron like Tracy Morgan —after all, Stokes isn’t likely to be dropping everything on her new ride. However, she does have more than enough time to figure out what she wants to do with the money. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and she certainly doesn’t have to waste her time heading into work anymore.

Now that you know all about the luckiest Canadian casino winners of all time, you might be tempted to head out and hit the tables or the slots for some action and a chance at your own piece of the pie. While winning millions may not be in the cards for everyone, casinos are still a great source of entertainment and a fun way to pass the time. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and play some games.