Know About MTV Jockey Alan Hunter Daughter Callie Hunter Who Lives Private Lifestyle

Alan Hunter daughter Callie Hunter

Alan Caldwell Hunter, also known as Alan Hunter, is one of the five original video jockeys on MTV. He was the first VJ to appear on screen in 1981 when MTV went on air. Since then, Hunter has appeared in different other projects. Moreover, Alan became the one of the original five video jockeys on MTV. Apart from this, Alan Hunter also became a host on SiriusXM Radio’s The 80s on 8 channel. Likewise, he also owns a production company, Hunter Film with his brother, Hugh. In addition to this, Alan collaborated with his other brothers to found a WorkPlay, a multipurpose office, studio, and entertainment facility. In this article, we will be talking about Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie Hunter.

The Birmingham, Alabama-born, Alan Hunter has started his career as a struggling actor and did numerous of jobs like bartender, waiter, and handful of Off-Broadway roles. Later, he made his debut in MTV in early summer of 1981. The television personality has four children from his two marriages. Among them, his daughter and one of his sons are from Alan’s first marriage. Because of his fame, fans want to know about his kids too. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie Hunter.

Alan Hunter’s Daughter Callie Hunter Is the Youngest Child

Aforementioned, Alan Hunter is a doting dad of four kids, a daughter, and three sons. His first marriage was with Jan Hunter, with whom he was married for 18 years. In almost two decades of marital life, Alan and Jan welcomed two children. Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie Hunter is his youngest child with Jan. But her birth details have not been revealed yet. However, as per an interview that he gave in 1998, his baby girl was eight years old that year.

Furthermore, Callie is the only daughter of the television personality and has an elder brother. Callie Hunter’s elder brother is Dylan Hunter. His birth details are also unknown, and as per the interview, he was 11 years old that year. Therefore, it is evident that the Hunter siblings have an age difference of three years. Callie and Dylan have a special bond, and they must have grown up having a wonderful time together.

Callie Hunter’s Parent Are Separated

As the youngest child of her parents, Callie must have been pampered. As mentioned earlier, Callie Hunter’s parents were married for 18 years. However, Alan and Jan’s marriage of almost two decades came to an end. But the reason for the divorce has not been revealed yet. The former duo completed their separation process in private. After her parents divorced, Callie and her brother lived with their mom and spent their weekends with their father.

Following the divorce, Callie Hunter’s dad and mom moved on in their life. Her dad met his present wife, Elizabeth A. Bradley, in 2005. The duo dated for some time and tied the knot on July 7, 2007. After getting hitched, Callie Hunter’s stepmother, Elizabeth Bradley Hunter gave birth to her two half-brothers. The information regarding her half-siblings’ birth details have not been revealed yet. Nonetheless, we do know that one of Callie Hunter’s half-brothers is named Lochran Hunter. Alan Hunter’s daughter must have a good relationship with his wife and kids. On the other hand, it is not known if Callie Hunter’s mom has met anyone. She has remained away from the limelight over the years, so it is hard to tell about her relationship status.

Alan Hunter daughter Callie Hunter
Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie Hunter came into the limelight because of her dad’s name.

Callie Hunter Lives Private Lifestyle

Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie Hunter came into the limelight because of her dad’s name but has chosen to keep her personal life private. As Alan Hunter rarely talks about his family and kids in the media, it is no surprise that his baby girl also chose the same route. Because of her secretive nature, there is no information about Callie Hunter’s boyfriend. It is unknown if she is single or seeing someone. Likewise, there are no details about Callie Hunter’s children. But her dad has mentioned a grandchild on his Twitter.

On top of that, Callie does not have any social media accounts, so it has become even more difficult to know about her personal details. Callie seems to be really close with her dad. The father-daughter duo visit several places and Alan often posts their pictures together. Nonetheless, Callie must be doing great in her life. Hopefully, Alan Hunter’s daughter Callie will reveal more about her in the coming days.

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