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Meet Stella Reynolds – Skateboarder Andrew Reynolds Daughter With Ex-Wife Christiana

Meet Stella Reynolds – Skateboarder Andrew Reynolds Daughter With Ex-Wife Christiana

The Lakeland, Florida-born, Andrew Reynolds is the renowned face in the world of skateboarding. Apart from this, the professional skateboarder, Andrew Reynolds is also a co-founder of Baker Skateboards. He founded the company in 2000 alongside his fellow artist Jay Strickland. As of now, Andrew is the sole owner of Baker Skateboard. In addition to this, Reynolds has also collaborated with Erik Ellington and Jim Greco in 2017 to establish Bakerboys Distribution. The companies provide distribution for in-house skateboard companies like Deathwish Skateboards and Shake Junt. Furthermore, he is also the head of design at Altamont Apparel now known as Sole Technology, a footwear company, specializing in skate shoe production and distribution. Andrew moved to Huntington Beach, California from Lakeland, Florida to pursue his career in skating. He was influenced by pro skater Chad Muska. In this article, we will be talking about Andrew Reynolds’ daughter Stella Reynolds.

The 44-year-old, Andrew Reynolds started his skating journey in the 1990s. He has also worked with popular pro skater Tony Haws and joined his team, Birdhouse. Moreover, Reynolds was featured in the fourth Birdhouse video, The End in 1998. IN 2000, Andrew left Birdhouse to start his own skating company, the Baker brand with Jay Strickland. Furthermore, Andrew has also collaborated with Emerica. He has released thirteen signature shoe models with the skateboarding shoe company Emerica. Reynolds is admired for his ability to effortlessly execute technical tricks with precision and grace. His smooth and powerful skating style has earned him a loyal fan base and inspired countless skateboarders around the globe. With his talent, influence, and dedication, Andrew Reynolds has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the skateboarding community. The skateboarder is also a family person. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Andrew Reynold’s daughter Stella Reynolds.

Who Is Andrew Reynolds’ Daughter Stella Reynolds?

The professional skateboarder, Andrew Reynold once shares a marital relationship with his ex-wife Christiana. The details regarding Andrew Reynolds’ baby mama hasn’t been reveal yet. Andrew Reynolds’ daughter Stella Reynolds took birth in early 2006. Besides, Stella Reynolds is the only daughter of a professional skater with his ex-wife, Christina. Moreover, Stella has been raised by her single father. Furthermore, Stella is an emerging skateboarder. The young and talented daughter of Andrew Reynolds, Stella has followed in her father’s footsteps. The attractive teen has improved greatly as a skater over the last few years.

Moreover, Andrew has never told his daughter to skate or ever said anything about skating. The little girl decided to follow her dad’s profession on her own. Andrew Reynolds stated in a Rolling Stones interview that his daughter Stella started learning to skate when she was just a young girl. She dreams about getting sponsored by Birdhouse, the skating venue where her father had played during his early skateboarding career. Furthermore, Andrew Reynolds’ daughter received her first board sponsor at the age of 12 in 2018. Moreover, she has also participated in numerous skateboarding competitions. Besides, Stella is also active on the Instagram page where she frequently uploads her skateboarding skills.

Andrew Reynolds’ Daughter Appeared in A Movie

No doubt, Andrew Reynolds’ daughter Stella Reynolds has already achieved huge success at an early age in her career. Apart from Stella’s skating career, she has also appeared in the movie. In 2019, the team of Patti, a YouTube channel that documents original stories of women succeeding in life, stumbled upon Andrew Reynolds’ note to his daughter Stella. The team decided to film skateboarding. The team of YouTube channel, Patti created a short film named Dear Stella which featured Stella Reynolds. The film Dear Stella captures the positive attitude and aspirations of a young skateboarder.

Stella Reynolds Loves Painting

Andrew Reynolds’ daughter Stella Reynolds is a very talented kid. The young skateboarder has already received immense fame in her early career. Besides skateboarding, Stella has also shown an interested in art. Andrew revealed that her daughter paints every single day and enjoys spending time. She also has drawings of well-known skateboarders and artists like Nora Vasconcellos, Neck Face, and Kevin Long in her sketchbook. The young artist randomly makes her sketch. She doesn’t consider or give a thought to anything else when she’s sitting somewhere with her sketchbook. Moreover, she just concentrates on her current work.

Andrew Reynolds’ daughter Stella Reynolds is a very talented skateboarder. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Stella’s Parents Struggled With Drugs in The Past

The professional skateboarder, Andrew Reynolds addicted to drugs in the past. At the age of 16, he began drinking alcohol and later addicted to drugs. Additionally, he even went to jail a couple of times in the past. With his passion for skateboarding, he began leaving his bad habits. After the birth of his little daughter, he even quit smoking. Unlike her dad, Stella’s mother also struggled with the same problem. It seems like she has also left her bad habits. As of now, Andrew Reynolds’ daughter is enjoying wonderful life alongside her father.

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