Know About Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy Wife Kimber Kennedy Who Is Mother of Two Kids

Andy Kennedy is a basketball head coach and former basketball player. As of now, Andy serves as the head coach of the UAB Blazers men’s basketball team. Apart from this, the 54-years-old, Andy has also served as the head coach at the University of Mississippi from 2006 to 2018. In 2020 season, Andy became the head coach for UAB. He led his team to the second position of the NCAA Division. In this article, we will be talking about Andy Kennedy’s wife Kimber Kennedy.

Apart from his coaching career, Andy is also a former basketball player. He played basketball at both Winston Academy and Louisville High School. Moreover, he went on to play for North Carolina State and then for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The seventh head coach of UAB Blazers is a family man with a wife and two daughters. The coach is happily married to Kimber Kennedy. Without further delay, let’s get to know Andy Kennedy’s wife Kimber Kennedy.

Who Is Andy Kennedy’s Wife Kimber Kennedy?

As already addressed, the UAB Blazers head coach shares a blissful marital life with Kimber Kennedy. However, it is unknown when the pair tied the knot and how long they dated before marriage. However, we can be assured that the couple has been together for over two decades. Not to mention their strong bond and deep support, which withstood all the ups and downs in their journey.

Furthermore, the head coach Andy Kennedy’s wife Kimber Kennedy has not disclosed any information regarding her parents and siblings. On the other hand, her husband, Andy, was born to his father, Frank Kennedy, and mother, Mary Kennedy. Also, the UAB Blazers head coach grew up with his elder siblings, Steve Kennedy and Julie Kennedy.

Andy and Kimber Met First At Training Room

Kimber Kennedy’s husband attended NC State University after graduating from Louisville High School. However, he transferred to UAB after his first year. The coach wanted to spend more time with his grandfather, who was sick at that time. Although the Kennedy couple has not disclosed much of their relationship history, they seem to have met during their college days. Kimber, too, attended North Carolina State University. In one of her interviews, Andy Kennedy’s wife revealed that she first met her husband in the training room.

The head coach’s wife later transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham just like him. When Andy Kennedy’s wife Kimber transferred to UAB, Birmingham city was a complete stranger to her. But Andy’s parents were there to welcome her. Additionally, Kimber Kennedy’s in-laws Frank and Mary also helped her to move into her apartment. Kimber must be grateful for unconditional support and help. Seeing as Kimber and Andy’s college journey is the same, the duo must have forged a close bond at the time.

Andy Kennedy’s Wife Is a Doting Mother of Two Kids

As aforementioned, Kimber and Andy have been together for a long time now. Together, the pair leads a beautiful family of four, including two daughters, Meagan Leigh Kennedy and Kaitlyn Kennedy. Meagan is the firstborn of the Kennedy couple. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Kennedy was born as the youngest child to the couple in the early 2000s. Above all, Kimber’s first child is a Samford University graduate. She graduated with a BABS (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) in 2019. Later, she also earned an MBA degree from the same university in 2020.

Nonetheless, Kimber and Andy’s first child currently works as a full-time associate account executive at Brooksource and volunteers as the worship leader at the church of the Highlands. Moreover, the Kennedy couple’s second daughter, Kaitlyn, is a 2015 graduate of Oxford High School. Not only that, but she is the winner of Princess America National Junior Teen in 2013. Furthermore, Kimber’s family members are very close to each other and spend a lot of quality time together. In addition to that, her daughters also share a special bond as both of them have shared several pictures together on their respective Instagram pages.

Andy Kennedy wife Kimber Kennedy
Andy Kennedy wife Kimber Kennedy is a mother of two daughters. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Kimber Kennedy Once Sued Cab Driver

During a long time together Kenndy couple must have faced numerous hurdles during their journey. Once, the couple got tangled in a legal twist when a taxi driver sued Kimber’s husband for assault and ethnic intimidation. The head coach was arrested on an assault charge of at least $25,000 in the late 2000s. He allegedly punched and shouted racial slurs at a local cab driver Mohommed Ould Jiddou. Valet Micheal Strother reportedly witnessed the incident and confirmed Jiddou’s claims.

Later, the lawsuit was settled, and details of the settlement were kept private. However, as per ESPN, there was no financial settlement, but only apologies were exchanged. Furthermore, the basketball coach sued Jiddou and Michael for defamation the day after his arrest. Well, Kimber also sued the cab driver and valet, saying their accusations have caused problems in their personal relationship. Above all, Kimber seems to be very supportive of her husband’s career. It must be because the pair met at the start of their career and have been by each other’s side along the whole journey. Nonetheless, Andy Kennedy’s wife Kimber Kennedy is a beautiful woman, a supportive partner, and a doting mother. She must be happy and content with her life and we wish her all the best for her future.

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