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Know About AC/DC Lead Guitarist Angus Young Wife Ellen Young Who Is Also A Hardcore Metal Fan

Know About AC/DC Lead Guitarist Angus Young Wife Ellen Young Who Is Also A Hardcore Metal Fan

Born as Angus McKinnon Young and professionally known by the stage name Angus Young is an Australian musician, singer, and songwriter. Moreover, Angus gained immense popularity for being a co-founder and lead guitarist of the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. The multi-talented, Angus is also known for his unique outfit with schoolboy uniform and energetic performance. In addition to this, Angus ranks at the #24 position in Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 greatest guitarists of all time. In this article, we will be discussing on Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young.

Moreover, Angus and his fellow band member were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Apart from this, the 66 years-old, Angus has worked with the record labels like EMI, Epic Records, Atlantic Records, Albert, and Columbia Records in his vigorous career. Before forming a rock band, AC/DC, he used to play for a local group, Kantauckee. Later, at the age of 18, he and his other brother Malcolm former AC/DC in 1973, and the rest is history. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young.

Know About Angus Young Personal Life and Relationship

Following on Angus Young’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his wife, Ellen Young. Furthermore, Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young is a Dutch woman and is popular for being the wife of AC/DC lead guitarist, Angus Young. Moreover, the couple tied their wedding knot in early 1980. Although being the wife of a popular musician, Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young maintains her personal life away from the limelight of media.

Similarly, Ellen’s husband Angus is also a very secretive person. Having been in the limelight of media since the formation of the rock band, AC/DC, he has not yet revealed about his personal relationship. Moreover, the AC/DC lead guitarist, Angus has maintained his personal life in privacy. Having appeared in numerous interviews and public events, the Australian-born singer has not revealed much more detail about his personal belongings. Moreover, Angus and Ellen are already in a marital relationship for more than four decades. Although being in a marital relationship for over 40 years, they don’t share any children from their relationship.

Who Is Angus Young Wife Ellen Young?

As mentioned earlier, Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young is famous for being the wife of AC/DC lead guitarist, Angus Young. Rather than that, the brief detail regarding Ellen Young is not known. Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young a Dutch woman. Moreover, the couple met each other through their friend. As previously mentioned, Ellen and Angus shared their wedding vows in 1980 and are together since then. Likewise, Angus’s better half, Ellen is also on Facebook as Ellen Van Lochem Young. According to her Facebook profile, Ellen speaks English and Dutch and is a hardcore lover of rock and metal genre music.

Angus Young and Ellen Young are in a marital relationship for more than 40 years. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Although she is active on social media since May 2017, she only provides minimal information to her followers.

Angus and Ellen Young Met Each Other Through Her Friend

Talking about Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young, she was not as famous as her husband during their first meeting. Moreover, she is an ordinary woman living her life totally a long way from fame. Ellen came to the limelight of media only after getting married to Angus Young. Moreover, the couple initially met each other with the help of her colleague, Dutch rock guitarist Adrian Vandenberg.  While talking on the White Line Fever podcast in 2018, Vandenberg revealed that he introduces Ellen to the AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. He said that Angus Young’s better half, Ellen was his companion. They knew one another when Vandenberg studied at the university in the Dutch City of Arnhem.

Moreover, Ellen and Vandenberg frequently meet each other in bars and rock shows. Moreover, Vandenberg also stated that his band named TEASER were also invited to assist AC/DC on a couple of shows. One of his shows was near the town he was studying while Mrs. Young also additionally lived there. Thus, she requested him to put her on the list of guests and it worked. After a couple of weeks, Ellen told Adrian and revealed to him that she and Angus Young is dating. After few years of together, the couple announced their marriage in 1980.

Angus and Ellen Loves Spending Time Together

It has been more than forty years since Ellen Young wedded her significant other, Angus Young. However, they still share the same love and affection to the date. The reason behind their long-lasting relationship is their understanding and agreement with each other. Likewise, Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young loves requesting her better half at whatever point she feels she needs her directions. 

Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young loves ordering his husband. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Moreover, Ellen also loves ordering his husband. In an incident a few years ago where the Guardian magazine’s columnists requested for a picture with Angus and his band members. As the musicians of AC/DC, including Angus, are quite short, Ellen became mindful with respect to her husband’s appearance in the photograph. Thus, she requested Angus to stand on the chair as she felt he would look moronic otherwise. Angus obeyed her guidelines with no remarks and stood on a chair.

Ellen Young and His Husband Owns Homes In Different Parts of The World

Angus and his better half, Ellen Young, own homes in three different nations. The couple has lavish house in countries like Australia, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. They have a noteworthy home at Kangaroo Point, New South Wales, where they are presently living.

Likewise, Angus and Ellen also have their beautiful house in the Dutch town of Aalten, Netherlands. Moreover, Angus Young’s wife Ellen Young grew up and spent her adult life in the city. Moreover, the happily married couple, who have no children and also has a home in the UK where they regularly visit during their vacation.

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