Why Feminized Seeds are the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Why do many growers prefer feminized seeds? Is it true that this simplifies growing and allows growers to eliminate unwanted surprises? Now we will find out whether feminized cannabis seeds https://askgrowers.com/seeds/feminized are worth your money.

What is Special About Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds do not have male genes. The result of this is the possibility of rearing exclusively female individuals. With their help, cones are formed. In turn, male plants are intended for pollination. 

When planting regular seeds for cannabis, a large area is required. As soon as it is possible to find out the sex of the plant, the male bushes are removed because even one male plant can be enough for you to get seeds instead of large and high-quality buds.

If we talk about feminized seeds, the term “sensimilla” should be mentioned. It is an unfertilized female plant. The appearance of the crop can occur if the pollination of the female bush does not occur.

Why Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Probably the main advantage of female seeds is that they remove the «surprise» moment for growers. When you have quite a few cannabis plants, it can be quite difficult to make sure that every plant is female. These minimal differences can often be missed, and when it’s too late, you may regret missing one male plant.

Many growers may give up immediately after the first growing failure when buying regular seeds. Often the information that plants have sex is solely overlooked. As a result, growers become disappointed with the results and don’t try again. Female seeds remove the chaos of plant sex recognition in advance.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds For Sale 

Female seeds are excellent not only because they greatly simplify the growing process.

Amount of THC and CBD in Seeds

Marijuana from female seeds is more potent, usually expressed in higher levels of CBD and THC, than regular versions of the same variety. Of course, today manufacturers are also working on improving the regulars, so in some cases, this difference will not be so noticeable.

The Taste and Aroma of Feminized Plants are also More Intense and Expressive

Marijuana grown from feminized seeds has a good similarity of one variety with each other, expressed in the same properties and yields of each bush.

But it is worth remembering that feminized seeds are not a guarantee of an ideal harvest.

What to Look Out For?

Female seeds are intended for the cultivation of exclusively female individuals. There is a little chance that if the wrong care is taken, it will become possible to obtain hermaphrodite or male cannabis. To fully mitigate this risk, you should pay attention to several requirements.

  • The best option is to use fertilizers that have a high nitrogen content; 
  • Maintain the required humidity. Care must be taken to prevent fungus or mold;
  • Monitor the temperature;
  • Purchase a light source that has a blue spectrum.

Why are Feminized Seeds the Future of Growers?

For growers who use the best feminized seeds, there are several benefits. First of all, it is a saving of time and space, an absolute optimization of the growing process. The main goal of a particular type of seed is the maximum return.

Male plants take up space, time, and resources for the grower. Indeed, in the case of the growth of plants of both sexes, the manufacturer needs to wait for some time until their gender becomes clear. 

Breeders also have to deal with the problem of actually sexing, tracking each plant to make sure all males are removed before they can pollinate females.

That is why feminized seeds are most suitable for the selection and mass hemp cultivation.

How to Feminize Seeds?

Several techniques can produce a feminized seed variety:

  1. Stressing the female plant by interrupting her light cycle during flowering. “Poisoning with light” allows the plant to turn into a hermaphrodite, whose pollen pollinates the female;
  2. Chemical stimulation of the plant involves spraying the female with a solution of colloidal silver.

Disadvantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Of course, female plants also have drawbacks, which breeders are actively working on today. In many cases, they achieve amazing results by improving the seed.

The formation of sex in plants begins at the stage of the appearance of the third pair of leaves and continues for three weeks after. At this time, it is essential to monitor the growing conditions carefully. If the feminized seeds are stressed, they may appear at the same time as both male and female flowers. After that, your feminized seeds will become unsuitable for harvest. Even worse, one such plant can affect all others.

Stress factors for feminized varieties can be oversaturation with fertilizers or their incorrect selection, a sharp change in light and temperature conditions.

Your main task is to ensure that your plants are not stressed. However, these are not complex but rather general rules that apply to all marijuana plants. It does not mean that feminized seeds are too capricious, you only need to follow the conditions, so your plants will not become hermaphrodites. Especially conscientiously you need to monitor this at 3-4 weeks of growth. So:

  • No need to dry out the soil. But you should also avoid overflowing plants;
  • The ideal temperature should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Overheating above 84 degrees Fahrenheit is already a lot of stress;
  • Watch your nutrients;
  • A sharp change in the period of the photoperiod should be excluded.


Feminized seeds will definitely be your favorite if you don’t like the extra hassle of growing cannabis. Feminized seeds are indeed the future of marijuana cultivation, as it considerably simplifies the process of growing weed.

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Tia Moskalenko is the author of the AskGrowers article on feminized seeds. Her writing approach is based on interviews with experts or representatives of successful brands, from whom she learns the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.