Meet Nikki Moreno – Businessman Arte Moreno Daughter With Wife Carole Moreno

Arte Moreno daughter Nikki Moreno

Born as Arturo Moreno and also popular by the name Arte Moreno is a Mexican-American businessman. The Tucson, Arizona-born, Arte Moreno became the first Mexican-American to own a major sports team in the United States. In May 2003, Arte Moreno purchased the Anaheim Angels, a baseball team from the Walt Disney Company. Besides, Morena started his career by working at an advertising company named Eller Outdoor. Moreno and his friend Wally Kelly purchased a billboard company, Outdoor Systems, and became President and Chief Executive Officer. As Arte Morena has an interest in sports, he purchased the Salt Lake Trappers minor league team in 1986. Likewise, he also made his attempt to purchase a Major League Baseball team, Arizona Diamondbacks, but couldn’t make a deal. However, he remained determined to own a Major League Baseball team. In this article, we will be talking about Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno.

The businessman, Arte Moreno developed his interest in purchasing the 2002 World Series Champion, Anaheim Angels. In April 2003, Moreno agreed with The Walt Disney Company and purchased the MLB franchise for $180 million. Similarly, he also purchased Angel Stadium and the surrounding parking lots for $320 million through his company SRB Management. Apart from this, he has also invested in several other business firms. In order to buy Radio 830 KMXE, the biggest AM radio station in the country, Moreno gathered a group of businessmen in February 2006. While the business tycoon has gained success in his professional life, he is also a devoted family guy. Moreno is married twice in his life. Likewise, Arte shares three children from his marital relationship. As of now, Moreno shares a blissful marital relationship with Carole Moreno. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about businessman Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno.

Who Is Arte Moreno’s Daughter Nikki Moreno?

The business tycoon, Arte Moreno shares a blissful marital relationship with his beautiful wife, Carole Moreno. Carole and Arte met each other for the first time in Kansas City in 1979. Besides, the couple dated for seven years before they walked down the aisle. The pair tied their wedding knot in May 1986. Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno took birth in 1989. Besides, Nikki is the only daughter of the business tycoon with his beloved partner, Carole Moreno. Furthermore, Nikki is the youngest child of the Moreno family. Being the only daughter of the family, she must have been pampered very all.

Likewise, Arte Moreno’s daughter is the youngest child of her parent. And being the youngest child of the family, she must have been raised with immense care and love. Apart from this, Nikki has an elder brother named Rico Moreno who was born in 1988. As there is no huge age difference between the Moreno siblings, they must have enjoyed their childhood growing up together. Moreover, Nikki’s parents have remained very private about their family life. As of result, there are very few details available about them on the internet. Nonetheless, they must have enjoyed comfortable life away from the limelight of the media.

Arte Moreno’s Daughter Has Half-Brother

Aforementioned, Nikki Moreno is the youngest member of the Moreno family. Besides, she has an elder brother named Rico Moreno whom she must have been pretty close. Nikki shares a great bond with her brother and family member. They often travel together during vacation. Apart from this, Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno also has a half-brother.

The CEO of Outdoor System, Arte Moreno has been married twice in his life. Before, tying the knot with Carole Moreno, he was previously married to another woman whose identity has not been disclosed yet. From his first marriage, Nikki’s father welcomed a son, Bryan Moreno. Besides, the details regarding Nikki Moreno’s half-sibling have not been revealed yet. However, as per the article in USA Today, Nikki’s half-brother, Bryan currently resides in La Jolla, California. It is unclear if he still lives in California. Moreover, Nikki must have shared a good bond with his half-brother too.

Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno
Arte Moreno’s daughter Nikki Moreno took birth in 1989. Picture Source: Pinterest.

What Is Nikki Moreno Doing Currently?

Due to the extreme privacy maintained by Nikki’s parents, the information regarding her education and profession hasn’t been disclosed yet. Nikki’s father Arte Moreno became the first Mexican-American businessman to purchase the MLB team, Los Angeles Angels. During his tenure at the club, the team has won several championship titles. In addition to this, Nikki Moreno’s parents have also founded the Moreno Family Foundation which provides funds to the youths.

Being the daughter of a popular businessman, she must have become inspired by her father’s business journey. Thus, there might be the possibility that Arte Moreno’s daughter has been involved in his business ventures. In addition to this, she took birth in a family background in baseball, so she might be involved in baseball. Despite living a life away from the media scrutiny, she is enjoying comfortable life with her family.

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