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Meet Besso Harper – Singer Ben Harper Only Son With His Wife Jaclyn Matfus

Meet Besso Harper – Singer Ben Harper Only Son With His Wife Jaclyn Matfus

Benjamin Chase Harper also popular by the name Ben Harper is an American singer-songwriter. Besides, the Pomona, California-born, Ben Harper is a multi-talented singer who effortlessly weaves together an eclectic mix of genres, creating a musical style that is uniquely his own. With a voice that is equal parts soothing and powerful, Harper captivates listeners with his heartfelt and introspective lyrics. What sets him apart is his ability to seamlessly blend elements of folk, blues, rock, reggae, and soul, resulting in a sound that defies categorization. Whether he’s strumming a soulful ballad or belting out an energetic anthem, Harper’s authenticity shines through, making each performance a captivating and intimate experience. With his distinct sound and passion for music, Harper stands out as an artist who continues to push boundaries and inspire fans with his unparalleled creativity. In this article, we will be talking about Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper.

The 53-year-old, Ben Harper started his musical journey in 1992 and has been active till date in the industry. Harper developed his interest in music from early childhood and started playing guitar at a young age. Moreover, his maternal grandparents own a music store. At the age of nine, he attended Bob Marley’s performance in 1978 and influenced by his singing. During his teenage years in the 1980s, he played his first gig. At the time he was 12 years old. The multi-talented singer, Ben Harper recorded his first LP titled Pleasure and Pain alongside his fellow partner, Tom Freund. Moreover, Ben Harper has worked constantly with Virgin Records as he signed a lifetime record deal with music production. Moreover, the three times Grammy Award winner, Ben Harper has released 12 studio albums. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper.

Who Is Ben Harper’s, Son Besso Harper?

The multi-talented singer-songwriter, Ben Harper has risen to a significant height of fame through his musical career. Apart from this, Ben Harper is also a doting father and husband. Besides, Ben Harper has been married three times in his life. As of now, Ben enjoys his joyful marital relationship with his lovely wife, Jaclyn Matfus. Before tying the knot with Jaclyn, he was in a marital relationship with Joanna Harper and Laura Dern. Ben and Jaclyn tied their wedding knot on 1st January 2015. Since then, the pair have been enjoying their marital bliss together. The pair has been married nearly for a decade. Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper is the only child of the musician with his wife, Jaclyn Matfus. Besso Harper took birth on 17th June 2017.

Besides, Ben Harper’s son must have been pampered very well by his parent. Moreover, Besso Harper is the youngest child of the singer among his five kids with different baby mamas. Besso Harper has been raised away from the limelight of media scrutiny. Additionally, his parents haven’t taken him to any events and must be securing his privacy until is grown enough. Nevertheless, little Besso Harper must be enjoying his wonderful life in a lovely family environment.

Besso Harper Is The Youngest Child of His Father

As mentioned earlier, Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper is the youngest child of the singer. Besides, he is the only child of the singer with his wife, Jaclyn Matfus. Being the only child of the family, he must have been raised with immense care and love. While Besso might be the only child of his parent, he is the fifth child of his father. Aforementioned, Besso Harper’s dad tied knot two times before tying the knot with his mother.

Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper has four half-siblings. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Ben Harper’s son has four half-siblings. Moreover, Ben tied the knot with his ex-wife Joanna Harper and shares two children named Charles Joseph Harper and Harris Aliyah Harper also known as Harris Harper. Likewise, Ben also tied the knot with actress Laura Dern. Together the ex-couple welcomed two kids named Ellery Walker Harper and Jaya Harper. Besso must be close with his half-siblings. Despite being kids from different mothers, the Harper siblings shares a great bond and often spotted together at different events. 

Will Ben Harper’s Son Follow His Dad’s Footsteps?

Ben Harper’s son Besso Harper took birth in a musical family background. His father is a well-known singer and instrumentalist who has won three Grammy Awards. The vocalist has established a solid reputation for himself in the music industry. Growing up seeing his father singing, Besso might have developed his interest in music from his father’s influence. According to Fatherly, Ben Harper has also indulged his other kids in the music world. Moreover, he used to place the speaker directly on his partner’s stomach and play music by various musicians. Thus, who knows Besso might also grow up and follow in his father’s footsteps and become a popular musician.

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