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Useful Features to Purchase In-Game

Useful Features to Purchase In-Game

In-game purchases make up a big fraction of the revenue that developers make from their games. Some gaming apps are available for free and this leaves in-game purchases as their sole source of income. They use different strategies to create the need for users to buy these items. Hence, buyers must ensure that they only opt for things that add value to their experience.

If wishes were horses, top casinos like leagueofslots.com would have these in-game purchases as well. These sites have VIP clubs where some elite members get to enjoy exclusive offers and preferential treatment upon meeting certain conditions. However, if they had an in-game purchases that guaranteed wins, then they would be top-sellers. Nevertheless, it can only remain as a wish.

What are the most useful in-game purchases for players. Let us review these features to find out:

Subscriptions & Premium Add-Ons

This is perhaps the most popular way of enticing gamers to these things. Some developers create the basic game with limited functionality in order to prompt players to buy the enhanced version at a certain price. The premium version could have clear advantages like:

  • no ads, 
  • multi-player options, 
  • more tournaments, 
  • more levels, 
  • and more playing fields.  

Previously, these purchases required one-off payments. However, they have introduced a model where gamers pay periodic subscriptions to get access to them. There are Auto-Renewable Subscriptions and Non-Renewing Subscriptions. The former gives players access to premium versions for a specified time then the subscription renew after this period automatically. This cycle continues until it is stopped. The latter, on the other hand,  forces the players to manually renew their subscriptions.

These features are valuable regardless of the model. The best thing about these purchases is that they allow you to first immerse yourself into the game and only buy them if you realize the need. If a game doesn’t excite you, then there will be no reason to purchase the full version.

Durable Purchases

There are in-game purchases that stick with you for a long time after you buy them. They include special cars, weapons, new skins, and avatars. Once you buy or unlock them, you can utilize them without an expiry date. They greatly enhance the gaming experience though they may not improve your gameplay. These in-game purchases are popular in nearly all kinds of games.

You could also buy advanced graphical elements and music. Can you imagine playing your favorite game while listening to a superb playlist? This is the kind of purchase that will go a long way in improving your gaming experience. Most people usually mute their games and play music from a different app or device. Thus, such a purchase improves the convenience.

Developers are alive to the popularity of these in-game purchases and they tend to generate a lot of money from them. Games like Fortnite and Tap Tap Revenge 4 have awesome durable purchases that have been received well by gamers.

Consumable Virtual In-Game Purchases

These are perhaps the most popular goods in video games that have existed for decades and never seem to lose their edge. The most common among them is virtual currency that can be used in the course of the game to advance the gameplay. The developers create a situation that will necessitate the use of virtual currency to make progress in the game. For instance, the currency could be used to build new defenses in battle games or to make new allies.

Other consumer goods include Power Ups, additional moves, more lives, and more health. Power ups enable players to attain higher scores as they progress in the game while the extra moves provide more ways of conquering the game. The health packages allow users to replenish their health when facing difficult challenges thus allowing them to make more progress.

These in-game purchases are the most useful because they have a direct impact on the gameplay as opposed to the durable purchases. However, they are consumable, hence, they will be depleted when you use them. This forces players to keep buying them to enjoy their benefits. For this reason, most games try to make them affordable.

Developers have incorporated these features in both simple and sophisticated games. The games with some of the best purchases of this kind include Game of War – Fire Age, Two Dots, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and Candy Crush Saga among others. However, these products are criticized because they take away the grind associated with these games. Players tend to purchase progress instead of finding ways of conquering the obstacles of the game. Thus, developers must try to strike a balance between the two to avoid jeopardizing the game.

These are the most useful features to purchase in-game. They have different impacts on the playing experience so players can choose the ones that suit them. Developers have made it easy to buy them so you can always access them when you need to.

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