Best MLB Stars in The History of Ohio

Ohio has an extensive and proud baseball tradition that includes some of the best players to ever play on the field coming out of the region, from Cy Young to Bob Feller to Mike Schmidt.

They have produced some of the most renowned Major League Baseball (MLB) players in the history of the game. Before disclosing this, let’s check some Ohio’s MLB team odds.

Curiosities about Ohio’s MLB team

The Cleveland Guardians, Ohio’s Major League Baseball (MLB) team was founded in the year 1901 as the Cleveland Indians. The team has many memorable and long-running seasons within the MLB with two World Series championships in 1920 and 1948. Through its time being an MLB franchise and as a team, the Indians have come up with a variety of interesting stories and fascinating facts which make them stand out from all other league teams.

One of the more interesting curiosities of the Cleveland Indians is their longtime chief Wahoo. The mascot was first introduced to the public in 1947 and has remained similar since, despite numerous demands for his retirement because of the perceived racism towards Native Americans. That is why the team changed it’s name to Cleveland Guardians in 2021.

The Cleveland Guardians has a long connection to the hit song “Cleveland Rocks”. The song is featured in the film Airheads and is performed after every home win and has become synonymous with the team. Since 1985, they’ve hosted their regular “10-Cent Beer Night” where customers can buy beers for 10 cents at select venues during one night of games only. They also host “Rally Alley” before every home game, when fans gather to show their love for this team, by painting their faces, and wearing wigs, hats, and other accessories. These are only some of the fascinating facts which make Cleveland Guardians unique. Nevertheless, here are some of the most famous sport figures in Ohio who played for in the MLB.

Here are the best MLB Stars in the history of Ohio 

  • Cy Young was born near Gilmore in the eastern part of Ohio and began his career with Cleveland Spiders in 1890. One of the most successful players in MLB history with 511 wins over his 22-year MLB career. Young’s record-setting records for victories and shutouts are in use today and Young was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1937.
  • Bob Feller was born in Van Meter, Iowa but lived in the rural areas of Iowa and was one of the best pitchers of the time. He played for Cleveland Indians in 1936 and continued to enjoy an incredible career. He was an eight-time All-Star, World Series champion and a 3-time strikeout leader, 7 times wins leader, and also one of the very premier MLB players to join the ranks of World War II. Feller was admitted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.
  • Mike Schmidt is widely regarded as the greatest third baseman in history. He was a part of 18 of 19 seasons playing for the Phillies. In that span, he was awarded NL MVP three times, 10 Gold Glove Awards, 12 All-Star appearances, and eight Silver Slugger awards. 548 home runs are in the top 10 of all time and his .267 batsman’s average is among the most powerful players in MLB history. He was admitted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.
  • Frank Robinson is another legendary Ohioan who played between 1956 and 1976. From 1956 to 1976 Robinson performed for five teams, including his team, the Cincinnati Reds with whom he received the National League MVP award in 1961. He also was the winner of 2 World Series championships and earned 14 All-Star appearances. With his 586 hits, his home run record was set. He became the fourth person to hit 500 HRs before being admitted into the Hall of Fame in 1982.

Other noteworthy Ohio residents include Sandy Koufax, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Barry Larkin, and Tris Speaker, all Hall of Famer. Although Ohio is home to some of the best baseball players in MLB history they will forever be revered and remembered across Major League Baseball as true legends.

Final Thoughts

These legends have set the standard for generations to come and make them among the most renowned MLB stars of Ohio’s long and rich baseball history

They all may have experienced their unique path to success however, each is a testimony to the things that can be accomplished with perseverance and hard work. The team has consistently been in the top tier since the mid-90s and is currently among the best clubs within the American League Central Division. Cheers, Ohio!

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