Best Mobile Games to Play at Leisure

One of the biggest advantages of owning a smartphone, iPad, or tablet is the wide selection of mobile games available. Whether you own an Android, iOS, or Windows-powered device, you can download many games from the respective app stores or play directly online. These games can be played at casinos such as Casino Verde and on platforms such as Twitch, DLive, and many more. Given the sheer variety and diversity of online mobile games, it can be a little difficult to know the perfect place to start. This is where this article comes in. It lists some of the best mobile games you can play now. 

Monopoly Go! 

This is one of the most sought-after games on the Android platform for many reasons. It is a classic with easy-to-understand rules and outright fun to play! This is literally the ‘Go!’ version of the board game, offering you fast-paced action and a ruthless format. Unlike the classic board activities, Monopoly Go! Requires you to not only bankrupt your opponents but also destroy their property. Many people actually love it because of the latter option. 


If you are searching for a game that has a sense of community to it, Roblox is exactly for you to play! You can download it from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or decide to play it online. Whatever way you decide to enjoy it, you’ll be happy with how it combines elements of social media and gaming, allowing you to create your own experiences. By downloading and installing Roblox, you get a platform where you can meet and chat with other players. You can also create and share your items, games, and virtual worlds with other players.

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game 

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game allows you to travel the world through the different dishes you prepare, cook, and serve. You start off the game as an intern and must work your way to the top to become a professional chef. Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game allows you to prepare fancy pastries in Paris, prepare buggers in New York City, and grill savory meat treats in Rio de Janeiro. If your guests are happy with your cooking, they will rank your business highly and, as a result, help upgrade your kitchen. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to the mobile gaming arena, but the title that was specifically released for phones is different. If you’ve played Call of Duty Zombies on your device or Nintendo DS, you will automatically and almost immediately notice some differences in this version of the game:

  • Free: This game is free to play. You don’t have to purchase it, although it comes with a few in-purchase features. You can also decide to spend cash on points, which you can exchange for guns and other items. 
  • Multiplayer modes: It has different multiplayer modes. You can participate in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and Frontline. Most of these are available in the PS version. As far as the graphics and controls are concerned, the developer could improve on this significantly. If you are accustomed to using your mouse and keyboard or controller to play, you’ll have difficulties adapting to this. Besides the inherent relative lack of precision and speed, you’ll cover parts of the screen with your fingers. However, after a few rounds of playing the game, you’ll find navigating and playing the game easy.   

Fortnite for Mobile

If you’ve heard of COD for cellular devices, there’s a good chance you’ve also heard of Fortnite – a free-to-play game that is giving Call of Duty a run for its money. The game is readily available on the PC, Mac, and gaming consoles, including Nintendo Switch. It was first designed for the iOS platform on the mobile front before eventually being released on Android devices. It, therefore, goes without saying that if you are looking to have a good time playing Fortnite on your smartphone, you are better off installing it on your iOS-powered device. Unlike Call of Duty Mobile, where you are exposed to multiple playing modes, Fortnite is a survival game where you’ll be playing against 100 players. You are parachuted from an aeroplane and land in a field where you must pick guns, ammo, and other weapons to help you fight other players. The objective is to ensure you are the last man standing at the end of the 20 minutes of playtime. 

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