Who is Natalie Negrotti Dating ? Know About Her Boyfriend Johnny

Natalie Negrotti is a Venezuela based American Reality Television Celebrity and also a former NFL cheerleader. She is popular for her appearance in the American famous reality television show ‘Big Brother’ in season 18. After getting the fame from the show she joins in MTV’s The Challenge.

Natalie has also worked as a model for various modeling agencies in her career.

Natalie Negrotti’s net worth estimated at $500, 000 as of 2019. The major source of income comes from her appearance in reality television show ‘Big Brother’.

Early Life and Career

Born on March 22, 1990, in Caracas, Venezuela, the beautiful reality TV star Natalie Negrotti rose to fame after appearing CBS’ Big Brother Season 18.

She is professionally an event coordinator.  She began her career as the NFL cheerleader. After that, the talent Natalie took part in Miss New York USA pageant. Unfortunately, she only reached the semifinal round.

Net and Earning

As mentioned above, Natalie Negrotti’s net worth estimated at $500,000. She amasses appreciable salary form the event organizers. She has also earned a good sum of salary from the reality show.

She has added a considerable amount in her net worth as a model for various advertising agents and fashion agencies.

Also not forgetting that she was a former BFL cheerleader. She was well-paid by the New York Jets as a cheerleader.

Natalie Negrotti’s Boyfriend Johnny Bananas

Talking about Natalie Negrotti’s personal life, she is currently in a relationship with his charming boyfriend Johnny Bananas.

Natalie Negrotti’s boyfriend Johnny Bananas is the host of NBC’s Show 1st Look. Johnny is also a popular star in the reality show on MTV, The Challenge.

The charming Johnny Bananas took his girlfriend, Natalie Negrotti on a cozy NYC date.

After breaking up with girlfriend Hannah Teter, Johnny started dating the beautiful Natalie. The lovely couple goes out on a cozy date. Johnny has his eyes on the gorgeous Natalie from the very beginning.

Natalie Negrotti’s boyfriend Johnny Bananas. Pic: Instagram.

While out on the town at Zuma in New York City, the flawless pair of Natalie Negrotti and Johnny Bananas looked truly agreeable to their fans. Indeed, even after the end of the show, Johnny and Natalie are madly close like they were on the show. As the charming couple was seeing kissing, Johnny entertainingly later tweeted that he was looking at her dental work.

Recently the Big Brother star Natalie Negrotti came out of the closet as a pansexual and is dating a woman. It had been a long battle of 28-years claimed Natalie.


So, her tweet has amazed all and kept all in confuse state that whether the couple has broken up or not. Either of the parties have not made any official statement.

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