Meet Mike Grant – Former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Bud Grant’s Son With Wife Patricia

Bud Grant son Mike Grant

If you are an avid fan of football, then you must be familiar with the name Bud Grant. Harold Peter Grant popular by the name, Bud Grant is an American former professional football head coach and player. Besides, he has served as a head coach for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League for more than 16 seasons. Moreover, Bud has led his team to four NFL Championship and wining one in 1969. Apart from this, he served as the head coach for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. Besides, Bud is only the second person in the world to be inducted into both the American and Canadian Pro Football Hall of Fame. In this article, we will be talking about Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant.

Furthermore, Bud also played football at the University of Minnesota. Apart from football, he was very good at basketball and baseball. Likewise, he became the 14th overall picked player in the 1950 NFL Draft. As a player, he made his NFL debut for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1951. After a season, he moved to Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a Canadian League. After retiring from his football career, he became a less prominent figure. However, Bud still remains as a consultant for the Minnesota Vikings. The legendary football head coach, Bud Grant has been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1994. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant.

Know About Bud Grant Marital Relationship and Personal Life

The Hall of Famer football head coach, Bud Grant was in a marital relationship with his beloved wife, Patricia Bellew. Furthermore, Bud Grant’s wife Patricia Bellew was a caretaker at the Fairview Southdale Hospital. Moreover, she served as a caretaker in the hospital for 30 years. The former couple tied their wedding knot in 1950. They were married together for more than six decades until her death. During their six decades-long marital relationships, they welcomed six children. The couple together had four sons and two daughters.

Unfortunately, Bud Grant’s wife Patricia died in March 2009. She died at Fairview Southdale Hospital at the age of 81 from Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, Patricia was a lifetime supporter of her husband. While Bud Grant worked as a full-time head coach, she took care of and raised her all children. Besides, all four sons are great football players. Likewise, Bud and Patricia also became a grandparent of 19 grandchildren from their sons and daughters. As of now, the 94-year former football head coach lives alongside his children and grandchildren.

Who Is Bud Grant’s Son Mike Grant?

As mentioned earlier, Bud Grant exchanged his wedding vows with his beloved wife, Patricia Bellew. The couple was in a marital relationship for more than six decades. During their half-century-long marital relationship, they welcomed six children, four sons, and two daughters. Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant is the fourth born child with his beloved wife, Patricia in 1957. Besides, he is the second son among four sons. Since Bud and Patricia have maintained a very private lifestyle, they also have hidden the details of their children. Thus, the details regarding the childhood life of Mike Grant are unavailable.

According to the online resource, Mike grant went to the University of Minnesota where is playing football. Besides, he grew up in the locker room of the Minnesota Vikings. Likewise, he served as Viking’s ball boy in training camp. In addition to this, he also played ping pong with players and mingled with a player like Fran Tarkenton. Apart from this, Bud Grant’s son is also interested in hunting like his father. He is also interested in writing a book documenting an entire season of hunting expeditions with his father.

Bud Grant son Mike Grant
Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant is a football head coach at Eden Prairie High School. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Mike Grant Is Also a Football Head Coach

Having been born to an athlete family background, Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant didn’t hesitate to choose his career in football. He also played football during his days at college. However, Mike followed in his father’s footsteps and showed an interest in coaching. As of now, Mike Grant remains as head coach of the Eagles’ football team. The 63-year-old, Mike is a football head coach at Eden Prairie High School. Moreover, he took over the job of a football coach in 1992. Since then, he has led the team to 11 state championships.

Likewise, Bud Grant’s son also took on the role of activities director. However, he stepped down as the school’s activities director in January 2020. Before serving as activity director role, he teaches social studies at Eden Prairie for 10 years. Talking about his coaching career, he has nothing left to prove in coaching. He has worked for 21 years as a football head coach at Eden Prairie where he set a record of 229-24 with six undefeated seasons and 15 conference titles. Besides, the former economic and history teacher, Mike takes football in a perception of mathematical equation. Without a doubt, Mike Grant has been one of the greatest football coaches and has been honored as National Coach of the Year.

Mike Grant Aims to Help Single Mother

The Eden Prairie High School football coach, Mike Grant has achieved huge success from his career as a football coach. Aforementioned, he has also been honored with the National Coach of the Year. Bud Grant’s son Mike Grant shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Colleen Grant. The husband-wife duo is an active social worker and strives to help a single parent. Moreover, Mike helped his former admin assistant, Krystal Queen a single mother of three kids when she was going through her bad times.

Mike and his entire family provided support to another family, and also encourages a single mother in many possible ways. Additionally, they help Krystal to complete her master’s degree in social work. Furthermore, Mike also collaborated with Krystal and started Project Friendship. Likewise, he also partnered with his church and developed friendships between the families and families in need. Similarly, Mike Grant’s wife Colleen is also actively involved with her husband in social work.

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