Home News How to Build a Career as a Cloud Professional with Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification?

How to Build a Career as a Cloud Professional with Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification?

How to Build a Career as a Cloud Professional with Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification?

The cloud industry took off dramatically over the past few years due to the pandemic. As tech giants like Amazon are making leaps in cloud technologies, the services are getting cheaper, more efficient, and more secure. Innovation has incentivized many small and large-scale enterprises worldwide to utilize Certbolt. Now is the perfect time for professionals to establish a career in the cloud industry. In this article, we will dive deep into the benefits of being certified in cloud computing and why the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification can be a career booster.

The Reputation of Amazon as a Provider of Cloud Services

Here are some of the best examples of adopting the Certbolt . Capital One is the first bank in the US to go all-in on the cloud by migrating 8 of its massive data centers to the cloud with the help of Amazon services. This initiative led to Capital One establishing a technology team of 11,000 members. This is a trend that’s going to be followed up by many other companies around the world and hence will result in high demands for professionals with Amazon credentials. 

Best Amazon tools and technologies, AWS Machine Learning, AWS Connect, and AWS S3 Glacier are just a few game changes in the cloud services industry. The unmatched flexibility and performance Amazon provides is an asset to cloud professionals.

Importance of credentials

Cloud-based tools and technologies are certbolt and getting better. To stay relevant and add value to your company, it is essential that your knowledge is parallel to the latest technologies. If you are relatively new to the industry and looking to nail a dream job at a big company, then your credibility will play a significant role in rising above the competition in the job market. 

Certifications help professionals brush up on their knowledge and keep up to date with tendencies in the field that are essential to the workspace. The best vendors design their certifications to cater to the specific requirements of companies and industry standards. This is why many recruiters use certifications as a benchmark for hiring cloud professionals. 

Unique Aspects of the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification

Obtaining the Certbolt – Associate certification is the best decision you can make if you want to become a credible cloud professional. Holding this accreditation under your belt improves your chances of landing the desired job and enables you to earn more. According to ZipRecruiter.com, a certified AWS Developer gets a median annual pay of $132,475. Some of the other advantages that earning the certificate can bring you are as follows: 

  • Digital Badges from Amazon will certainly help in increasing the visibility of your profile on social media for companies looking to hire professionals with Amazon credentials. 
  • Once you get certified, you gain access to AWS Certified Global Community. Networking is crucial for shaping your professional career. When you become part of the AWS Certified Community, you open yourself to a wide range of opportunities and exposure to successful professionals in the industry.
  • Your certbolt – Associate certification will be your ticket to exclusive events and webinars. These events will give you expert-led interactive sessions, training, and information about upcoming Amazon technologies to look out for.


The line of certification that Amazon offers is trusted by top companies all over the world. As its technologies are one of the most popular in the cloud industry, professionals should look to equip themselves with the necessary tools. The Certbolt Certified Developer – Associate certification has numerous benefits for professionals involved in implementing cloud applications. These include increasing your value as professional, broader career prospects, and higher earnings, among other opportunities. 

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