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Can Artificial Intelligence Protect People From Online Gambling Scams?

Can Artificial Intelligence Protect People From Online Gambling Scams?

When it comes to gambling, table games are incredibly popular but more and more people are heading online rather than to their nearest casino. While there’s plenty of benefits to gambling online – such as the ease of access, the wider variety of games available for play – there are some drawbacks. 

The biggest drawback is online gambling scams! 

As a result, companies are looking for more ways to tackle the surge in online gambling scams in recent years, and one tool that is being tested and used is artificial intelligence – but how? Let’s find out! 

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence (often shortened to AI) is a branch of computer science which focuses on building computers and machines that can perform tasks with the same level of human intelligence. Basically, they are computers that can do the same things as humans. 

There are a lot of benefits to AI which explains why AI is now becoming more widely used across different fields. For example, AI is used to take over boring repetitive tasks so workers can focus on more important tasks. Other benefits of AI also include:

  • Making it easier for businesses and workers to multi-task, 
  • AI is capable of operating 24/7 without interruptions, 
  • It makes decision-making processes both faster and easier for businesses. 

But what benefits does AI offer online gambling companies to help protect their customers against scams? 

Can AI Help Protect People Against Online Gambling Scams?

So, now you have a better understanding of what AI is, let’s take a look at how gambling companies are using AI to help protect their customers. 

AI Can Detect Cheats And Frauds

An ai systems are currently being used by gambling companies (along with my other types of businesses) to scan their systems to identify any suspicious behavior. 

AI can scan its systems regularly and pick up on any patterns which indicate a player is cheating or playing their game unfairly. This is done by analyzing large amounts of player data simultaneously so the AI can take quick action and report any cheating or fraud almost immediately. This can help prevent any cheating or fraud from occurring during any games, so players are protected from being taken advantage of.

This type of security can be done by humans but it takes a lot longer and allows frauds and cheats to move more easily from game to game without being detected. Because AI allows this type of security to act quickly, it is more successful at stopping scams via cheating and fraud. 

AI Can Detect Anomalies In Any Transactions

AI’s ability to scan large amounts of data quickly and simultaneously also means that it is currently being used to scan the financial transactions that occur through online gambling. As a result, it can pick up any anomalies – such as a huge spike in either deposits or withdrawals. This kind of behavior is very suspicious and can help identify scams in action. 

It also helps identify any money laundering activities from outside sources. This is because AI is used to analyze customer profiles, their behavior, and flag any patterns or suspicious behavior related to their financial transactions which are a sign of money laundering. AI can follow the flow of funds between accounts with more ease than humans and so, is more likely to flag up any suspicious activity that companies further investigate. 

AI Can Identify Inauthentic Users

This ability to detect suspicious behavior is also useful for helping AI detect inauthentic users and players. These could be banned players or bots who aim to get onto the platform to scam customers and players. 

This is because some AI technology is built with facial recognition systems to help identify authorized players and to kick out those trying to access a platform they shouldn’t be getting into. Think of it like a security guard for an online gambling platform but instead of a human who needs to take breaks or can make mistakes, AI is there 24/7 to ensure full protection at all times. 

AI Can Tackle Issues Immediately

Another popular use of AI is to power chatbots for the gambling platform, which means that customers can access support services no matter what time. 

So, even when a platform’s technical and customer support team are away from their computers, customers and players are not left to fend for themselves if they are faced with or fall for a scam that is ruining their experience. Their experience is saved and protected by AI’s speedy responses and promise to have things resolved as soon as possible. This allows scams to be tackled and resolved quickly, keep players happy and improve player retention, and overall reduce the number of complaints the company may receive. 

Final Thoughts

So, artificial intelligence offers many benefits which gambling platforms can take advantage of to protect their customers and help ensure a better gambling experience. AI is used to detect scams in action and users who aim to carry out those scams, and to also act quickly when a scam is brought to their attention. 

As a result, it’s easy to see why more and more gambling platforms are introducing AI to help protect their players from scams. 

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