Casino cleaning: Trends and New Developments in Cleanliness and Hygiene

In a difficult epidemiological situation, it is important for gambling infrastructures to regain the trust of their customers. Previously this would have sounded strange, but today the visualisation of disinfection and cleaning processes can help. People want to be reassured that their health is not at risk. Casino owners in Poland and Europe have noticed this trend. Now they not only offer a mobile casino with no deposit bonus to attract visitors, but they also put their disinfection and cleaning methods on public display. This serves as proof that player safety is constantly being taken care of. The industry is adapting quickly to the changes, complying with the regulations of the regulatory authorities and aiming for maximum customer satisfaction.

Hygiene and cleanliness trends

New trends have emerged in the market due to the spread of viral infection. Customers come to casinos looking for a positive experience. And now customers can be satisfied not only with a pleasant atmosphere and regular winnings, but also with safety. Customer care should be felt in all aspects of the casino, from sanitary regulations to efficient disinfection processes.

  • Security is the key to comfort. Casino staff have a variety of ways of informing visitors about the measures that are being taken to improve safety and comfort. Guests should be assured of the quality of cleaning.
  • Damp cleaning should be regular. Washing floors the old-fashioned way leads to the spread of pathogens. Today, casinos use special machines to clean the flooring quickly and efficiently. They remove dirty water, hair, coarse debris and residual cleaning agents. Unlike manual cleaning, the drying time is reduced by up to 50%. Innovative equipment is also used for treating tiles, door handles and tables with disinfectants.
  • Particular attention is paid to high footfall areas. In these areas, it is important to be able to remove contaminants as quickly as possible. The equipment used must be equally effective on both hard and soft surfaces. And the compact design of modern units allows them to clean quickly under furniture and radiator grills.
  • The quality of the air should not be neglected. Regular ventilation of the premises prevents the spread of infections. Casino owners have begun to pay special attention to the state of the ventilation system. To provide an additional level of comfort, air purifiers are installed in the halls. They remove allergens and viruses from the air, maintain a favourable atmosphere, work automatically and do not require constant maintenance. The use of special filters helps to combat unpleasant external odours.

Decisions on the application of a particular cleaning method, as well as on the rules of sign up bonus casinos promotions, are made on a case-by-case basis. Only with this approach will the casino owners be able to guarantee a high efficiency of the measures taken for their customers. In this case, it is also possible to talk about the profitability of using innovative equipment.

New developments and their effectiveness

The use of new technologies for cleaning is an integral part of life for modern people. It is therefore very important to stay abreast of new trends. On top of that, up-to-date cleaning products increase customer confidence and have no negative effect on the environment.

  • UV disinfection. It is used to kill bacteria. An essential tool in the battle against germs.
  • Treatment of surfaces with steam cleaners. The high temperature quickly kills bacteria. Steam cleaners work with water heated in a boiler. The equipment saves time and money.
  • The use of cordless equipment. The devices have a high autonomy and are suitable for the treatment of large areas. The equipment is equipped with different types of batteries for easier handling of current cleaning tasks.

Casino cleaning is an activity that requires a certain amount of energy and physical effort on the part of the workers. Sometimes professionals have to do a lot of manual work, which puts a serious strain on the human body. To minimize the negative consequences, experts suggest using exoskeletons. This is the name given to the devices, which are designed to quickly and efficiently restore the effort spent on cleaning. The machines support the back, protect the staff, increase endurance and strength of the limbs. They are operated by sensors and motors.


It is clear that the market for gambling establishment cleaning equipment and supplies is set to grow rapidly in the next decade. During the pandemic, the demand for cleaning products increased rapidly. The focus turned to more thorough and rigorous procedures. The pandemic has not only brought attention to the way casinos are cleaned, but has also spurred the search for the best options, introducing new technologies.

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