Home News Casino stars: Actors and actresses known for their love of gambling

Casino stars: Actors and actresses known for their love of gambling

Casino stars: Actors and actresses known for their love of gambling

It has long been proven that a passion for gambling is peculiar to any social group. But while mere mortals can indulge their passions in small 3 pound deposit casino, screen and showbiz stars can afford to visit the biggest gambling houses anywhere in the world. And they rarely manage to hide from the ubiquitous cameras, which makes this passion public. Some of the stars don’t even try to make a secret out of their hobby. 

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck 

The buddies are not uncommon in the major casinos in Las Vegas. Both prefer poker and have never been seen at the slot machines. Insightful patrons have noticed only that the playing habits of the two pals are completely different. Damon, who appears outwardly more composed and focused, often loses large sums when he can’t control his emotions. In debt, thanks to demand and good royalties, he does not get into, but with the winnings are rare. But Affleck, more relaxed outwardly, it is this light-heartedness that often misleads opponents and ends up in the winnings. He rarely brings the game to a large sum and takes little risk, so he usually leaves the casino in the morning, but, unlike his friend, in the black. 

Tobey Maguire.

The famous Spider-Man can also show off his superpowers in the casino. Like his poker table mates, he’s not interested in playing deposit £1 get £20 uk – he plays hard and professionally. He once had to take a special course in poker from one of the world’s best-known card masters, the Canadian Daniel Negreanu. 

This enabled Maguire to become one of the top 100 players in the International League. He even won a tournament at Hollywood Park for over $300,000 in prize money. Affleck and Damon also took part in tournaments of this level, but did not achieve high success. Only DiCaprio, who is also a passionate poker player, showed a good result. 

Brad Pitt

This Hollywood beauty’s addiction to casinos is blamed on his job. For the first time in a casino, by his own admission, Brad got on the set of the famous film “Ocean’s Eleven”. In this case, unlike his famous colleagues on the shop, Brad is interested in the slot machines. Significantly less often he can be seen playing roulette, and for cars, he is quite indifferent. He is often seen playing roulette and casino games, and is indifferent to the outcome. Although the famous actor does not lose a lot of money, the publicity paid off all the expenses on his requests.

The Vegas Casino Complex, which the star actor had envisioned, was not going to happen. As a result, the nearly finished complex was resold. 

George Clooney 

Another actor involved in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” played and before the filming. Moreover, George Clooney was even planning to open his own establishment in Las Vegas. Developed on his order of the project entertainment and hospitality centre “Las Ramblas” was invested $ 3 billion, but because of the constant employment of the actor and the constant problems with the contractor, the project is not destined to be realized. That is why George has to spend time in other people’s homes, although the pictures of many hunting for him paparazzi do not say that the star and the favorite of women suffering from this. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Oscar-winning diva is one of the most avid slot machine enthusiasts. She has played in all the halls of all the countries, which ever visited and repeatedly broke away right from the set to squander a few hundred dollars for the game drums. Often she has to be escorted out of the casino by a camera crew – the actress literally forgets all about time and business when the gambling gets really active. 

Maggie Smith

What the aforementioned actors definitely didn’t want to meet at the poker table was the seemingly perfectly safe age old Maggie Smith. The actress herself hosted parties in between sets and in hotels where the cast stayed, and not everyone managed to save at least a few coins by getting out of the party. She would literally undress many of her colleagues by playing them beautifully and confidently. 

The biggest problem with stars playing in casinos remains the paparazzi and the public wanting an autograph and unwittingly distracting from the proceedings. Getting a photo of an actor playing in a casino is great luck, so many stars prefer to gamble online without attracting the attention of prying eyes. Players who prefer online venues may have even found themselves at the same table with them without realising it.

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