Leonardo Dicaprio Faced Shocking Criticism after Starring in the Movie The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of the controversial stockbroker Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie was inspired by Belfort’s life and controversies related to money, drugs, and women. However, the movie grossed nearly $400 million at the box office,  Leo was backlashed for his role in the movie.  

The Wolf of Wall Street—based on the true life of Jordan Belfort

The movie was inspired by the true story of Jordan Belfort, who scammed people by suggesting penny stock prices were higher than they were. This persuaded people to invest more money, confident that they would receive a generous return, only to lose money. His notorious scheme made him earn millions and build a life that people only dreamt of. He married Nadine Belfort and established Stratton Oakmont with the help of his longtime best friend Donie Azoff. Read more about Jordan Belfort life.

Jordan Belfort's girlfriend Cristina Invernizzi

The movie was criticized for failing to portray those who were most affected

The Wolf of Wall Street was fantastic at portraying Jordan Belfort’s life but didn’t do enough justice with his victim and even his first wife, Denise Lombardo. Read more about Denise Lombardo.

The movie lacked any discussion of what happened to his clients who trusted Belfort and lost their money. Leonardo and Scorsese, both were seriously backlashed by the critics for not doing justice with them not telling their stories as well. Yet, Leo defended Scorsese with his decision. In an interview with Morning Edition, he said, “To us, it was much more important to explore the attitude of these people and how you can get so lost.” Besides, Scorsese’s motto was to highlight the short-time highs on which Jordan Belfort thrived instead of focusing on whom he was taking down in his path. “The Victims were irrelevant,” Leo said, referring to Jordan Belfort chasing his lifestyle. He spoke to Jordan Belfort before filming for the movie. He expressed his belief that Belfort was sorry for how he lived and tried to pay it forward by sharing his story. 

While talking about Denise Lombardo, she refused to give producers to use her name or likeness in the movie. Even she didn’t make herself available to Milioti when the actress was researching her part. However, Milioti understands Lombardo’s reluctance, saying, “no one want to re-live what she went through.” Respecting her privacy, Milioti added, “I never would want to have someone revisit that period in their life when they obviously don’t want to.”

Leo said it was “freeing” to play Jordan Lombardo

Portraying Jordan Belfort’s character gave Leonardo DiCaprio an excitement he hadn’t experienced before, as he said, “It’s incredibly freeing, performance-wise, to have no moral high ground and nobody really in the film that I had to answer to.”

The Wolf of Wall Street also gave Leo a chance to collaborate with some huge names in the industry and some upcoming stars. To be featured in Martin Scorsese movies is a dream for many actors, and interestingly, Jonah Hill accepted a $60,000 salary to be a part of the movie. Plus, Leo spent time with Margot Robbie, and their duo created a solid impression on the audience. 

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Top 7 Famous Sports Personality Without a Education Degree

Many athletes have reached incredible success and popularity. Millions of people admire the achievements of football players, hockey players, golfers, and other sports representatives. But not every fan knows that his or her favorite athlete does not have a degree. It may sound surprising, but sometimes people don’t need to go to college or university to succeed in sports. Here are the most famous athletes without a degree.

Usain Bolt

It is the famous Jamaican speedster that has triumphantly entered the world of the Olympic Games. His records are still impressive to other athletes. Today Usain Bolt is one of the world’s richest athletes with an impressive number of gold medals. But you will be surprised to learn that he never attended college.

Since childhood, Usain dreamed of becoming an athlete and winning Olympic gold. That is why he trained daily and improved his strength. This allowed the athlete to set a mass of world records. If he studied in the USA, he could use SuperbgradeCom services and not worry about grades. But Jamaica has a different education system, so the athlete decided not to waste his time in college.

Sidney Crosby

It’s hard to find an American who doesn’t know about Sidney Crosby. This NHL player became a real hockey star at a fairly young age. He made his first professional debut at the age of 18. Unlike his friends, Sidney knew who he wanted to be. That is why the guy began to train hard at 10. It was diligence and talent that helped the athlete achieve incredible success and earn a fortune.

And it is worth noting that the athlete often admits in interviews that he thinks to get a degree but does not have a lot of free time. Nevertheless, Sidney Crosby is rightfully considered one of the best hockey players of our time.

Roger Federer

For many tennis enthusiasts, Roger Federer is an icon of professionalism and ingenuity. This Swiss athlete began his path to the championship at the age of 14. Unlike his friends, Roger had no free time. The athlete often tells in interviews that he had to train eight hours a day and learn various techniques. This is why his parents did not push him to attend college. Fortunately, this did not prevent the athlete from achieving high rankings and winning many cups.

Josh Hamilton

Like other athletes on this list, Josh Hamilton chose the sport and didn’t go to college. His parents supported him and helped teach him the basics of baseball. Josh started showing impressive results as early as 15, so many scouts began to watch him closely. Despite alcohol problems, this athlete has become one of the most popular baseball players of our time.

Josh is now a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim player with a multi-million dollar deal. As you can see, this athlete has achieved success without college. However, today’s students should not give up their education. You can find a reliable paper writing service to delegate some of the paperwork. Then you can do sports too.

Tony Hawk

This guy is the most famous skateboarder in the world. His career began 12 years ago. This athlete is the author of the most dangerous and difficult stunts & sports tricks and has won over a hundred awards worldwide. Besides, Tony Hawk has co-authored many skateboarding video games.

Famous Athletes

The whole life of this athlete is connected with sports. It is his passion and main goal in life. However, Tony has no regrets about not going to college. He says that he made the right choice in many interviews because sport is the main goal in his life. Tony Hawk is now the owner of his clothing and skateboard brand.

Rory McIlroy

This Irishman started playing golf at the age of 10. When he was 15, he started thinking about starting a sports career. This is why McIlroy ditched the idea of ​​playing in college and set his sights on the professional level. In 2007, this athlete became famous throughout the game for his phenomenal performance and incredibly accurate eyes. He was able to achieve incredible success. Surely American golf fans are more familiar with stars like Tiger Woods, but Rory McIlroy has just as many accolades. The athlete is now focused on charity and travel.

Lionel Messi

If you love soccer, then you probably know about Lionel Messi. This incredible athlete is a graduate of Barcelona FC. Lionel started playing football in Argentina at the age of 10. Barcelona scouts highly appreciated his talents, and the guy moved with his parents to Spain. The whole life of this football player is connected with sports. Lionel did not have a single minute of free time and thought only about training. Fortunately, his talent and passion for soccer have made him one of the highest-paid athletes of our time.

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Mark Wahlberg is the New Star of the Ladbrokes Coral Marketing Campaign

Ladbrokes Coral, one of the loudest names in gambling and sports betting in the UK, started a marketing commercial with the A-List Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg. Dating back to 1886, Ladbrokes brags its place as one of the leading enterprises in the world of betting and gaming. Ladbrokes takes a chunk of market control in retail bookmaking in the UK, Ireland, and Belgium, where it runs betting shops. It also has a chain of betting facilities at the FA Premiership arenas and many racecourses.

Ladbrokes aims to use the nationwide campaign to spark more interest in horse racing by ensuring that the lucrative sport gets more entertaining. For Ladbrokes, the game needs to play at a higher tempo, and recruiting Mark Wahlberg is the way to achieve this responsibly.

The ad’s target is to reach over eight million Australian punters with its primary message, ‘Stay in Control.’ Ladbrokes wishes for its new market to understand that gambling is for entertainment, and if the entertainment begins to drop, it is time to walk away. In other words, punters should resist the urge to chase losses. Where is the fun in that?

However, Ladbrokes is reputed to price up games in advance, making it one of Australia’s most preferred betting companies. Ladbrokes is favored by the likes of FlashCasino.org who has related in clear terms a bit of the company’s history, product varieties, and the ease of use of Ladbrokes site.

According to a report, the London-based gambling company is fast registering its name in Australia as it makes its way into the list of top ten gambling companies in the country. Keying into its parent company’s potent strategy, Entain, Ladbrokes hired Mark Wahlberg to play Mike Iceberg in the marketing ad. Mike Iceberg is the new Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO) at Ladbrokes.

Commenting on the campaign, Mark Wahlberg said, “Aussies have a great sense of humor, and it was entertaining to bring ‘Mike Iceberg’ to life. Ladbrokes has been great to work with, and I like that the campaign encourages people to gamble responsibly.”

The Actor and His Lines

For a gambling company, noise is essential, and who better to create this energy than a face renowned in Hollywood? Mark Wahlberg flew from the United States to Australia to film this commercial, and all he needed to scream was, “Ladbroke It!”

The opening shot of the ‘Ladbroke It’ video commercial caught the 49-year-old Mark Wahlberg perching on a golf cart. He was in a white suit and dominated the screen with an intense look that his sunglasses intended to amplify. The camera rolled his image slowly toward the screen as his expression kept tightening until a ball of flame blows up in the background, drawing some mischievous laughter from the actor. These actions were themed conveniently on “The Gambler” soundtrack.

The filming of the ‘Ladbroke It’ campaign took place in December 2020 after the US actor was confined to a two-week-long mandatory quarantine at Byron Bay in compliance with the Covid-19 rules. The shooting of the commercial spanned five days. This exercise took place at the ICC, Sydney, and Ladbrokes, ensuring state and federal health authorities’ involvement in the entire process. 

A History of Hiring Hollywood Actors for Adverts and Marketing Campaigns

The parent company to Ladbrokes, Entain, has used several Hollywood stars for marketing campaigns and promotions. Entain hired for BetMGM. BetMGM was Entain’s collaboration with MGM Resorts in the United States. In 2019, the sister company to Ladbrokes, Coral, hired Danny Mcbride for a six-part series branded TV campaign.

The engagement of Mark Wahlberg by Ladbrokes Coral in the recent commercial is in continuation of a pattern that is beginning to seem like culture. 

Commenting on hiring Wahlberg and shooting the commercial at a time of the global pandemic, James Burnett, the Group Chief Marketing Officer of Ladbrokes, Australia, remarked that the reward surpassed the challenges it posed. Burnett went ahead to say that Mark Wahlberg “is a renowned and talented actor, and we knew he was the perfect person to front this campaign and bring the charismatic ‘Mike Iceberg’ to life,” as reported by Entain Australia.

The promotion for the ‘Ladbroke It’ commercial in Australia will be nationwide and will run across different broadcast platforms including, social, digital, and print media, all year round.

Ladbrokes gets Warned by the Advertising and Standards Authority

In early February, Ladbrokes received a warning from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a TV advert for the company seen on Channel AII4. The ASA maintained that certain advertising content portrayed gambling behavior that the ASA considers socially irresponsible. Ladbrokes argued against this claim but couldn’t get off without warning against similar depictions in future commercials.

It is no surprise why this subsequent advert featuring Mark Wahlberg has its central message revolving around responsible gambling even amid the excitement. This is particularly necessary for Ladbrokes, who is gradually laying claim to popularity among Australian punters.

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Top Three Popular Television Series For College Students Watch in 2021

television series

Watching TV series remains one of the most common hobbies for millions of students. It might help you relax, forget about all your worries, and follow the storyline of the main heroes who have lots in common with you and your friends. But what is the best option to watch in your free time? Discover the list of the best TV series for students you can start watching right now.

Before You Start 

There is nothing new that watching TV series is incredibly exciting and time-consuming. You might suddenly find yourself sticking to the screen for hours. But what about your college academic assignments? Preparing presentations, writing essays, and doing research are the inevitable parts of any educational process. How can you cope with all of them fast enough to have an opportunity to watch your favorite TV series? 

The good news is that you no longer need to complete all academic assignments by yourself! Professional writing services are always ready to give you a helping hand and write any academic paper for you. However, it might be incredibly difficult to pick up a reliable solution since there are too many writing services available on the market. scamfighter.net offers numerous fresh and trustworthy reviews of various academic writing solutions to help you choose the most fitting one. You can start exploring custom writings review and read dozens of other reviews to choose the service that will meet your expectations and budget. This simple trick will help you choose the best writing site and get even the most complicated assignments done before the deadline. Moreover, you will have tons of time to watch the best TV series day and night. 

Top TV Series For College Students 

The number of TV series about college and school life is overwhelming. Therefore, it is often difficult to pick up something interesting. Below you will find the list of the most popular TV series among students. Pick up any according to your needs and preferences. 

How To Get Away With Murder 

This is not a common series about cute college girls, parties, and having fun, but an extremely provocative movie series with an intriguing plot. If you would like to start watching a series that will make you feel excited from the first minutes, this one might be a perfect solution. Moreover, you will find many interesting facts if you study law or fond of jurisprudence. 

This series is about a group of students, where some guys are involved with the murder. The other part of the group is trying to solve the crime. All learners are focused on completing a difficult law course and are doing their best to come up with brilliant results and impress their professor. 

‘How to get away wit murder’ cast in the award show. Picture Source: FairUse.

“How to get away with murder” stands out from the crowd of dozens of other TV series for students. It makes its viewers think, analyze, compare the facts, and try to solve different puzzles along with the main heroes. 

Bad Neighbors 

Are you tired of noisy neighbors? Fail to cope with your academic assignments because of the students next door being too loud and messy? Stop feeling desperate – the situation might be even worse! 

“Bad Neighbors” is a pop TV series that is still attracting thousands of viewers because of its brilliant plot, talented actors, and true-to-life stories. The main scene takes place in a common city, where a group of noisy students becomes the new neighbors of a couple with a newborn child. They soon become true enemies, where each one is trying to get rid of the neighbor. This TV series is a hilarious comedy with plenty of funny moments and a top-notch plot. How will a couple stop parties and chaos in their neighborhood? It’s time to find out.

Horrible Stories 

If you don’t want to watch movies about college parties and school relationships, this TV series is right what you might need. It is an educational program that unveils dozens of secrets in European history. No, it’s not a boring documentary but a set of funny stories that will make you enjoy diving into the most astonishing facts in history. 

television series
Horrible Stories television series casts on the photoshoot. Picture Source: Pinterest.

The TV series covers different periods, dynasties, and events in world history. You will discover amazing facts about Vikings, Tudors, knights, and queens, as well as the most remarkable warriors and conquerors. It is worth mentioning that the “Horrible Stories” is not focused only on students who learn history; it has a wide audience. Therefore, the chances are that you will like it, too. 

By the way, the host of this amazing TV series is a talking rat. However, don’t judge “Horrible Stories” by this fact only. It is not designed for kids but will be incredibly interesting for teens and grown-ups. To put it short, this series will educate you in a pleasant and entertaining way. 

There are tons of other TV series about college and university students you may find online. You can choose any according to your interests, read the reviews of other viewers, and have fun watching the best alternative. 

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Top Four Popular Writers Of The Last Decade To Write About In An Essay

The majority of us are enamored of reading books. We tend to read everywhere. We share our impressions about the book we read with others. But we often miss the writers, without whom no book would have appeared. There are many outstanding authors out there about whom people haven’t heard. And it would be reasonable to point out the most popular and talented writers of the last decade to write about in an essay. This article will display the best writers of the 21st century and highlight works that helped them gain overnight success.

Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern is an American diverse artist and author. Born and raised in Marshfield, Massachusetts, she was determined from the very beginning that she wanted to be involved in art. Erin graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 2000. She has been involved in art and theatre since then. She published her first novel in 2010. And even though it hasn’t helped her hit the jackpot, Erin kept working hard. One year later, she became a widely known writer. 

Her most famous novel, called The Night Circus, got an immediate response from critics and readers. The story is about a circus that visits towns without warnings and announcements. However, there is a reason for that. Despite its simple decorations, the circus is full of breathtaking elements. And only those who purchase tickets and come to visit a performance will understand why it is incredible. 

Weike Wang

Want is an American author of Chinese descent. Weike has always searched for knowledge. That is why her best novel resonated with her intentions to do a Ph.D. Wang was born in China, but her life has experienced lots of travels once she turned 5. Her parents moved from one country to another, shifting from Canada and Australia and ultimately settling in the United States. It took them six years to reach their destiny and put down roots. Although she used to have a complicated childhood (she was the only Asian girl in the town), Wang graduated from high school and enrolled in Harvard to do a Chemistry degree. Unlike today, she couldn’t buy essay online, and she had to study and burn the midnight oil. But her hard work paid off, and she obtained her desired degree.

Moreover, she undertook another course and obtained a Master Of Fine Arts. Wang is a brilliant new literary voice that is changing contemporary literature. Her work is about a perfect life she used to imagine and play over and over in her head when she was young. Ph.D., proud parents, academic career are only a drop in the ocean of what she writes about.

Rebecca Makkai

Rebecca Makkai is another excellent and awe-inspiring writer of the last decade. She was born on April 20, 1978. Having grown up in Lake Bluff, Illinois, she always knew what she wanted to become. Rebecca was raised in a family of teachers and linguists. She graduated from Lake Forest Academy and entered Washington and Lee University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in English. After a short break, Rebecca continued her studies at Middlebury College. She obtained an M.A. degree in Bread Loaf School of English. Rebecca is very dedicated to her home city. Even though she is a well-established author and artist, having lots of contracts, she lives in Lake Forest, Illinois, with a husband and two children. 

When it comes to her professional career, Rebecca released her debut novel in 2011. It was called a Borrower, and it received high scores among critics and readers. Even Chicago Magazine graded it as one of the best choices for best fiction of 2011. However, her most notable work remains The Great Believers that she wrote and published in 2018. It’s an evocative novel about friendship and redemption in the face of tragedy and loss set in 1980s Chicago and present Paris.

Emily St. John Mandel

Every list of the best writers must contain somebody from Canada. Canada has shown a rapid surge of successful authors starting from modernism. Emily St. John is not only a famous writer known in Canada but worldwide. She has produced plenty of essays and novels. She was born in Merville, British Columbia, Canada. Her father was American. Her parents preferred home-schooled education and continued to teach Emily at home until the age of 15. When Emily was 18, she moved to Toronto to enter The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Finally, Emily moved to New York City, and that’s when her writing career took off. 

Her most famous novel, Station Eleven, is a national bestseller. A novel touches on topics familiar to everyone, especially during these days. It is a post-apocalyptic novel set in the near future in a world influenced by a virus. It tells a story of a Hollywood star, his liberator, and a nomadic group of actors moving without any destination and risking for art and humanity. 

The mentioned list can be limitless, as there are mountains of ambitious writers and artists. If you want to learn more about literature and other topics in the spotlight, make sure to bookmark this website and follow it daily.

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10 Celebrity Couples Who Went Their Separate Ways in 2020


2020 has become a tough year for the vast majority of people. Browsing the web, you may find different facts and news about significant changes that have taken place in the current year. A lot of students have started looking for assistance asking, “Will you do my assignment?” as they cannot cope with complicated tasks. A considerable number of workers have lost their jobs and started searching for possible ways out. An unlimited number of physical, emotional, social, and relationship problems have rocked society. While some disorders can be easily fixed, others have no way to be managed.

If you are convinced that you are alone in the whole world who is suffering from challenging life events, you are mistaken. Every student can take advantage of the professional help offered by quality service for students, and workers can apply for a different job. The only thing that is difficult to fix is the relationship. According to the information presented online, a huge number of families have faced crucial problems that have turned out to be bigger than they can rub through. Famous couples are not exceptions, and you can tell it from the number of divorces that have already taken place this year. Check out the ten most unexpected separations of celebrity families.

Are you ready to spend some of your precious time to immerse yourself in the lives of world-known actors, singers, and artists? Have you contacted your friends asking, “Will you help me with some college tasks?” Now you are completely ready to look through the list.

Peter Morgan and Gillian Anderson

According to journalists, the parting of the famous actress and the creator of the world-known screenwriter has become one of the most unexpected events this year. The couple was dating for over four years but never moved in together. After the long-lasting relationships, the celebrities decided to break up, even though they remained friends.  

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele

The story of this celeb pairing started back in 2007, and the couple seemed to be happy together. However, the year 2020 has brought lots of changes and unpredictable events. Both Gelila and Tyler confirm the information and claim to remain friends. The decision was exceptionally hard, especially because of the son they welcomed in 2014.

Johnny Galecki and Alaina Meyer

Unlike other famous couples, Galecki and Meyer were together for around two years, which is not that long. Last year they became parents to a daughter. Unfortunately, in November, famous magazines confirmed the rumors about the couple going their separate ways.

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy

While the vast majority of famous couples who break up take this moment seriously, Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have become an exception. Although the details of their dating are not known, both celebrities take the separation easy. Currently, they are 100% single and ready for new relationships.

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy
The popular celebrities Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy are single as of 2021. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Malik Beasley and Montana Yao

This December, the fans of the famous NBA player were impressed to hear the news about his wife filing for divorce. The couple has a son Makai. Shortly after that, the basketball star was spotted with Larsa Pippen.

Christian Schauf and Meghan King

A world-known star and a successful businessman went different ways in November. The couple was together for around six months after they had met on a dating app. However, this union did not last long, and both of them are currently ready for new relationships.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

This November became the month of the most unexpected news. Jason and Olivia turned to be another famous couple that broke up this year. After seven years of engagement and irrespective of two children they share, celebrities have decided to split.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde separated their way on November 2020. Picture Source: FairUse.

Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos

It is, probably, one of the most discussed and interesting couples ever known. Their relationships have never been easy, so their decision to go separate paths was not a surprise.  

Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova

After 14 years of marriage, the couple broke up. They share children and strive to co-parent them, staying friends. The split was tough and emotional, so the celeb pairing prefers the details to be private.

Jaime Lincoln Smith and Susan Kelechi Watson

The couple tied engagement knot for over the year when they unexpectedly broke up. Jaime and Susan tied their engagement knot in 2019, sharing their common photos on the web. Nevertheless, the couple didnt share their wedding vows.

While it is frequently interesting and exciting to watch famous families grow and develop, it is always unpleasant to see them break up. However, there is always an important lesson each one of us can learn from every situation. Therefore, if you spend your time and money on the assistance from academic helpers you’ve chosen thanks to online speedy paper reviews just to follow the lives of world-known people, make sure their relations serve a precious example.

At the same time, do not forget about the reality of your life. It is crucial to remember that every stage of life is fill with pleasant moments and devastating tribulations. Therefore, it is vital to relish every minute, build strong relations, and enjoy life to its full.

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A Guide To UFC Nutrition Habits

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard that expression. Perhaps no one knows both the value and the accuracy of this statement better than elite athletes. Especially elite athletes who need to make a specific weight in order to be eligible for competition.

Among this group are UFC competitors and the argument could be put forth that when you combine the cutting weight aspect of mixed martial arts, along with the grueling punishment they must absorb inside the octagon, perhaps there is no sport where nutrition is as vital to success as it is for these athletes.

Fighters face fines when they don’t make weight for a UFC bout, so not only is improper nutrition harmful to their chances of success when they are in competition, it can also lighten their wallets significantly. Between 2015-17, 55 UFC fighters failed to make weight, so even at the elite level of sport, there are still those who don’t place enough emphasis on the nutritional aspect of their training regimen, to their own personal detriment.

The UFC Diet

Most of the top competitors in UFC, those holding or contending for world title belts, wisely employ a nutritionist as part of their team. The diet plan they draw up will often depend upon the tastes of the individual fighter but all tend to be founded in similar principles.

The meals they consume will contain the proper balance of carbs, fats and proteins, as well as a healthy supply of all the minerals and vitamins that a body requires to perform at its maximum level of fitness. Again, these meal plans will be built around the preferences and peccadillos of the individual fighter.

All Licenses Owned.

How They Carb Up

Past world champions like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor preferred to get their carbs through a variety of bread, potatoes and rice. Legendary UFC competitor Anderson Silva, who fought well into his 40s, insisted that he avoided carbs – especially the so-called bad carbs – as he got older, because he found them to be a detriment to making weight.

“I don’t eat sugar, I cut bad carbs, salt, alcohol and I try to drink more water these days than I did then,” Silva told GQ. Regular intake of fluids is absolutely essential to maintaining an ideal level of nutrition. “It helps my body absorb the nutrients,” Silva explained. “If I don’t stay hydrated, it won’t matter what I eat.”

The Khabib Plan

On the other hand, UFC lightweight world champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who recently announced his retirement from the sport, preferred to consume a carb-rich diet. He felt the added carbs enabled him to maintain a high level of energy for all five rounds of a fight.

Nurmagomedov, considered perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the history of the promotion, preferred fruits such as bananas and blueberries. He gets his protein from lean meats, yogurt and nuts. Nurmagomedov believes that the cutting of sodium, processed foods and synthetic sugars is the basis of a healthy eating plan.

“You can’t out train a bad diet… period,” one of Nurmagomedov’s coaches told rdxsports.com. “Axing processed foods, synthetic sugars, and sodium is common sense. “Calories are also considered. If you’re eating more calories than you’re burning, you’re bulking up and you’re not going to make weight.”

Nurmagomedov takes part in that process that all those on diets dread. He keeps tabulations on every calorie he intakes and balances that with the exact amount of calories he burns.

All Licenses Owned.

Varieties Of Protein

Protein choices offer a wider array of options. Most tend to go with lean meats such as chicken and fish. Some will have a preference for red meat, while others are partial to dairy products. McGregor, for example, is known to drink a mid-day glass of milk as part of his training regimen.

When he was competing, Georges St-Pierre opted to get his protein from a concoction made of almond milk, a mix of berries and protein powder.

Other Considerations

A variety of fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, are essential components of any athlete’s diet plan.Greens offer antioxidants and are beneficial to the immune system. Fruit provides necessary fiber. Nuts are a healthy alternative to deliver much-needed fats to the diet.

Nate Diaz, another prominent UFC fighter, is a pescatarian. He abstains from all animal products except for seafood. His nutrition comes almost entirely from a vegetarian diet. Light-heavyweight Jon Jones is another who eschews animal products. He’s switched to a diet that is 90 percent plant-based.

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Best Five Tips to Write a Letter to a Celebrity

Most people are fond of famous actors, singers, and other outstanding personalities. We got used to calling them celebrities. While older generations don’t show a huge adoration, teenagers frequently dream of meeting their beloved idols to at least have a plain conversation. One of the ways to learn at least something from a busy celebrity is to write to him/her a letter.

When it comes to writing a letter to a celebrity, it’s crucial to make your message clear, concise, and respectful. Most importantly, proofread your letter for grammar and spelling errors before sending it. A well-written letter is far more likely to be read and taken seriously. For assistance in ensuring your letter is perfect, consider using services like EssayPro.com – they specialize in various writing formats and could be invaluable in refining your letter to your favorite celebrity.

It seems to be a perfect chance, but many teens fail this test. They get overly excited, have many things to mention in that letter, and simply cannot write it correctly. Some of them even look for letter writers for hire to buy custom-written letters from experts. It is quite ridiculous, but such things also take place. In the meanwhile, students are likewise assigned this kind of assignment. We can help in both cases. Our informative guide clarifies how to write a flawless letter to a celebrity. They may appeal to professional writers from custom essay writing company to help them with their writing

Define the Purpose

First, you should define the purpose of your letter. Fans may have quite different reasons why they write to their idols. 

Here are a few possible variants:

  • Ask to sign a photograph;
  • Write a congratulation;
  • Ask an important question about future career events;
  • Express your love to him/her;
  • Find out some personal information;
  • Show your respect or support, etc.

Of course, you may mention all these and many other reasons in the same letter. However, you should be a realist and focus on two or three purposes, and don’t exceed this measure. Otherwise, your letter will turn to be quite demanding.

Research the Biography

When you write to a person and mention some facts about him/her, you ought to be extremely cautious and precise. Make sure you do in-depth research on a person you address your letter to. Check all the necessities that may spoil a positive impression about you. 

Obligatorily check:

  • The full name (especially if the celebrity uses a pseudonym);
  • The year of birth;
  • Interesting facts in biography;
  • His/her awards;
  • His/her best movies or songs, or other achievements related to the profession;
  • Family and other vital facts.

Stick to Handwriting

If you want to make your letter more personal, write with your hand. Digital letters don’t have a “soul” so to speak and it’s more pleasant to read handwritten letters. It means that the author really cares about the message of the letter.

Follow a Logical Structure

Before you begin to write the letter, make sure you know the right structure. Your letter should not be messy because nobody would like to read it. Here is an example of an adequate letter structure:

“Dear (write the name),

My name is (your name). I love all your (movies, songs, books, etc.), especially (outline several options). You always encourage and inspire me to reach the greatest highest. One of my biggest dreams is to meet you personally and talk just for a little. In the meanwhile, I would be really happy if you send me an autographed picture that I have attached to this letter. Thank you so much for spending your precious time for me.

Sincerely yours,

(your name).”

As you can see, this letter is very short and straight to the point. Of course, you mustn’t follow the same size and can write a pretty long letter. However, short letters are more likely to be read. Celebrities are very busy people, and they cannot spend heaps of precious time reading lengthy emails and handwritten letters. It’s quite possible that your celebrity would like to hear more from you and it would be a perfect sign that a long letter will work. For now, let’s check the main elements of a letter:

  • Make it short;
  • Be straight to the point;
  • Clarify your purpose;
  • Be polite;
  • Don’t make mistakes;
  • Always greet using the name;
  • Don’t forget to leave your gratitude.

Important tip! Make sure you add a photo of the celebrity you write to. Why is it so important? Of course, it’s not done to remind how he/she looks like. Simply you increase the chance that if you get a reply, that photograph will be signed by your beloved celebrity.

How to Reach a Celebrity?

Even if your letter was perfectly written, you should be sure it will reach the recipient. You should be 100% confident that you know the right address. Many people prefer digital letters and so you should find out the real email. Finally, you can send the letter to the celebrity’s agent.

Make It Perfect

We want to be honest with you. The chance that your letter will be read by your idol is not high, but still, it exists. However, your dream is not groundless, and you may be lucky. Accordingly, you ought to write a perfect letter. We have already mentioned the structure and a brief example. You may write a pretty long text as well. No matter what you choose, it’s important to write a mistakes-free text.

To reach that aim, you should undertake several measures. Firstly, revise your letter several times. It should be done at least twice or thrice. Try to reread it in different ways. You may read in your head and aloud. Another uncommon but effective method is to read from the last line to the first one. Although it takes more time to read, you will be more focused on the text and thus will increase your chances to spot a mistake or a weak argument.

Secondly, ask other people to read your letter if it’s not too personal. They may spot the drawbacks you might have omitted. Thirdly, use at least one grammar checker and a smart app will probably spot a few more errors with the necessary corrections.

Use the tips and recommendations mentioned in this guide. They will help to write a readable and interesting letter. Your beloved celebrity will surely like it and may be happy to write back.

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Three Of The Jockeys With The Highest Total Earnings

Horse racing is a lucrative business, with a number of the biggest races in the world being extremely competitive. 

Those competitive races also see the biggest prize pots available for the winning riders and horses, which means that the best jockeys typically earn more in total earnings from the rides that they have throughout their careers. 

These are some of the jockeys that have achieved massive total earnings over the past five years of racing.

Oisin Murphy

There aren’t many jockeys that have had a better two years in the United Kingdom that Oisin Murphy. 

The 25-year-old has won the British Flat Racing Champion Jockey award in each of the past two seasons and has been a fine advocate for the sport. His success on the racecourse has also been outstanding, as he has won a number of Grade 1 races over the past five years. In 2020, he won the 2,000 Guineas onboard Kameko, and also claimed success in the Cheveley Park Stakes on board.

Other noteworthy wins for Murphy include the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, Nassau Stakes and Eclipse Stakes. 

Murphy has also claimed success around the world, with wins in the E. P. Taylor Stakes in Canada, the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere in France and the Japan Cup and Dubai Turf. Over the last five years, he has had 804 winners from 4784 rides, and has earned total earnings of £17,369,682.

Frankie Dettori

It’s hard to talk about success jockeys without mentioning the legendary Frankie Dettori. The Italian jockey is widely regarded as one of the best of all-time and has won all of the major races in the United Kingdom. 

Over the last five years, he has won 309 races from 1297 starts and has claimed total earnings of £23,856,004. 

That includes winnings in the region of £17,872,811. Dettori has won all the biggest races over the past five years, which includes three Ascot Gold Cups. The Italian has also won the 2,000 Guineas, Champion Stakes, Commonwealth Cup and the Epsom Derby.

It hasn’t just been in the United Kingdom where Dettori has ridden winners, as he has also won The Crown Price Cup on four occasions, the King’s Cup on three occasions and the Bahrain Gold Cup on two occasions. 

Meanwhile, he has also won three of his six Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe’s in the past five years. Dettori has also ridden winners in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Germany, South Africa and the United States in the last half-century.

Ryan Moore

Only one rider can claim to have earned more in total earnings than Dettori over the past five years, and that rider is Ryan Moore. Moore has eclipsed more than £29 million in the past five years, which includes prize money of £19,359,357. 

He has won 474 of his 2432 rides, with a number of these victories being among the most prestigious races in the world of horse racing. The 37-year-old typically rides for Aidan O’Brien’s Ballydoyle, as well as Her Majesty The Queen and Juddmonte. 

Moore hasn’t won the Champion Jockey award in the past five years, with all three of his successes coming between 2006 and 2009. However, he is still one of the riders that has been prominent in the biggest races of the season. 

In the last five years, he has won the 2,000 Guineas on two occasions, the 1,000 Guineas on three occasions, and the Epsom Oaks twice.

The latter of those was his most recent outstanding success, as he won the Epsom Oaks in 2020. 

Moore has also enjoyed international success during this time, as he has won the Arc, the Japan Cup and the Melbourne Cup. The British jockey has also won the Breeders’ Cup Turf four times, with the most recent of those wins coming in 2015. 

These are the top 3 horse jockeys with highest earnings. And if you love horse racing, make sure to check TwinSpires current Kentucky Derby odds.

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Bella Hadid Enjoying Life after Splitting from The Weeknd

The on-and-off couple Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are currently in strong relationship showing their love to the world and the internet. This famous couple has been teasing with their relationship for over three years. 

Want to know more about their complicated relationship?

Here’s everything you need to know about Bella Hadid and The Weeknd love relationship.

According to TMZ, the couple has officially broken up while Entertainment Tonight is still reporting that the they are still together.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd quit their relationship.

According to US Magazine, Bella Hadid has officially separated from The Weeknd.

Bella Hadid, 22, was living her life without any sign of distress after splitting from her on-and-off boyfriend, The Weeknd, earlier this week.

The model all smiles while holding a beverage in a lime green T-shirt, a black floral-printed skirt, sunglasses was seen on Friday, August 9.

According to sources, Bella Hadid and the Grammy Award winner, The Weeknd had called it quits on their relationship for the second time.

The couple have a complicated past. In past they were in relationship after meeting in April 2015.

However, their relationship didn’t last long and separated their way after staying together for nearly two year. The couple split in November 2016.


According to sources, the “Starboy” singer told “They still have great coordination, love and respect for each other and will remain friends, but it has been too hard to manage time while working for his upcoming album”.

The Weeknd moved on with singer Selena Gomez in January 2017. However, their relationship ended just after 10 months later which made him to rejuvenate with Bella.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez during their time together.

The former couple were spotted kissing at Coachella in April 2018, and by August, they were back in relationship together.

The couple moved together in November. After all this on and off romantic relationship, the couple were thinking about getting marriage.

One of the top new magazine US Magazine confirms that the couple were in madly love with each other.

The Weeknd and Bella are seriously couple goals and they proved that again on Valentine’s Day when Bella post a beautiful floral display on her Instagram that was surprised by The Weeknd.

Bella seems to be handling the breakup just fine.


Bella has a new love interest in her life, at least she did in her new campaign for Calvin Klein.

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