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Meet Alexander Montoyo – Baseball Coach Charlie Montoyo Son With Wife Samantha Montoyo

Meet Alexander Montoyo – Baseball Coach Charlie Montoyo Son With Wife Samantha Montoyo

Charlie Montoyo is one of the most influential people in the world of baseball. Florida, Puerto-Rico born, Charlie Montoyo is a former professional baseball player and coach. Born in October 1965, Charlie Montoyo currently serves as the bench coach of the Chicago White Sox. Previously, Charlie has also worked as the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball. Likewise, Montoyo is a former baseball player. He has played college baseball at Louisiana Tech University. Later, he choose by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 6th round of the 1987 amateur draft. Charlie made his MLB debut in September 1993 for the Montreal Expos. Montoyo only played four games for the Montreal Expos as a second baseman and pinch hitter. In this article, we will be talking about Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander Montoyo.

The former baseball player, Charlie Montoyo mostly played in the minor league. He retired at the end of 1996 season and player over 1,028 games in minor league. During his ten years spell in the minor league, he made 38 home runs and 400 RBI. After his playing career, he started his managerial career. In October 2018, Charlie Montoyo became the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. After four years, he left in July 2022. Montoyo began working as a bench coach for the Chicago White Sox under new manager Pedro Grifol. Unlike his successful professional career, Charlie Montoyo is also a successful family guy. He tied the wedding knot with his wife, Samantha Montoyo in 2001. The Montoyo couple became the proud parent of two children. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander Montoyo.

Who Is Charlie Montoyo’s Son Alexander Montoyo?

As mentioned earlier, the baseball coach, Charlie Montoyo shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Samantha Montoyo. The adorable couple met each other in Charleston in 1999 and tied their wedding knot in 2001. The couple has been together for more than 20 years at this point. During their two-decades-long marital relationship, Charlie and Samantha became doting parents of two sons. Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander Montoyo also known as Alex Montoyo is the youngest son of the former Toronto Blue Jays manager with his wife, Samantha. Alexander Montoyo took birth on 17th October 2007. One of the interesting facts about Alex is that he shares the same birth as his father.

Being the youngest child of the family, there is no doubt that Alexander has been raised with immense love and care. He must have been pampered very well by his parents. Furthermore, Charlie Montoyo’s son also has an elder brother named Tyson Montoyo. Alexander shares a great bond with his elder brother. Moreover, we can see both siblings attending games to support their father. Both Alex and Tyson must have enjoyed their childhood growing up together. Besides, Alexander’s brother Tyson is a lacrosse player.

Charlie Montoyo’s Son Loves Baseball

Having been born into a sports family background, Alexander has surely developed his interest in sports. Unlike his father, Alexander Montoyo also loves baseball. There is no doubt that Alexander Montoyo have received his father’s gene in his DNA. Charlie Montoyo’s son loves to watch baseball all the time. Moreover, Charlie shares the photos and videos of the stadium he visits and sends them to his children. In a documentary video, Charlie stated that his kids just love baseball and everything related to the game.

Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander Montoyo was born with a serious heart disease called Ebstein Anomaly. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Alexander Montoyo Had Gone Through Several Surgeries

Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander Montoyo was born with a serious heart disease called Ebstein Anomaly. It is a rare congenital disorder in which blood isn’t pump in the right amount or in the right direction. The youngest Montoyo took birth at 1 pm and at 1:30, he was airlifted to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. After, the cardiologist announced that he needed to go through heart surgery immediately. Moreover, the five days old, Charlie Montoyo’s son had open-heart surgery.

The young one had gone through several open-heart surgeries. Besides, the last surgery was conducted in 2013. The doctor said that Alex has a very low chance of survival. It must have been a difficult time for Charlie’s family. After overcoming all the odds, Alexander survived and is doing well. According to his health reports, Alexander doesn’t use the right side of his heart. Hopefully, Charlie Montoyo’s son Alexander is doing well and he is getting better health growing by.

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