Here Is The Newest Online Casino Slots From Yggdrasil

Newest Online Casino Slots From Yggdrasil

Whether you are basking in the sandy Caribbean beaches sipping an exotic drink or in a cab moving slower than cyclists during an evening commute, there is something fun to do. And it is playing Yggdrasil slots. Not any of their slot offerings, but their newest slot titles, especially if you are in the mood to discover something new or start a new affair –pun intended.

Why Yggdrasil? Why play their new slots? Before you ask another question, here is why Yggdrasil and their new slots are special. The software developer understands that some players don’t care about how much time or money they spend on slots, even if others do
So, for their slot offer, Yggdrasil develops each one like it were their last, and this is what they love doing. Trust us when we say that Yggdrasil had fun while designing their slots. Likewise, they hope that you genuinely have fun on their beautifully created and fun-filled slots.

A Look At The Best And Newest Yggdrasil Slots

Back to back, this is what will happen when you start playing the Yggdrasil slots we are about to discuss. We haven’t arranged the game chronologically from the most interesting to the “slightly” interesting since there are no “slightly” interesting slots at Yggdrasil.

We even toyed with the idea of arranging the best and newest slots alphabetically. That said, read on to the end to find out if that’s what we did, and if the new Yggdrasil slots are as entertaining as the Asian Beauty slot.

90K Yeti

If you thought that Yggdrasil’s Yeti went away, you are about to be treated to a pleasant surprise. The Yeti is back, and he is bigger and better. While Yeti and Santa are not identical in any way, Yeti hasn’t forgotten to bring his sack of awesome prizes. Now, wins are guaranteed on 90K Yeti. It’s, therefore, a winning season for everyone.

Also, Hear this. Yeti can now trigger 3 unique bonus offers on any spin. That aside, the Yeti reveal uncovers symbols that will treat you to lump-sum rewards. For instance, the Snowstorm symbol will shuffle the icons on the reel to create big wins. On the other hand, the Giga Summon symbol will attract the best and biggest Gigablox to 90K Yeti’s reels, including the mighty 6 by 6 symbols.

As we have earlier mentioned, it is a winning season for everyone. You can trigger up to 36 Free Spins, and that’s not all. You are guaranteed to come across one Snowstorm or Giga Summon symbol. The secret to walking away with massive bonus prizes is retriggering the Free Spins bonuses.

If the wheels of fortune are not spinning fast enough in your favor, use the Play Buy Feature to trigger more Free Spins. As you can see, it’s winning season players. We saved the best for last. 90K Yeti has 46,656 ways to win, and players can walk away with up to 90,000X the bet amount

Golden Fish Tank 2

Slots enthusiasts who enjoyed Golden Fish Tank (1) still need to read this Golden Fish Tank 2 review. New features have been added to the game. On the other hand, if you didn’t play the title’s first installment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sequel so let’s begin exploring Yggdrasil’s Golden Fish Tank 2.

First, the title is set in an aquarium, as it happened in the first installment. Second, Golden Fish Tank 2 also boasts the Free Spins and special features in its Pick and Click Bonus game, as it was in the title’s first installment. Relax, we are getting to the new feature, and it is a Bonus Chest that will treat you to lucrative surprise wins.

Golden Fish Tank 2 uses 6-reels, 4-6 rows, and 25-40 paylines, counted from left to right. Various Card Ranks represent the low-paying symbols that can boost player prizes. In contrast, the high-paying symbols are represented by the Fish symbol.

Other symbols available in Golden Fish Tank 2 include the Free Spins symbol that you can claim on the base game and the Wild symbol. Note that the title’s Wild symbol can substitute all reel symbols except for the bonus symbol. While Golden Fish Tank 2 is an immersive and quirky title, the slot also allows players to walk away with wins of up to 5000X the bet amount. So, be sure to check it out.

Hypernova 10K Ways

Are you ready to embark on a slot that offers upto 10,000 different ways to win? If so, we present Hypernova 10K Ways. In addition to providing you with thousands of winning combinations, this Yggdrasil slot also gives you the chance to trigger additional wins with every win you claim.

The space-based game rocks different brightly colored symbols. You will also come across symbols that have glows that emit the colors of the rainbow. If you have dreamt of having an outer space experience, Hypernova 10K Ways will turn your mobile device or computer into a spacecraft that lets you witness the mysteries of space. You can therefore shoot for the stars with this Yggdrasil slot.

Space is a dark place that is abundant with nothing. But exploring space using Hypernova 10K Ways will let you claim the hidden treasures that are hidden from our eyes. Sizing and timing your bets on these titles will let you claim wins of up to 5,662X your bet amount. Meanwhile, the bonuses and free spins will keep you entertained as you wait for your big break.

Besides having fun, slot players of all levels of experience can enjoy Hypernova 10K Ways and claim lucrative prizes. The title is immersive, entertaining, and optimized for mobile gameplay, meaning that it can be played wherever and whenever. Don’t just read about this Yggdrasil slot. Immerse yourself in it for an epic and rewarding space adventure.

Savanna Roar

The savanna can be a treacherous jungle for both the hunter and the prey. Many people assume that being the hunter is better than being the prey in the vast jungle. But when the battle for supremacy among the big game starts, you will notice that even the ones that hunt don’t have it easier, and this is what Yggdrasil’s Savanna Roar is about.

Fortunately, surviving Savanna Roar doesn’t require you to take on fierce animals. All you need to do is spin the reel, cross your finger, and hope that the gods or fate favors you. With 1024 different ways to win, the 5-reel game will treat you to different excellent locking respins, Free Spins, and 4 unique base game modifiers.

You will come across 8 symbols that can increase your Savanna Roar winnings. 4 out of the 8 are low paying, while the remaining 4 are high paying. That said, you can trigger the high-paying symbols by 3 or more symbols landing on adjacent reels, starting from the reel on the left. Be on the lookout for a Wild symbol that substitutes all regular symbols, and a Free Spins symbol that will help you claim bigger prizes.

Savanna Roar is an ideal slot for players who wish to walk away with great prizes. The Yggdrasil slot offers a win of up to €954,400, and that’s a life-changing cash prize. That said, don’t forget to treat yourself to this entertaining slot.


Yggdrasil regularly updates its slot offers with new slot games to give you the chance to embark on new adventures on its incredible games of chance. Excellent rewards, unforgettable moments, and a fun-filled immersive gaming experience await you on new Yggdrasil slot games. Don’t forget to play and share the new slots we have reviewed here with your friends.

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