Know About Craig Steven Wright Wife Ramona Watts Who Is Also An Investor

Craig Steven Wright wife Ramona Watts

Digital cryptocurrency is taking over the world presently through its controversial nature. More than 1583 digital cryptocurrencies are ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum to Dogecoin and Binance where millions of people have invested in them. Anyone familiar with crypto currently must have come across Satoshi Nakamoto’s name. Although the mystery remains unsolved, Australian computer scientist and businessman, Craig Steven Wright is publicly claimed to be the identity behind the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. The Brisbane, Australia-born businessman currently resides in the United Kingdom. In this article, we will be discussing Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts.

Although he claims to be the main part of the team that created bitcoin, the media and cryptocurrency community has not accepted it yet and is regarded as a false claim. Besides, Craig has worked in IT for various companies like K-Mart, OzEmail, and the Australian Securities Exchange. After his claim for being a creator of bitcoin, it has created havoc in the crypto world. Since then, Craig Wrights has been a person of interest in media. Undoubtedly, the people are well aware of Craig Steven Wright’s professional life and legal battles. With his fame and popularity, he has always been in limelight. So, in this short article, here we present some interesting facts on Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts.

Know About Craig Steven Wright Personal Life and Relationship

Following on Craig Steven Wright’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his wife, Ramona Watts. Furthermore, Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts is the director of Wright International and Tulip Trading. Both Craig and Ramona have maintained extremely private lifestyles. Thus, there are very few details available regarding their personal life. Since the pair have maintained their life away from the limelight of media, it is unclear how and where the couple met each other for the first time. Although being a popular figure in the crypto world, they have kept their life away from media scrutiny. Likewise, Craig Wright’s wife is also a secretive person.

Prior to his relationship with Ramona Watts, Craig Steven Wright was previously married to Lynn Wright. Thus, Craig is married twice in his life. Likewise, Craig and Lynn announced their separation in 2010. However, the former couple has not revealed the reason behind their separation. According to their divorce settlement, Craig’s ex-wife Lynn Wright did get half of W&K. As of now, the businessman shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Ramona Watts.

Who Is Craig Steven Wright’s Wife Ramona Watts?

As mentioned earlier, Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts is a director of Wright International and Tulip Trading. However, it is unclear if she still serves as the director for both of the companies. Besides, Ramona prefers a very private lifestyle. Likewise, she came to the limelight of media after she was called upon the court to testify in the Wright Vs. Kleiman legal battle. Although Craig Stevens did testify in court, she has rarely appeared in the media.

Furthermore, there is no presence of Ramona Watts on social media. Undoubtedly, she enjoys her private lifestyle. Unlike her husband, her details also remain a mystery. Apart from this, Ramona is also a businesswoman and investor. Moreover, she is popular for her incident with Reliantco Investment Limited.

Craig Steven Wright’s Wife Once Sued Reliantco Investments

Being the wife of a businessman, Ramona is also very much interested in investing. In addition to this, Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona was a customer of Reliantco Investments Ltd who has great success in trading. Moreover, she turned her $200,000 investment into $700,000. However, after getting hefty success from trading, the investment company, Reliantco had blocked her account without explanation. However, Reliantco gave several statements to justify their decision on suspending Ramona’s account where they seize thousands of dollars.

Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts
Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona Watts is also a investor. Picture Source: Pinterest.

According to Reliantco, they claimed that they had done so because of her involvement with her husband. Ramona’s husband Craig is critically acclaimed for being one of the main created of bitcoin. As Craig was acting on behalf of her which was against the company service term, they suspended her account. Likewise, the company also claimed that Craig Wright’s wife has also provided false information during the KYC process of the platform. Later, they also claimed that because Ramona is Craig’s wife, her profits from the account were on the basis of insider trading. Although they presented multiple statements, the court ruled Ramona as the true owner of the money. Along with it, the court also entitled her to all the profits that she would earn if her account has not been banned.

Ramona Watts Is A Doting Mother of Two Kids

Since both Ramona and Craig have maintained a very secretive life, there are not any details regarding their marriage and relationship. It is still a mystery when and where the couple met each other. Furthermore, the pair also have not shared their wedding date with the media. The couple tied their wedding knot after his separation from ex-wife Lynn Wright in 2010. Although they have not revealed about their wedding, it is believed that the couple has been married for a long period of time.

During their long marital relationship, they welcomed two children. Craig Steven Wright’s wife Ramona gave birth to children named Dave Wright and Rachel Wright. The couple has kept their children in the limelight of media. Apart from their names, they have not revealed anything about their kids. Furthermore, they want to raise their kids away from the media influence so that they won’t get harmed by their father’s popularity.

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