Know About Actor Denis Villeneuve Wife Tanya Lapointe Who Is A Former Journalist

Denis Villeneuve is a filmmaker of French-Canadian descent. The 54-year-old was born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. He began his directing career in 1994 with a short documentary called REW FFWD. Prior to his first direction, Denis won a youth film competition organized by Radio Canada in 1991. Since then, the talented filmmaker has directed several hit movies like Sicario, Prisoners, Dune, etc. The Canadian actor has won Canadian Screen Award for four time. In addition to this, he has also won Canadian Screen Award of Best Motion Picture for this first three films. In this article, we will be talking about Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe.

Besides his remarkable career, Denis has been in the news regarding his love life. The filmmaker was previously in a marital relationship with actress Macha Grenon. Furthermore, he has three children from his past relationship. However, Villeneuve is currently married to his lovely wife, Tanya Lapointe. The couple seems to be in marital bliss, enjoying their married life. Without further delay, let’s get to know about Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe.

Denis Villeneuve’s Wife Tanya Lapointe Is a Former Journalist

Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe worked as a cultural journalist at Radio Canada. She reported for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for fifteen years. Lapointe used to cover entertainment news, international news, and high-profile events like film festivals and award ceremonies.

Besides being a journalist, Tanya is also an author. Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya has written two books, The Art and Science of Arrival and The Art and Soul of Dune. Interestingly, both her books have turned into movies. However, when Denis approached her to be his assistant director in Arrival, she grabbed it with both hands and took a break from journalism in 2015.

Denis Villeneuve’s Wife Is A Producer And Director

Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe is a filmmaker just like him. Tanya has directed and produced some classic blockbusters like Dune, Blade Runner, and The Paper Man. Lapointe has turned her writings into movies. She began her Hollywood journey as an assistant director to Denis in the movie Arrival.

After working as an assistant director, she found the work exciting and decided to quit her job as a reporter in 2016 to pursue a career in filmmaking. This decision has turned out to be a wise one for Tanya. Her film, The Paper Man, was premiered in 2020 at the Whistler Film Festival. Furthermore, Denis Villeneuve’s wife has received positive feedback and reviews for her work as a director. In addition, Tanya has won various awards for her direction in prestigious award ceremonies like the New York Festivals, Kingston Canadian Film Festival, and Whistler Film Festival.

Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe
Denis Villeneuve’s wife Tanya Lapointe is a former journalist. Picture Souce: Pinterest.

Tanya Lapointe’s Step Daughter Salome Is into Fashion

As mentioned earlier, Tanya Lapointe is not the first wife of Denis Villeneuve. He was previously married to Macha Grenon and has welcomed three children. Well, Tanya’s stepdaughter Salome Villeneuve has already made strides in Hollywood. Besides having a stepdaughter, Tanya also has a stepson named Timothy Villeneuve from Denis’s past marriage. He is a film studies graduate. Salome is a fashion model and designer. Denis’ daughter worked in the costume and wardrobe department for the movie Arrival. Tanya Lapointe’s husband Denis was the director, and she was his assistant director in the film. So, the family has worked together professionally for a movie.

As a fashion model, Tanya’s stepdaughter has gained a lot of fame and popularity. Salome is active on Instagram with over 4K followers on her social media. Furthermore, Tanya Lapointe’s stepdaughter is in a relationship with actor Emile Vallee. Salome Villeneuve’s boyfriend is the son of famous Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee. Being Tanya’s stepmother and having worked with her professionally, the duo must share a healthy bond between them. Moreover, it seems Tanya supports Salome’s career and life choices, trying to guide her whenever she can.

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