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Know About Sports Analyst Doris Burke Ex- Husband Gregg Burke Who Is A Golf Head Coach

Know About Sports Analyst Doris Burke Ex- Husband Gregg Burke Who Is A Golf Head Coach

The West Islip, New York-born, Doris Burke is an American sports analyst and commentator. The 58-year-old, Doris Burke has serves as a sports analyst for popular television networks including ESPN and ABC. Burke is a highly respected sports analyst whose insightful commentary and knowledge have made her a prominent figure in sports broadcasting. With her charismatic presence, Burke has broken barriers as one of the most prominent female voices in sports media. Whether she’s providing astute analysis during NBA games or offering her expertise as a sideline reporter, Burke’s passion and enthusiasm for the game shine through. Her ability to break down complex plays and provide meaningful insights has earned her the admiration of both players and fans. Beyond her role as an analyst, Burke is known for her work dedication. In this article, we will be talking about Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke.

The Providence College graduate, Doris Burke is also a former basketball player. She played as a point guard at Manasquan High School. After high school, she made her commitment to Providence College. She also played college basketball for the Providence Friars women’s basketball team. Moreover, she has led her team to the Big East Conference and earned her name in the All-Big East and Big East All-Tournament teams. In 1999, Doris was inducted into the Providence College Hall of Fame and became the only fifth woman to receive the honor. Doris started her broadcasting career in 1990. She worked as an analyst for women’s games and later began working in Big East men’s games. As of now, Burke serves as a regular NBA game analyst for ESPN. She also worked as a sideline reporter. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke.

Who Is Doris Burke’s Ex-Husband Gregg Burke?

The ESPN sports analyst, Doris Burke is currently enjoying her single life. However, she was once in a blissful marital relationship with her ex-husband Gregg Burke. Furthermore, Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke is a former deputy director of athletics at the University of Rhode Island. The former couple tied started their love affair in the 1980s. Moreover, Doris and Gregg met each other during their college days. During their first meeting, Doris was playing basketball. After being in a relationship for a long time, the ex-couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. The former husband-wife duo tied their wedding knot in 1989.

Unfortunately, their marital relationship didn’t take the right direction. The ex-couple parted ways in early 2012. Both Doris and Gregg have separated with mutual consent. Furthermore, the ex-couple hasn’t revealed much about their divorce. As of now, Doris is enjoying her single life.

Doris Burke’s Ex-Husband Is A Golf Coach

As mentioned earlier, Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke is currently serving as the head golf coach at the University of Rhode Island. Furthermore, Gregg has been working at Rhode Island University for more than 19 years. Gregg became Rhode’s head gold coach for more than 13 years. Before serving as the head golf coach, Gregg worked as a deputy director of athletics in Rhode Island. From 2004 to 2010, he actively worked in the position. During his time as deputy director of athletics, he provided service as the department’s chief operating officer.

Moreover, Doris Burke’s ex-husband majorly focuses on men’s and women’s basketball, men’s golf, and external relations and operations as a director. Under his leadership, the University of Rhode Island has won numerous championships and top rankings. During his first years as a golf coach, the URI Rams became the Century Intercollegiate Golf Championship winner. Likewise, his team achieved the second position at the Connecticut Cup. In addition to this, he has trained his golfers to participate in various tournaments including Wildcat Invitational, the New England Division I Championship, and the Met Association Stroke Play Championship.

Gregg Burke Owned Consulting Firm

Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke seems to doing great as a golf coach. However, it wasn’t his first job. Before joining as the deputy director for the University of Rhode Island, Gregg worked at his consulting firm GB Productions in 2001. Moreover, his firm handles work like event management, fundraising, business development, media relations, and client work in golf. After being involved in the university, he stopped his firm. In addition to this, Gregg Burke has collaborated with nationally respected basketball administrators to organize the International Basketball League.

Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke also worked as an associate athletic director. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Gregg was even appointed as a Vice President of the league. He also played a crucial role in the success of the business concept and public relations tactics. Additionally, he managed the staff for corporate sales, public relations, licensing events, and merchandised items. Furthermore, Doris Burke’s ex-husband also worked as an associate athletic director in charge of administrative and external relations efforts at Providence College. Aside from this, he has worked for various institutions including Holy Cross, the University of Michigan, and Boston College. Gregg has been honored with numerous awards for his dedication and commitment to athletics. He was awarded the Amby Smith Award and Scoop Hudgins Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.

Gregg Burke Is A Father Of Two Kids

As mentioned earlier, Gregg and Doris Burke tied their wedding knot in 1989. Unfortunately, the ex-couple parted ways in 2012. During their time of togetherness, Doris and her ex-husband became a doting parents of two kids. Doris Burke’s ex-husband Gregg Burke is the father of Sarah Burke and Matthew Burke. The ex-couple gave birth to their first daughter named Sarah Burke in 1992 and a son named Matthew in 1994. As of now, Gregg Burke’s children has grown up and become successful in their life. Gregg’s daughter Sarah works as a judicial law clerk. Likewise, Gregg’s son Matthew followed in his father’s footsteps and played golf.

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