Study Smart, Not Hard: 5 Effective Tips for Student Success

Have you seen the student who is always at the top of the class? Ever wondered how they do that? Well, we are going to tell you how. It’s simple, really, and you don’t have to stay up all night as you cram for your exams.  

These tips are going to be easy to incorporate into your schedule. And they will be your path to success. 

So, let’s get on with it.

Have a Schedule

It doesn’t matter how well into the night you study. Or how good you are with short-term memory. What will ensure long-term success is how organized you are. You can start easily writing down important dates for tests, projects, and deadlines. 

Also, note how much work each will require. Next, break each task into manageable bits. Follow through with each leading up to the deadline or test day. We suggest you don’t study according to the number of pages as that means you will work on several topics. Rather, study topic to topic. 

Writing everything down will ensure you keep to it and avoid procrastination.

Pay Attention in Class

In addition to your own schedule, you probably have a class schedule. Do not go to class with your earphones on. Leave the phone in your backpack, have your materials ready, and pay attention. Listening to your instructor as they teach will build kinetic energy. 

You will find yourself remembering instances of the lessons during a test. After class, it will be even easier to review your lessons.

Engage With the Topics in Class

Do not be the student that sits at the back of the class doodling in their books. Sit upright, take chances answering questions, ask a few questions, and request clarification on concepts you don’t understand. You can also take notes and highlight the concepts that you need to focus on.

After class, go and read up more on these concepts and try applying them to quizzes. This practice will firm up the topics in your brain.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Another tip is to use this technique. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focus on work and then a break of about 5 minutes. After 4 consecutive work schedules, you can take longer breaks. 

This is not the only time-management method and you can learn more about them through incredible and expertly-written essays at

However, it is the easiest to start with and use daily. If you have never used a technique to manage time, it is best to start with this one. 

We suggest this time-management method because it is known that students understand better if they study in short bursts and then take breaks. You do not benefit from sitting for long hours studying. Probably you will find yourself staring at one page with little progress.

Always Revise Your Work

Finally, you can never go wrong with frequent revisions. Works great if you are preparing for a test. But it works better if you do it regularly. One way to do this is to create flashcards when you are done with a topic. 

The cards may have a word with its meaning at the back or a phrase that will mean something to you. This teaches you to break down your textbooks into short, memorable words and phrases.

Another way is to always quiz yourself. You might study all afternoon but the only way to know you understood is to test yourself. You can even grade yourself just to know how well you are doing. Chances are, some of the questions you practice on will appear in your exams.

To Conclude

Studying smart is not difficult. Hopefully, you now see it too. You can follow the tips above for success in school.

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