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Eleven Interesting Facts About American Football

Eleven Interesting Facts About American Football

You may be a diehard fan of American football, but there are still going to be an umpteen number of things that you may not know about it. In this article, we will try to address a few common and some astonishing facts about pigskin.

You can always share these facts with your friends and folks when you sit down together for the big game. This can be your chance to seem like the greatest football fan ever. So let us get started and address these facts one by one. 

American Football evolved from Rugby and Soccer

‘Back in time, American Football was played, which was an amalgam of rugby and soccer. As a matter of fact, till the year 1882, football was merely rugby. It was only after that the new rules surfaced. This gave both the team three chances to make the ball cross the five yards,’ shares James, an online educator who offers pay someone to do my online class services. 

Typically, the game involves the use of an oval-shaped ball, which was the football. The aim of the game was to take this ball to the end zone for a touchdown. It is typically accepted with the quarterback throwing the ball towards the other player. The player will then take the ball and run towards the end zone.

Alternatively, he can even pass on the ball to another player if he is far from the end zone. The opponents will try their best to prevent the other team from scoring a goal by intercepting the ball or tackling the opponents. If the opponents fail, it results in a touchdown, and each touchdown is equivalent to six points.

In a Football game, There are Seven Officials

For a fair-square game, the National Football League has made a rule of seven different officials who keep a tab of several things, such as the fouls and the downs. The officials are dressed in black and white striped shirts. All of these officials keep a check on the various infractions and are assigned the job of monitoring different things.

However, of course, the referee holds maximum ranking (or rather power) amongst all officials. He also has full responsibility when it comes to oversight. The other officials include the side judge, the umpire, the head linesman, the back judge, the field judge, and the line judge. 

Los Angeles was Late to The Scene

 Los Angeles may have the 2nd largest media market, but between 1995-2015, it did not have its own football team. 

You owe a Thank You to Canada

Well, that is correct! Quite a lot of the football rules that you know today have been a gift of Canada. 

‘There was a match played between McGill University and Harvard University in 1874. During this match, the players from the latter university decided that they appreciate the Canadian rugby-style rules over their in-house soccer rugby mix rules. So, in only a year, they adopted a few things from the Canadian play, such as the use of an oval ball and tackles into the American game,’ shares Joe, an online educator who offers assignment help Sydney services. 

First-ever black professional footballer

A lot of you may have heard of Jackie Robinson, the ace footballer, and many of you may think of him as the first black athlete to have broken the color barrier, but that is not true. He came into the scene in 1945, where Robinson played with the MLB. However, it was in 1904 when Charles Follis became the first-ever professional football player in America. 

First game of football

The first-ever football game was played on November 6, 1869. This match was played between Princeton and Rutgers Colleges. However, it was only in the 1880s that the rules were codified. These rules were christened by a renowned rugby player, Walter Camp. His rules in every sense metamorphosed the game. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers Have the Maximum Super Bowl Wins

‘The Pittsburgh Steelers have a record of six Super Bowl Wins, which is the highest ever,’ comments Hannah, an online educator who works with EduWorldUSA. Though they have won six games, they have actually played eight, which is also a record.

However, it is not that no team has ever played these many Super Balls because both New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys have played eight Super Bowl games each. However, the former has won four times, and the latter has won five.

So, as of today, Pittsburgh Steelers still rank high. 

It is All About Teamwork

National Football League or NFL was commenced with ten teams in 1920. At present, the league has a total of thirty-two teams. All the teams in the league are American. In addition, Canada has their Canadian Football League (CFL).

There Should be a Minimum of Eleven Players

In the game of football, every team is supposed to have eleven players on either side of the field. However, the position of the players is variable. It depends on whether the team is playing from the defense side of the offense side. 

The positions are wide receiver, Hallback, tight end, fullback, and quarterback on the Offense side. On the other hand, the positions include cornerbacks, linebackers, and safeties on the defense side. In addition, the members of the team can be substituted between downs. 

Longest College Game

The longest college football game was played between Arkansas and Kentucky in 2003. The game had seven overtime periods and ran a little less than four hours. The Razorbacks were the champion of the game with a score of 71-63. 

No Conference Championship for Houston

Ever since 1988, all teams but Houston have been a part of the conference championship. 

So, these are eleven facts on American football that all of you football fans should know. Have more interesting facts to include in this list? Then, do share with us in the comments below. We would love to share the same with our readers.

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