Instagram Model Estelle Berglin Net Worth – Earnings From Modeling & Endorsement Deals

Estelle Berglin is a multi-talented Instagram model, freelance videographer, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and social media star. The 24-year-old social media star Estelle has manage to gain immense popularity through social media. With her impact on social media, she is trying to to bring a positive changes in people’s perspectives of fitness and health. Apart from this, she is also a fitness mogul. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Estelle Berglin’s net worth is estimated at $420k as of 2021.

Besides, the Swedish content creator is a simple girl who takes risks in her life, which allowed her to become who she is today. Furthermore, Estelle is also popular on Instagram. As of now, her Instagram account boasts 727k followers. Likewise, she also loves to travel. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to know about the Instagram influencer Estelle Berglin.

Know About Estelle Berglin Personal Life and Relationship

Following on her personal life, she is currently dating English street magician and prankster Julius Dein. The couple started dating from August 2019. Moreover, the lovely couple often puts their pictures on Instagram. Likewise, they also posts about their relationship on social sites. Undoubtedly, the social media star seems to be very used to the prankster’s antics, and she too pranks him more often. 

Estelle Berglin’s boyfriend loves playing pranks to everyone. The magician once pulled a prank on the fitness trainer by switching her regular bikini and a bikini consisting of water-soluble fabric. They were on a beach, and after she entered the water, the bikini began to dissolve up. Sadly Estelle thought her bikini had come undone and started looking for it. Julius Dein then posted the video on his social media, and it became popular. However, there has also been speculation regarding the couple’s relationship status. Previously, Estelle Berglin dated a Swedish guy named Anton. Her ex-partner Anton has even appeared in some of her YouTube videos. However, it is not known about their break-up.  We wish her the best to live her life to the fullest.

Estelle Berglin net worth
Estelle Berglin started dating magician Julius from August 2019. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Know About Estelle Berglin Net Worth and Income Sources

As mentioned earlier, Estelle Berglin’s net worth is estimated at $450k as of 2021. Considering that she does a lot of freelance work and can afford to travel a lot, one should expect Estelle Berglin’s net worth to be the grand amount. Moreover, Estelle Berglin has also done some brand endorsements for a popular fashion company likes Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, Lululemon, and Zaful. Thus, the endorsement deals is also one of the primary source for the Instagram star, Estelle.

Following her success in social media, Estelle is currently working on starting her very own company.  The detailed information about the company has not yet been revealed, but she stated that it would be open in Dubai. With her popularity growing over time, Estelle Berglin’s net worth is supposed to increase in the upcoming days too.


Moving towards Estelle Berglin career, she started her career by working in Elle Magazine. In the beginning of her career, she started as a videographer. As of now, she also does a freelancing in multiple areas.  In addition to videography, she also does various photography, post-production work, graphic designing, web designing, and online marketing. The multi-skilled star claims she learned her skills through trial and error and also numerous YouTube tutorials.  

Stalking at her Instagram account, she is also fond of traveling around different places. She also launched her two YouTube channels named Swealife and Estelle Berglin.  Likewise, her main channel is Swealife, where she posts numerous travel vlogs, reviews of clothes, makeup tutorials, and workouts. Likewise, her primary YouTube channel has 124k subscribers. According to the Social Blade, Berglin makes anywhere between $2.4K to $37.8K yearly through this channel. The other channel, Estelle Berglin, has videos related to her family members.

Estelle Berglin Is Also A Licensed Trainer

Moreover, the freelancer is now a certified personal trainer. Estelle Berglin is a licensed personal trainer and she gained her certificate from BodyFight Sverige in Marbella, Spain. She is now working on taking a degree in personal workouts.

At a young age, the fitness enthusiast started to work on keeping herself healthy and fit. She would accompany her parents to the fitness center and watch them work out. The experience of watching her parents work out may have propelled her to have a fit lifestyle. Moreover, the fitness trainer also posts tutorials of exercises and also the food she eats to maintain her total body. She does this in an approach to encourage people to stay fit to live healthy lives.

Know About Estelle Berglin Early life and Education

Estelle Berglin took birth in Sweden on the 26th of April,1997. Besides, she experienced her childhood life with her loved ones in her hometown. With her interested in entertainment industry, she left her hometown and went to Barcelona at the age of 19. She then started to focus on her career

Before leaving her hometown, the YouTuber lived along with her family. Despite moving away from home, she still shares everything with her mom, dad, and brother. And after extended periods of separation, the YouTuber gets extremely fascinated about the meeting with them. Following on her education, she completed her graduation from Dragonskolan college.

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