5 Secrets Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

In the casino world, dealers are a big part of the action. Without them, games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat simply wouldn’t exist. Love them or hate them, dealers are important. 

Naturally, the aim of most casino games is to outwit the dealer. Remember, they’re not your friends – in fact, it’s the total opposite. Dealers are working on behalf of the casinos to try and get you to lose, as it helps casino profits to remain high. 

Luckily, though, there are lots of different ways you can beat the dealers, no matter which table you’re playing at. So, whether you’re a total beginner or a casino newbie, here are five amazing secrets that dealers don’t want you to know! 

You Can Play Most Casino Games Online 

When it comes to land-based casinos, both dealers and owners don’t want you to know that you can now play most casino games online. Yep – that’s right. Using either your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can play all the classic games you’ve come to know and love, such as poker and slots. 

This is great, as playing online affords you more flexibility. Plus, it removes the pressure of having to go up against dealers face-to-face, which can be nerve-racking for even the toughest of casino veterans. To get started with playing casino games online, Visit Gamble Online

Raise Your Stake if You’re on a Winning Streak 

You won’t be surprised to learn that dealers don’t like it when players go on winning streaks. This is why it’s crucial to take advantage of the situation when you enter a hot winning streak. 

For example, if you’ve won five straight games of blackjack in a row, you can afford to raise your stakes a little. If you then lose the next round, that’s OK – you can simply lower them again. The idea is to reach a healthy profit margin without going overboard. After all, winning streaks never last forever. 

You Don’t Need to Break Your Budget 

Naturally, casinos want you to break your budget, especially if you’ve lost a couple of games in a row. When people lose at casino card games, it often causes them to ‘chase losses,’ meaning they break their budgets in order to try and get their money back. 

However, once you adopt a responsible mindset, you can play at different tables, knowing that you don’t need to do this – even if you lose a couple of games on the bounce. So, if you plan on going to a casino this weekend, such as one in Las Vegas, make sure to gamble with a budget. 

3:2 Blackjack Tables are Better Than 6:5 Ones

Here’s something else dealers don’t want you to know: 3:2 blackjack tables are better than 6:5 ones. The reason for this is that 3:2 tables maximize your odds of winning due to a less favorable house edge. Generally, at 6:5 tables, the house increases its edge by around 400%, meaning there’s a higher chance of losing. 

Practice is the Key to Success 

There’s a perception amongst some people that casino games are built entirely on luck. This is what dealers and the casino house want you to believe, as it stops you from practicing and getting better at the games!

Sure, some games (such as slots) are purely luck-based. However, card games like poker and blackjack require critical thinking, which is why practice is incredibly important!

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