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Free Spins vs Traditional Casino Bonuses – Which Offer is Better?

Free Spins vs Traditional Casino Bonuses – Which Offer is Better?

Pretty much every casino on the planet will offer you some sort of bonus in order to get you to sign up. And these bonuses can be extremely lucrative. But they can also come with some restrictions that make it difficult to withdraw any real winnings. Generally speaking, there are two different types of bonus. You have traditional casino bonuses, such as ‘no deposit’ and ‘deposit’ deals, both of which will give you bonus cash to play with. The other type of bonus is free spins.

And free spins are specifically marketed towards slot players. But, which one is better? Today, we’re going to take a look at all these different types of bonuses. So that you can decide which one is the perfect deal for you.

What are free-spins?

When a casino offers you free-spins, these are spins that you can use solely on slot machine games. Online slots are the most popular game at any online casino. As such, bonus spins are one of the most popular giveaways. 

You can find spins for free as part of a no deposit deal, or deposit bonus. And you can use these bonus spins to play a site’s exciting selection of slot games, and walk away with some winnings. 

Regardless of what type of spins bonus you pick up, it will have some terms and conditions attached. And it’s extremely important that you read and understand these T&Cs before you take on any bonus. As things like wagering requirements, game weighting and maximum cash out limits can restrict what you can do with your bonus spins.

What are traditional casino bonuses?

When we talk about traditional casino bonuses, we usually mean deals that give you bonus cash. Again, you can find both no deposit deals and deposit bonuses, both of which will give you some extra money to play with. But what’s the difference between these two offers? Let’s take a look.

No deposit bonuses 

Casino no deposit bonus deals are the most popular deal at any online casino. That’s because you do not need to make a deposit in order to receive your bonus. Therefore, you can find both bonus cash and free spins no deposit offers. Although they’re harder to find in this day and age, no deposit spins are still offered by some casinos. And players love a no deposit deal, as it comes with no financial risk to you. 

However, keep in mind that no deposit offers are generally low in value. So you might find yourself with a handful of bonus spins and/or a few pounds of bonus cash to play with. Furthermore, no deposit deals are not designed to make you rich. So do not bank on pocketing a massive jackpot with these offers. Rather, they are a chance to try out a site and a few of its games, to see if you like the casino site. Finally, no deposit offers notoriously come with lots of heavy terms and conditions attached. So make sure you understand these before you take on a no deposit deal.

Deposit bonuses 

By contrast, a deposit bonus is where you must pay into the casino first, before you can unlock your deal. These offers tend to be far more generous than no deposit deals. In fact, depending on what you deposit, you could double or even triple your spending power with a fantastic deposit offer. Most deposit deals are actually ‘match deposit’ bonuses. This is where the casino will match your deposit amount with a percentage. The average is between 100% and 200% at most online casinos. 

Therefore, you could land yourself with hundreds of pounds of bonus cash, and tons of bonus spins, if you can find a great deposit deal. That said, deposit offers also come with T&Cs. So make sure you read up on these, to ensure you have the best experience with your bonus cash.

How to choose the right bonus for you 

Choosing a bonus at an online casino comes down to two things. The first is how many T&Cs apply, and if you can satisfy all of the various conditions of your bonus. The second is personal preference. For example, if you are not a slots fan, there is absolutely no point in picking up a free-spins deal. As you cannot convert bonus spins into cash to use on other games. 

But, if you love slots, then you have a quandary! Is it better to choose bonus spins or bonus cash? The answer to this will come back to the T&Cs attached to the offers you’re looking at. And, as a rule of thumb, free spin deals tend to have stricter terms and more restrictions. For instance, you’ll find that there is a maximum as to what you can win with your bonus spins. Plus, anything you do win is usually subject to wagering requirements and maximum cashout limits. 

On the other hand, bonus cash will also come with max cashout limits and wagering attached too. So, our advice is to compare the two offers you’re presented with, and choose the one that comes with the least restrictions. Namely, the lowest wagering requirements and higher cashout limit! 

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