Fun facts about gambling in Norwegian casinos

Considering the gambling restrictions, Norwegians are taking part in other casinos in Europe. Find out more about Norwegian gambling in our article.

The national government of Norway has adopted strict rules for casinos online. Players do not have the opportunity to play slots and other games on the territory of this country. So, foreign companies take advantage of the lack of domestic operators. They offer a Toppcasinonorge, a wide range of games, and other benefits to Norwegians. Find out how the Norwegian government fails to fight against illegal gambling. We have also highlighted other relevant facts related to this topic.

Interesting facts about online casinos in Norway

If you are familiar with the rules of gambling in Norway, you know that they are strict. Norwegians have a limited selection of games in which they can collect earnings. But, that is not the only thing that the state restricts them in.

The government banned online casinos in Norway

In 2008, Norway banned residents from accessing and gambling on offshore online casinos. But, Norwegians still take part in online gambling. Why is that so? The people of Norway do not follow the government’s laws and regulations. Also, the state does not have enough power to use legal means and sanction violations of the law.

The only two legal companies in Norway are Norsk Tipping AS and Rikstoto. Here users can take part in sports betting, betting on horses, lottery, and others. Also, online casinos in Europe operate successfully in the territory of Norway regardless of legal restrictions. Offshore platforms are available for playing slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and other games. 

Players of casino games must pay taxes to the state

For rewards of 10,000 NOK on online slots or other games, Norwegians pay a tax of 28%. Such high earnings are considered “accidental”. This rule does not only apply to games owned by Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. The goals of the games of these two companies are social and humanitarian. So, they are not subject to the Law on Taxes. We will also highlight one more significant fact. Earnings from professional gambling are self-employment income. That is why they will have to pay taxes as a merchant.

Those who want to avoid taxation use offshore casinos in Europe with EU licenses. One of the licenses used by casinos in Europe that do not charge fees is the MGA. The Malta Gambling Authority is one of the most prestigious EU licenses. Everyone who plays at an online casino with an MGA or other EU license will be tax-exempt. It applies to rewards up to 9,999 NOK. Anything beyond that is subject to fees that the player must pay. These fees may vary.

Age limit and other rules for online casinos in Norway

Another condition that applies to online casinos in Norway is the age limit of players. To be able to gamble in Norway, a player must be at least 18 years old. Both real money gambling and betting are not allowed for minors. Also, we would like to mention one more significant fact about online casinos in Norway. The law prohibits any bank or financial institution from allowing customers to link a credit/debit card to an online casino anywhere on the planet. It shows the severity of the Norwegian government regarding gambling.

Are certain casino games allowed in Norway?

In 2007, slot machines were completely banned in Norway. But, two years later, interactive video terminals (IVT) came on stage. In order for Norwegians to take part in the video terminal, they must have a special ticket. Poker is also somewhat allowed in this country. In 2014, an annual national poker championship was allowed. These poker tournaments can only be held with a license from the Gaming Authority. Also playing poker at home is allowed if the bet per player does not exceed 1000 NOK. We will emphasize that both games are available at online casinos in Europe.

Our last words

As you have seen, Norwegians are limited when it comes to gambling for real money. That’s why online casinos in Europe take over the Norwegian gambling market. The government of this country is still not considering reducing gambling restrictions. It is not known when Norwegians will be able to use national operators to play slots and other games.

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