Meet Steve Simon – Businessman Herbert Simon Only Son With Ex-Wife Sheila Simon

The Simon Property Group chairman, Herbert Simon is an American real estate developer. The New York-city-born, Herbert Simon is the owner of the Indiana Pacers. Additionally, he also serves as chairman emeritus of the shopping mall developer, Simon Property Group. The 88-year-old, Herbert is a captivating figure whose impact extends far beyond the realm of professional basketball. Simon’s journey to success is a testament to his remarkable business acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence. Simon’s business ventures began in the 1960s when he and his brother Melvin co-founded the Simon Property Group, a real estate development company. Under his leadership, the company flourished, becoming one of the largest real estate investment trusts. Simon’s visionary approach and strategic decision-making were instrumental in expanding the company’s portfolio, which includes some of the most prestigious shopping malls. In this article, we will be talking about Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon.

In 1983, Herbert Simon’s passion for basketball led him to purchase the Indiana Pacers, a team in the National Basketball Association. As the owner, Simon has dedicated himself to transforming the Pacers into a formidable franchise, consistently striving for excellence on and off the court. Under his guidance, the Pacers have achieved success, made numerous playoff appearances, and earned the respect of fans and competitors alike. Simon’s impact reaches beyond basketball. He is renowned for his philanthropy and commitment to making a positive difference in the community. Simon and his family have generously supported various causes. Their contributions have helped build hospitals, support arts organizations, and improve educational opportunities for countless individuals. Moreover, Simon’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident through his efforts to develop energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon.

Who Is Herbert Simon’s Son Steve Simon?

The real estate businessman, Herbert Simon gained immense fame from his profession. Apart from his successful professional life, he is also a devoted family guy. The businessman has been married three times in his life. As of now, the 88-year-old, Herbert Simon shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Bui Simon who is a Thai-American philanthropist and beauty queen. Before tying the knot with Bui Simon, Herbert was in a marital relationship with his ex-partner Sheila Simon. It is unclear when and where Sheila and Herbert met each other and exchanged their wedding vows. Their marriage whereabouts remain completely undisclosed to the media. Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon is the only son of the real estate businessman with his ex-spouse, Sheila Simon. The birth details of Steve Simon are unavailable as he hasn’t been open about his personal life.

Being the only son of his parents, Steve must have been pampered very well during his childhood. Moreover, Herbert Simon’s son must have been raised with immense love and care. Additionally, Steve has a sister named Jennifer Simon. Steve Simon’s sister Jennifer is involved in the family business. She has been serving as a director at Herbert Simon Family Foundation since October 2011. Steve shares a great bond with his sister. Unfortunately, his parent parted ways. However, Steve is close with both his father and mother.

Herbert Simon’s Son Is A Businessman

Having been born into a business family background, Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon inherited a business mind from his father. Thus, Steve Simon also known as Stephen Simon is involved in a family business. Talking about his educational background, Steve went to Indiana University Bloomington. He completed his graduation in 1989. Steve earned his degree in general studies, public and environmental affairs. Afterward completing graduation, he involved in the family business. Steve joined Simon Property Group as a development director in 1992 and later resigned from the post in 2000.

In addition to this, Herbert Simon’s son also served as a President and CEO at Melvin Simon Associates. He worked for the company from 2001 to 2006. Later, Steve started his own business. In January 2007, Steve founded Simon Equity Partners and has been working as a management member since then. Additionally, Steve has held positions on the boards of the Central Indiana Land Trust, HeadCount, the Pacers Basketball Corporation, and Conscious Alliance.

Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon
Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon inherited a business mind from his father. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Steve Simon Is A Married Man

Herbert Simon shares a great bond with his son, Steve Simon. Moreover, the father-son duo has worked together for more than decades. In the business sector, Steve has also made a name for himself and appears to be flourishing. Having said that, Herbert Simon’s son is also successful in his personal life. Talking about his personal life, Steve shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Catherine Garvey. The couple tied their wedding knot in 2006. Furthermore, Steve Simon’s wife Catherine Garvey is an artist. Steve and Catherine have already entered into their parenthood and become a doting parent of four kids. The lovely couple gave birth to four children named Tela Simon, Mackadocious Simon, and Cassius Garvey Simon. Nonetheless, Herbert Simon’s son Steve Simon is enjoying his life to the fullest.

Steve Simon Has Eight Half-Siblings

Steve Simon’s father Herbert has tied knot for three times in his life. Steve’s father Herbert tied the knot with his ex-wife Diane Meyer and welcomed three children. The ex-couple gave birth to three children named Asher Benjamin Simon, Sarah Meyer Simon, and Rachel Mariam Simon. Unfortunately, their marriage ended and parted ways. Likewise, Herbert currently shares a marital relationship with his wife, Bui Simon. Herbert and Bui gave birth to five children from their relationship. Steve Simon is a half-brother to his siblings named Sean Simon, Tyler Simon, Jacqueline Simon, Andy Simon, and Sophie Simon. Steve must have shared a good bond with his half-siblings.

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