Most Ludicrous Bets Made by Celebrities

Celebrities around the world live lavish lifestyles that we mere mortals can only dream of. With that great wealth and status comes plentiful opportunities to splurge on ludicrous items of luxury, such as a new private jet or gold-plated yacht. However, some of the most famous VIPs worldwide will blow their hard-earned cash on absurd bets that top the headlines.

Top Three Crazy Celebrity Bets

Have you ever lost or won a few hundred dollars at the casino? If so, it’s nothing compared to what these celebrities did with their cash and the harsh repercussions of their actions. The following sections will cover the top three insane bets stars have made throughout their careers. At the end, we’ll let you know the craziest bet ever made by a famous VIP. Many people would rather buy a new yacht than gamble for more cash, but these celebrities had other ideas in mind.

50 Cent’s $500,000 Win

One of the easiest ways to flood your pockets is through sports betting. Almost everybody has watched a sporting event for fun at some point in their lives. For the ultra-rich, betting on professional sports can be a great opportunity to increase their wealth. The most notable? A $500,000 win by famous rapper 50 Cent following the NFC game between the Giants and 49ers during the 2012 NFL playoffs. 

You may have heard of this bet after he flaunted his earnings on Twitter, showing a picture of himself holding his newly won cash. Needless to say, this famous rapper is definitely playing a role in increasing the sports betting with his insane bets. While the rest of us civilians spend years amassing such a fortune, 50 Cent makes it in under four hours from his couch. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck: $800,000 in Minutes

While most people derive excitement and exhilaration from gambling by blowing a few hundred dollars, some top celebs sometimes bet over $100,000 to achieve that same thrill. Let’s be honest; it’s hardly a dent in their massive fortunes. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck enjoy gambling just like the rest of us, but maybe a slight bit more after savoring this huge win. The two buddies and gambling partners won $800,000 in just three rounds of blackjack during a stellar night at a casino in Las Vegas. They only had to bet $20,000 a hand, an amount equivalent to a car or 25,000 Hershey’s chocolate bars. Ben Affleck enjoyed his night so much that he tipped the staff a whopping $150,000, which is more than twice the median salary in the United States!

Michael Jordan’s Million Dollar Mistake

One of the craziest sports bets of all time was between Michael Jordan and San Diego businessman Richard Esquinas, and it was all over a single round of golf. Good to know that his performance on the court isn’t matched with his record on the fairways. This single loss cost him $1.25 million, which is more than most of us will amass in our lifetimes. But to this ultra-famous sports star, it’s just a tiny blip in his bank account. 

Final Thoughts

Did hearing about these ludicrous bets made by top A-list celebrities make you feel better about your financial decisions? Certainly, losing a few thousand at Vegas doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? Ultimately, these people make big bets because they can certainly afford to. And if you were in the same situation, you might end up doing the same.

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