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Here Are Some Must Watch Amazing Student Series in 2022

Here Are Some Must Watch Amazing Student Series in 2022

University and graduation aren’t just about partying with friends, there are also the challenges of growing up that students can face. By the way, in ancient Greece, students were considered all those who receive an education, so don’t be surprised if you come across a series about high school graduates in our selection. 

And yes, the series are too interesting but don’t get so carried away that you don’t have a problem with your studies. And if you do, turn to essay writing services so it doesn’t affect your grades.

Love 101 

The series is set in a high school in a small Turkish town. The kids are constantly getting into trouble and going through a difficult growing up. In this series, the teenagers become very close to their teacher.  The story begins when she is forced to leave the lyceum and the town. It’s a story about growing up, making difficult decisions, and trying to learn when things don’t go according to plan around here.


This Danish series tells the story of two teenagers Magne and Loritz. They, along with their mother, return to the town they left after their father’s death. Their mother gets a job as an accountant in the factory of the local rich Jutuls, who could be described as the unofficial owners of the whole town. Handsome Fjor and Saksa are the most popular teenagers in the school, and their mother is the headmistress there. Their factory produces chemicals, and their classmate Magne suspects that the Jutuls are somehow dumping mercury into the local fjord. Magne is drawn into the struggle and soon discovers he has a superpower: he can throw a hammer more than 500 meters. 

All in all, you could say that this is the story of Thor the teenager who tries to live an ordinary life, falls in love, and throws the hammer.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

The relaunch of the iconic story of half-witch Sabrina Spellman has turned out to be just gorgeous. On Halloween, Sabrina turns 16 and must undergo a “dark initiation” on that day – making a sacred pledge to serve the Dark Lord.  She is also afraid of being initiated into the Dark Arts Academy, where she must face up to her responsibilities and become a true witch. However, Sabrina has no plans to do so. It’s a classic teenage rebellion with a beautifully magical presentation. The witch manages to get permission to attend the Academy and continue her life as a mortal girl at the same time, but it all leads to a long struggle for freedom and the right to human life.


“Elite” is already a classic near-student series. Still, in Europe and America, high school students are also considered to be students, so there’s a reason the series made it into the selection. From the first season, the plot combines learning problems, love intrigue, and dark secrets. Everyone has secrets in ‘Las Encinas’ that will be revealed as the story progresses.


The plot of Euphoria centers on a girl named Roux Bennett (Zendaya). She was born three days after the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. The girl knows the pain of loss and tries to numb it with drugs. By the time she’s 17, she’s in rehab, and when she comes back, the first thing she does is go to a dealer. The main problem of the series is the teenagers’ maturing and their attempt to be understood and heard. The authors of the project present a full range of classic types: from the school outcast to the handsome athlete. And each of them is not as simple as it seems.

The Great Seducer 

The Korean dorama The Great Seducer is about the “entertainment” of rich people who have become satiated with luxury and permissiveness. This project is going to talk not only about college life but also about playing with human feelings. Corporate heir, Kwon Shi-hyun makes a bet according to which he has to fall in love with a girl, Eun-tae-hee. After that, the story begins to take some interesting plot twists.

18 Again 

A 37-year-old man, Hong Dae-yeon, finds his life going downhill. A spat with his wife, getting fired from his job, and even his teenage children are now looking at daddy as a loser. And while the main character is feeling sorry for himself, he doesn’t notice that his body has suddenly changed. Now he looks and feels 18 years old again. The man decides to make the most of this chance, takes the name Go Woo-young and starts his life all over again. 


The German detective series “Biohackers” tells the story of a gifted biology student Mia. She meets her teacher Lorenz and her students. They conduct strange (but seemingly legitimate) experiments: making a mouse emit green light in the dark and turning plants into musical instruments. However, Mia is interested in the lab for a reason; she’s convinced that Lorentz is involved in the death of her relative.

The Chair 

Kim Ji-young is the first woman of Asian descent to succeed in taking over the English Department at the prestigious University of North Carolina. She finds herself facing a lot of problems right away: one of the oldest professors is furious that she has been given an office in the basement. Moreover, her superiors give Ji-young a list of elderly candidates for dismissal with big salaries but unpopular courses. The character has to face a lot of problems and be able to solve them.

Gossip Girl 

We all know the already classic series Gossip Girl, where a generation has grown up. Not surprisingly, HBO decided to make a remake (or more accurately, an alternative sequel) of the series. Nine years later, “Gossip Girl” – an anonymous resource spreading rumors about the life of New York’s elite Constance Billard school – returns along with the arrival of a new student, Zoey. However, how will this situation develop this time?  You can only find out after watching the series, which, by the way, has only 10 episodes.

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