Here The List Of Favorite Casino Games You Should Not Miss

For hundreds of years, gambling has been one of the top ways the rich and famous blow off some steam. Casino games can be absolutely exhilarating, and this is something all gamblers know, be it rich or poor. When you are rich, the difference is that you can actually afford to blow bundles of cash in order to sustain the thrill of gambling and even if lady luck isn’t on your side, you will be okay taking some losses. 

We all know some top-tier celebrities who have come under the spotlight for their love of swanky casinos and high-stakes gambling. The list includes Hollywood actors, elite level athletes and musicians. 

Ben Affleck actually went to rehab for his gambling problems in 2001 while Shannon Elizabeth had a stint as a professional poker player. Charles Barkley reportedly lost over $30 million gambling, the notorious Charlie Sheen supposedly blew hundreds of thousands of dollars betting on sports and Tobey Maguire was caught in a web of illegal high-stakes gambling. Then there’s Michael Jordan who may have retired from professional basketball in 1993 due to a gambling problem that was spiraling out of control. These are just a few examples – let’s say it’s just the tip of the ice berg. 

Rich people love to spend money and gambling is one of the most exciting outlets for them to do so. The rush of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in seconds is could just be one of the best feelings in the world. 

So, what games do the rich and famous prefer? Is there any difference between the games they play vs. the games the average gambler partakes in? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games for the high rollers. 


There is no shortage of world-famous actors and athletes that have tried their luck playing poker. Poker happens to be one of the few casino games where an element of skill is involved and it is not all about pure blind luck. The affluent love playing poker and there are tons of celebrities that have had a go. 

The ex-Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire has been a poker fanatic since 2004 and loves to learn the game with the help of an assisting device known as the shuffle master. Shannon Elizabeth, who acted in The American Pie, is actually pretty good at poker and came third in the NBC national poker heads up championship in 2007. A few other celebs that are known for their poker faces include Matt Damon, Kevin Hart, Jason Alexander and Kevin Pollak. 


Just because they can afford to take some losses does not mean that the rich don’t want to win. Despite having massive budgets, a lot of them still prefer playing games where the house edge is on the lower end of the spectrum.  Because of its low house edge, which may be as low as 0.28 percent, blackjack has long been a popular selection among high rollers. People who play bonus bez depozytu for a lot of money don’t wager on insurance or side bets. Instead, they focus on the basic game to profit from the narrow house edge.


Roulette is one of the easiest games to play and the returns are quick and juicy. Some celebs prefer just picking red or black or odd or even and putting down thousands of dollars just for the kicks. You don’t have to think about every move you make like in poker and this is an appealing factor to many high rollers that just feel lucky. Did you know that the One Direction star Harry Styles was actually thrown out of a Las Vegas casino for being underage? Well, he is of legal gambling age now and certainly enjoys playing a few rounds of roulette. A few other noteworthy celebs that like roulette include Mike Ashley, Ian Fleming and Sean Connery. 


Baccarat is a really popular card game at both land-based casinos and online casinos. You simply pick whether you want to bet on the player or the banker and then watch the hand being unfold. The objective of the game is to get your hand as close to nine as possible. The hand closest to nine wins the round. All that the player has to figure out is which hand they want to wager on and how much money they want to lay down on the line, the rest is up to fate. Some celebrities that have enjoyed countless rounds of Baccarat include Soul Singer Gladys Knight and Jackie Chan (only in the movie Rush Hour 3). 


Slot games may be at the end of the list here, but these are certainly at the top of the list for most gamers. Slot machines are fun and they come in all sorts of themes, shapes and sizes. There are slot games for conservative players as well as slot games with high minimum stakes for the rich and famous. In fact, there are many video slots that are themed on celebrities. Many famous people enjoy playing slots just as much as any regular person does. A few celebs known for their affinity to the reels include Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, David Gest, Charlie Sheen, etc.

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