Best Deals In Digital Entertainment Right Now

We all love discounts. In some marketplaces, securing a slight reduction in the price of the desired product can involve hours of toing and froing, feigning disinterest, or pleading poverty.

Fortunately, no tomfoolery is required in acquiring a discount in the entertainment industry. These can come in many forms with standard percentage discounts, bundles, free spins, sign-up incentives, membership bargains, and many more often available. Let’s look at the more significant examples that offer great entertainment and a cut-down price.

Online Casinos

Casinos have a history of providing enticing deals and complimentary items. Discounts and bonuses are stitched into the fabric of the industry, particularly online. A cursory glance at the online slots at Paddy Power, for example, will reveal weekly bonuses of free spins or a free €5 bet dependent on how much you wager each week. It’s much the same at the other major online casinos, but you should check the terms and conditions to ensure you get the right bonus or promotion for your playing style. The free spin promotions are more alluring if the site offers the Jackpot King slots or something similar as these offer the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. Generally, there are large rewards for a first deposit or referring a friend too. 

Humble Choice

Humble is a charitable and growing game distributor that focuses on providing a bundle of games to their subscribers at great prices. When you sign up for Humble Choice for just $12 per month, you get 10 hand-picked games to add to your library and own forever. At the time of writing, the titles you’ll obtain range from the diesel-punk RTS game, Iron Harvest to the RPG simulation Farmer’s Dynasty. You’re almost certain to be provided with something you’ll love. They also offer books and software, but the knowledge that you’ll also be contributing to a worthy charity makes it a wholesome purchase.


Spotify is free to use but also has plans including Individual and Duo that give you more options and control. If you’re happy just letting the AI choose what tunes you play through your device, then you’ll be content to remain a free user. Yet, most of us want to avoid the ads, listen to the latest hits, and generally play what we want, even offline. Right now they’re offering Premium free for 1 month, so why not just try it out? It’s worth trying just for the top podcasts

Console Games

The subscription video game services have always been a mixed bag, but remain popular. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Online have been well received, but PlayStation Plus has been causing discontent of late. That might change this summer as they plan to amalgamate PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus to create a new subscription service that punters won’t complain about. Even with the complaints, Microsoft, Nintendo, and PlayStation subscription services are great value for money. 

These are some of the best deals in digital entertainment right now, but there are a couple of honorable mentions. Skillshare is offering 40% for anyone looking to take a class in illustration, design, photography, or any of the thousands more they have available. It’s worth scrolling through them to see if anything catches your eye as it could be the platform for starting a new career or hobby.

Finally, Netflix and Hulu are screaming for your attention with a free month for new subscribers and plenty of promo codes.

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