Here Is The Detail Overview of League of Legends Tournaments

League of Legends is more like an idea than a videogame until it had millions of fans, billions in income, and esports championships with over 100 million viewers.

League of Legends (LoL), popularly known as League, is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that was designed and distributed by Riot Games in 2009. Riot’s founders were influenced by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III, and wanted to create a unique video game in the same category. The video game has indeed been free-to-play from its very introduction in October 2009, and it is commercialized through purchasing choice of specific characters. The game is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Click here for know more

Structure of League of Legends

Two teams, each with five players, compete in ‘one to one’ mode , with each side capturing and protecting half of the territory. Each of the ten players handles a “champion,” a character with distinct skills and diverse playing styles. Champions gain power throughout a match by accumulating experience points, acquiring gold, and procuring stuff in order to destroy the enemy side.

Reach of League of Legends

League of Legends garnered mostly excellent reviews, with reviewers praising the game’s usability, character animation, and overall production value. The game’s extended history has led to a critical revaluation, with positive ratings on the rise; yet, the unpleasant and hostile in-game conduct of its players, which has been criticized from the game’s inception, continues despite Riot’s efforts to address the issue. The game’s popularity has led to several affiliations such as music videos, comic books, short tales, and an animated series, all of which peaked at eight million concurrent users in 2019.

The game features a global competitive ecosystem comprising 12 leagues, and is frequently referred to as the largest global esport. The yearly League of Legends World Championship is the culmination of these domestic leagues. The 2019 world championship event  roped in over 100 million individual viewers, with a peak of 44 million concurrent spectators. Internal and overseas events have been televised on Twitch, YouTube, Bilibili, and ESPN, a cable television sports channel.

League of Legends Updates

Patches are released on a regular basis as a means of update for League of Legends. Unlike earlier games, which used updates to guarantee that no single tactic dominated, League of Legends’ patches rendered catching up with the developer’s modifications a major part of the game. Riot streamlined their patch cadence in 2014, to once every two or three weeks.

List of League of legends Tournaments 

League of Legends (LOL) is a popular esports game among both amateur and professional players. There are two international League of Legends tournaments and they are very famous and hold a strong fan base. They are 

  • World Championship, established at 2011
  • Mid-Season Invitational, established at 2015

Successful League of Legends Leagues

The league of legends is classified as Tier1 and Tier 2 leagues.

Tier 1 leagues include strongest and successful leagues such as Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends, League Championship Series, League of Legends European Championship, League of Legends Pro League, Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends and some others.

Tier 2 leagues include some lower leagues such as North America Proving Grounds Circuit, European Masters, Greek Legends League LVP Superliga, League of Legends Development League and some others.

League of Legends World Championship Tournaments

The League of Legends World Championships has grown in popularity, becoming one of the most prominent and watched events in the world, and perhaps the most viewed video game. As a result of its popularity, esports became well-known and highly regarded as a possible Olympic sport, with a medal event being planned for the 2022 Asian Games.

Every year, the event moves its venue to different major countries and territories. Tier1 of South Korea is the tournament’s most dominant team, besting three world championships.

The Summoner’s Cup

The trophy given for league of league champions, was commissioned by ” Riot Games”, the company that controls League of Legends. Riot specified a weight of 70 pounds, but the finalized cup’s weight was reduced to ensure that it was not too heavy to raise and celebrate the victory.

There are 12 professional League of Legends leagues around the planet as of 2021. The LEC, LPL, LCS, and LCK are each given three spots in the World Championship, the PCS and VCS are given two seats, and the six rising regions are given one position each.

Recent League of Legends World Championship 2021 Tournament

The 2021 World Championship was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, from October 5 to November 6, 2021. In a repeat of last year’s event, 22 teams advanced for the World Championship depending on their position in their respective regional leagues and past regional performances in international competition.   The two teams who qualified through the Vietnam Championship Series were not able to attend the event due to travel restrictions connected to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic in Iceland, all games were held in Laugardalshöll, with no people in the audience. Edward Gaming of China’s League of Legends Pro League defeated defending champions DWG KIA (previously Damwon Gaming) of League of Legends Champions Korea in the final on November 6, 2021, with Edward Gaming prevailing 3–2. Lee “Scout” Ye-chan, Edward Gaming’s mid laner, was chosen Most valuable Player (MVP) of the series.  DWG KIA’s chance to win consecutive global titles was shattered by Edward Gaming’s championship.

Mid Seasonal Invitational Tournament

Since 2015, Riot Games has been conducting the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), an annual League of Legends event. Apart from the World Championship, it is the second most significant international Series of League of Legends game. 

The tournament included the Spring Split champions from the five main strong League of Legends regional leagues (LEC, LCS, LCK, LMS, LPL) in 2015 and 2016, and also a wildcard team from a less competitive region. The Chinese team Edward Gaming won the inaugural event by defeating the South Korean team SK Telecom T1 3–2 in the final.

Spring Split champions across all regions have started competing in the tournament from 2017. The Play-in Stage took the place of the International Wildcard Invitational. For their Summer Split champion, the best Wildcard region earns a direct participation in the World Championship’s Group Stage for the same year. In the World Championship’s Group Stage, the top four regions earn a position in pool 1.

With two MSI wins each, China’s Royal Never Give Up and South Korea’s T1 have been the most dominant teams.

Recent MSI Tournament 

Recent Mid-Season Invitational took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, from May 6 to 23, 2021. Twelve teams competed for the tournament, and every team started at the even level of the competition, unlike in prior seasons, when minor league winners had to win play-in matches before facing teams from larger regions. Due to travel limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, GAM Esports, from the Vietnam Championship Series, could not participate in the event.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iceland, all of the tournament’s games were played in Laugardalshöll, with no spectators present. The 2018 Mid-Season Invitational champions ‘Royal Never Give Up of’ China’s League of Legends Pro League challenged the former World champions DWG KIA  of League of Legends Champions Korea in the final on May 23, 2021. Royal Never Give Up swept the tournament 3–2, becoming the second team to win two Mid-Season Invitationals, following T1 (previously SK Telecom T1).   In the final, Chen “GALA” Wei was awarded MVP of the series.

Other Renowned League Cups

  • Demacia Cup/Championship
  • KeSPA Cup
  • LCL Open Cup

Technology Requirement of League of Legends

  • 2 GHz processor, supporting SSE2 instruction set or higher
  • 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of RAM for Windows 7 and newer
  • 8 GB, available hard disk space
  • Dedicated GPU with 512MB or higher Video Memory (VRAM)
  • Screen resolutions up to 1920×1200
  • Windows 7®
  • Windows 8®
  • Windows 10®
  • The latest update to .NET Framework from Microsoft.
  • The latest version of Adobe AIR is required to connect to
  • Adobe AIR is included with all League of Legends setup files, but can also be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

To Summarize

League of Legends is gaining its popularity and its followers and fans are expanding day by day. The leagues of professional players are earning exponentially every year showcasing their skills. The platform is progressing successfully and is recognised as a superior game even by the critics. Have our 9MM Energy, the healthy energy drink, to enhance your brain function, cognition and to improve your fast response.

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