In Business Terms, How Competitive is the Online Bingo Industry?

Now that bingo is moving away from its traditional brick-and-mortar bingo hall home, and into the online space, competition is starting to heat up. Like any other industry, bingo is highly competitive, and operators do everything they can to outdo each other. They use every trick in the marketing handbook and to varying degrees of success.

Social media, ever larger jackpots, and attractive promotions are some of the go-to options for most online bingo sites, which have proven to work. Furthermore, online bingo sites are hitting record highs in player numbers and operator returns. According to research by Data Bridge, the bingo industry will grow at an 11.20% rate annually and be worth upwards of $128.338 million by 2028. 

But amid this growth and competition, is there a way for you, the ordinary player, to benefit? In this article, we will look at how competitive the bingo industry is and how you can benefit from the promotions. So keep reading if you’d like to learn more. 

What kind of promotions can we find?

First Deposit Bonus

When you’re new to a bingo site, you have to register and deposit your first deposit to start placing wagers on your bingo games. We say start placing wagers because, most of the time, you will find that many bingo sites offer free-to-play games to get you started. Nonetheless, it’s industry practice for online sites to provide you with a first deposit bonus. 

This is usually in the form of matching your deposit amount or adding a certain percentage or in some cases, a good example could be 888ladies bingo promotion code. You should always check a new site’s policy on the first deposit bonus, so you can be eligible and increase your playing amount. 

Deposit Bonuses

Once you get your first deposit bonus, you might wonder if that’s the end, but worry not. Because of the high competition online bingo sites face today, they have taken it one step further and added deposit bonuses. So every time you top up your account, you get a percentage bonus to help you out. 

To get the most from this bonus, you can check what site offers the best bingo games and most significant deposit bonuses and play on them. 

Referral Bonuses

We are sure you have heard of Amazon’s affiliate programs that work the same as the bingo referral bonuses. If not, they are pretty straightforward. To get a referral bonus, all you need to do is get a referral link from a bingo site you like, play on, and ensure that it’s worth recommending to a friend. Then tell a friend who’s not already on the site to check it out using your referral link. 

Once they visit the site and register, you will earn a bonus from the bingo operator for driving traffic to their site and helping them beat the competition. Referral bonuses are an easy way to make more playing capital without doing that much. 

No Deposit Bonuses

Sometimes you’re just visiting bingo sites to check them out and not sure if you’re ready to commit to deposit and start playing. Well, bingo sites know this, and because competition for new players is high, they offer you a no-deposit bonus to get your feet wet and help you decide if you will jump in head first. 

You can then, in turn, use the deposit to get a feel of the site and the other features on offer. 

Stakes Promotions

As the name suggests, stakes promotions require you to stake something or risk something to earn something. For instance, an online bingo site might require you to spend a certain amount on a bingo game to earn a certain number of redeemable tickets. The opportunity cost, in this case, might be that the game is not popular or it’s a new one they are trying to promote. The point is that they will require you to do something to get the promotion, and you must be willing to comply. 

How to take advantage of bingo promotions? 

As we have seen in the previous section, promotions on online bingo sites are not that difficult to come by. All you need to do to take advantage is learn of their existence, know each operator’s policy in rewarding the promotions, and meet the criteria. We know this is extra work you must do, but it’s well worth it in the end. 

You can also take advantage of the fact that the competition is high and well willing to have you taste their pie. This means you can get all the low-hanging fruit, like the first deposit bonus and no deposit bonuses, by registering to a new site every now and then. 

Building you’re credibility among your friends as one with a good eye for a good site with excellent games and promotions can also help you get more referral bonuses. You can try out many different online bingo sites and only recommend the best ones to your friends. It would even be better if you could extend your credibility to social media because you’d have a broader bingo audience you can call to. 


Bingo might have survived for hundreds of years relatively unchanged and still as entertaining as it was to the Italian gentleman who first discovered it. But that’s as far as things go in bingo’s unaltered nature. The world around it has undoubtedly changed, and the notions bingo players have nowadays are also different. 

For instance, bingo halls are losing their roles as the game’s custodians, and that function is now falling to the online space. This change has also meant that bingo operators have had to adapt their business strategies to match the online market and new player preferences. Furthermore, the online space has opened up the competition floodgates, and every operator is scrambling to get their share of the market before it gets too saturated and eventually plateaus.

So the online bingo industry competition is really high today, but at the same time, ripe for players to take advantage of promotions on offer. 

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