How To Start Bitcoin Trading In 2021? Here Is Five Best Tips To Start Trading

Many investors are very fond of trading bitcoin because it is considered to be an extremely volatile asset. If you want to get involved with this market then you will need to give the right time to this market. With bitcoin trading, you are given the highest returns compared to traditional investments. Bitcoin traders who have one can achieve one of two goals: depositing bitcoin or making a profit with USD. If we talk about the crypto bull market, the increase in the value of USD for the portfolio is a very easy task. In this, it can be challenging for you to increase the bitcoin price. You can easily start trading it against altcoins with bitcoins with an exchange like Coinbase Pro to track bitcoin price with a portfolio. You can also take the reference from the to clarify your doubt as per your requirements.

To actively trade bitcoin, you must first be prepared to take on the risks involved in this bitcoin market. As we all know its prices are volatile, so it would not be unusual to lose money quickly trading bitcoin. This is one of the main reasons why crypto enthusiasts just HODL bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

With bitcoin trading, you can predict the movements on the price of the cryptocurrency. Traditionally, bitcoins can be bought through exchanges. Its price keeps increasing from time to time. Bitcoin traders can take advantage of its volatility, with its price rising and falling which may sound speculative, with derivatives increasingly using it. With financial derivatives such as IG and CFDs, you can take any bitcoin price position you want. You are fully able to take advantage of the price movements of this product without taking ownership of the underlying coins. This means you don’t have to take responsibility for bitcoin token security in it.

How to Buy Bitcoin Through Exchange?

Buying bitcoin through an exchange is perfect for those who are used to buying bitcoin and its strategy. This means that you are buying direct ownership of bitcoin with the expectation that its price will increase. Here are some of the issues you may face while buying bitcoins through an exchange:

  • The bitcoin exchange may lack some of the necessary infrastructure with quick response while supporting requests and carrying out proper regulation.
  • Bitcoin exchanges that may impose funds, withdrawal fees and restrictions on your account may take a few days to open their accounts.

Trading Bitcoin Derivatives

Trading with bitcoin derivatives means that you can make some guesses with its price via CFDs, rather than holding bitcoin outright. If the price of bitcoin has fallen enough to cause a ‘long’ or ‘low’ then its position can be fully enabled.

Cryptocurrency trading beginners: Using technical framework

Leverage and margin

CFDs which combined with leverage helps in doing this business, which means that you need to make a deposit in this, which we also know as margin.


The bitcoin market is however very liquid, which means it is more likely to fill the order you place with the desired price, even if you are dealing with a larger size.

You have to Decide Whether to Go Long or Short Before Investing in It

In the derivatives market of trading financials which is based on your current sentiments, it is entirely possible to go either long or short. If they go long among themselves, what does it mean that you expect the price of bitcoin to rise, and short means that you expect its price to fall?

Either You Close Your Position to Deduct Its Loss Along with Receiving Profit

You can also close your position if you want to take profit or reduce the loss in it. If you make a profit, it is paid directly into your trading account, while the loss is deducted from the account balance.

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