How to Write a Process Essay in Smooth Water

A classic process essay requires you to tell readers how exactly something works or how exactly to do something to make it work. The greatest thing about process essay writing is that if done right, it’s truly helpful to readers. When they finish the piece, they might actually learn something new, for example how to undergo a web-safe internet browsing, how to move a lawn faster, or how hurricanes are formed, how electricity works, or where the Internet is located.

But, there are a couple of important things you have to keep in mind. First, don’t dwell upon something that is too complicated or too mundane. Your topic has to be interesting, engaging and informative. The key goal is learning, so finding out basic information about your readers and how-to’s they’ll actually be interested in is your primary objective. Avoid overwhelming audience with tons of dry info wrapped into incoherent and noncohesive sentences. Better chop it into step-by-step chunks and add some entertaining value, so that readers are both educated and a bit entertained in the process.

How To Start Writing a Process Essay?

«The best rule of thumb is to depict a situation under which a certain problem occurs», says Dona Apollo, an editor from company. For example, reader’s email gets too piled up by spam and shady ads. User experience and confidentiality of personal data is at risk, consequences might be severe, and it is a process analysis essay dealing with how to turn on and tune email malware filters in the most consistent and effective way that will solve the problem.

One of the most important things regarding process essays is connecting your sentences. Many students fall into a trap of using ‘then’, ‘And then’, ‘…and then’, etc. Know better than that and do your best omitting language structures like these. If you want, you can do it during the proofreading stage in order not to interfere with your natural writing process. Plus, phrases like ‘subsequently’, ‘afterwards’, ‘secondly’, ‘thirdly’, ‘in the event of’ are not suitable when writing a process essay. Why?

The key objective is develop a topic in the most human and essential language possible, so even the most out-of-subject readers will understand core issues and could be able to apply actions items describes in your essay without a hitch.

What is the most appropriate structural pattern for writing a process essay?

A step-by-step guide is the one to opt for. Make sure there are insightful hints and tips for the readers to remember and final recommendations to follow in order to prevent something from happening again, for example.

And don’t forget to mind your pronouns. The way how you address readers must be preserved through your essay body from the beginning till the end. If you choose writing the essay in the first person singular (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’), be sure you never trip on suddenly addressing readers in the second person (‘you’, ‘yours’). Just stay consistent, follow the path of thoughtful and relevant content, and readers will appreciate your process essay up to par.

Even though essay writing seems much easier than working on, let’s say, a dissertation, it still requires utmost care and diligence. It is important to know in what direction you are moving and what question you were asked to research. Sometimes essays are written on certain topics, and this is already bad enough. If you weren’t assigned a particular topic, though, the situation gets even more complicated as you have to make the choice yourself. It is crucial to select a winning essay theme. Otherwise, you might end up with a mediocre work.

However, choosing it is not only important, but also very difficult. Many students feel so pressured with the necessity to make the right choice that they simply blow it. If you are stuck with your theme, we will be glad to help. Our experts provide assistance with any kinds of papers, starting from narrative essays and up to PhD dissertations. We also provide an anti-plagiarism guarantee and additional services. There is no need to do it on your own. We can help you to avoid stress and earn a better grade.

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