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How to Write the Best MBA Application Essay?

How to Write the Best MBA Application Essay?

MBA is the most prestigious and globally recognized degree in business education today, which appeared in America in the early twentieth century. It is a postgraduate education program aimed at training general managers to work in various spheres of activity.

An MBA degree is a kind of managerial pivot that makes a manager capable of managing any type of enterprise. To receive an MBA degree does not mean to raise the qualification or to become the owner of the second higher education: training by MBA program allows a person to acquire specific skills, which can be applied in absolutely different spheres of business and production. The program provides basic knowledge in marketing, management, business development, finance, human resource management, and other disciplines.

Most Commonly Used Topics

One of the minimum requirements for admission to MBA school is to write an essay on a suggested topic. Topics such as these are most commonly used:

  • Tell us about the work of any manager (whom you know personally), his or her leadership style, and the influence he or she has had on you.
  • Do you think you are capable of being a successful manager? Prove that you possess managerial potential with examples from your own life.
  • What are the three most important accomplishments in your life? Why do you consider these to be your three most important accomplishments?
  • Tell us about the two most important and meaningful events in your life.

Success Depends on Quality

The success of admission to a business school depends directly on the quality of your essay. The goal of this paper is to convince the admissions committee that it is worth admitting you to the school. Of course, this work is not as easy as it seems at first glance. We recommend you to hire a professional paper writer on writingapaper.net who can help you create a really original essay and get an agreement from the MBA Admissions Committee. The writers of the service are certified and really competent.

The process of selection of candidates has been practiced for years. And the essay reading occupies a considerable place in it. It usually takes 40 to 60 minutes to read each (!) essay in advance. After that, the package of documents together with the work is sent to one of three folders: “do not accept,” “clarify,” and “accept”. Only 15% of all essays go straight to the “accept” folder and are sent straight to the dean’s desk. To avoid such an undesirable outcome, you will have to work hard on your essay. Try reading this forum if you are still in doubt whether you need a hired writer or not. Spoiler: yes, you do. It will change your whole life, because it’s always better to delegate the work to somebody, if this person can do it better than you. 

What’s next? After the dean’s approval, the work (and its author as well) can be considered accepted. The bulk of essays (about 75%) need to be clarified. These papers are reviewed repeatedly. 

The main questions that members of the admissions committee look at when reading the essay are:

  • Will this candidate be successful at the business school? 
  • What potential can this candidate bring to the team (class)? 
  • How does the candidate in question compare to other applicants?
  • Positive answers to these questions will ensure the success of your admission, which is why it is so important to write a good essay.

Some useful tips for writing a perfect essay

In order to write a decent essay, it is worth following a few tips.

  • First of all, you need to determine the audience for which the future essay is intended. This will determine the style and language of the writing. Information about admissions officers is usually available on the business school’s website. In addition, you can find conversations and interviews with people of interest in the press or on the Internet. It makes sense to get to know MBA students and seek their opinions on how best to write a paper. Keep in mind that members of the admissions committee read more than 100 different essays a day. Therefore yours should be different from all of them, and have its own zest. 
  • The main requirement for any written work is to match the topic and the text of the work. Therefore, you need to be clearly aware of exactly what you need to tell by answering the question asked. To do this, it is best to write a detailed plan and follow it while working on the text.
  • In addition to a clear answer to the question, it is necessary to clearly express your own position on the issue in the essay. This is possible with the use of phrases such as “for me it is important”, “I think it is necessary to say”, “I think that”, “in my opinion”, “from my point of view”, etc. Before starting your essay, try to ask yourself some important questions. It won’t take long, but it will make the task much easier and help you define who you are.
  • The most important requirement of a well-written essay is also the reflection in the text of the applicant’s motivation to study at this particular school. In this case, you can give an example of successful graduates of the school and formulate the expected prospects of their own development related to the enrollment.
  • The essay is aimed to demonstrate your ability to clearly, intelligibly and logically articulate thoughts, ideas, considerations. Therefore, do not go into a polemic or detailed explanations quoting the words of famous people, and limit yourself to the main theses (of course, not to the detriment of the content of the work).
  • A well-written essay should be distinguished by lightness of presentation and a lively style. It is possible to use the technique of “Conversation with the reader” (formulation of questions, appeals to the audience, designed to emphasize the importance and significance of the idea expressed). Use of humor in a certain amount is acceptable. The ability to make a joke in time and thereby defuse the situation is highly appreciated in the managerial environment. However, you should not joke about religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.
  • The basis of the essay is honesty. Admissions officers are highly qualified professionals who are able to distinguish the truth from the embellishment of reality (which so many applicants are guilty of).

Revision of your essay

Once the essay is written, it is worth reading it again, applying an “outsider’s perspective. While reading the text, try to answer several questions (as if you were a member of an admissions committee):

  • Is it interesting to read this work? 
  • Does the text correspond to the stated topic? 
  • Are the facts and thoughts supported by meaningful examples? 
  • Is the author’s point of view on this issue reflected? 
  • Is the personality of the author expressed in the text you read? 
  • What can you say about the person who wrote this essay?

If you are satisfied with the answers to the questions posed, it is likely that the essay will be a success and that you will enjoy the attractive prospects that open up for MBA graduates: a prestigious and interesting job, a job in demand, decent pay, an opportunity to develop and improve yourself, and a significant career advancement.

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