Know About Jackson Michie Big Brother Season 21 Winner

Jackson Michie is an American television personality and a bartender who came to the spotlight of media after appearing as of houseguest in the reality television show Big Brother Season 21. Besides, he has also won the show Big Brothers Season 21, after getting a majority vote. Jackson Michie’s net worth is still under calculation, however, his net worth has raised after winning the reality show grand prize.

After proving to be the most consistent and capable houseguest of the finalist, he won the show overtaking another deserving contestant Holly Allen. With declared as the winner of the show, Jackson takes home the grand prize of $500,000. Let us dig a little bit deeper and see what we know about Jackson Michie.

Jackson Michie’s Net Worth, Childhood Life, Education, Career, and Relationship

Jackson Michie took birth in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on 28th May 1995. He holds the nationality of America. His father named is not revealed and his mother’s name is Colleen Maloney Michie.

Following Jackson’s education background, he went to Franklin High School. After completion of high school, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee to pursue his education in Political Science. He completed his graduation in 2018. Likewise, he has also missed his graduation ceremony while going to week tour with his buddies in South Beach, Miami.

During his high school days, he used to write papers, speeches, etc. to earn money.

Jackson Michie net worth
Jackson Michie in Big Brother Season 21.


Jackson began his career working in the local area near Tennessee. After the completion of graduation, he went to Bricktop’s Franklin to work as a bartender. Later, he went to Los Angeles in search of making a career. Jackson loves to work out and is also a fitness enthusiast.

He got a breakthrough moment in his career after being selected as a competitor in the popular American television reality show, Big Brother Season 21. The reality show, Big Brother Season 21 was premiered on June 25, 2019, on CBS. His selection on the show has been proud moment for him as well as his mother since both had been watching to show from a very long time.

Jackson has described himself as the man good at connecting with people and also calls himself as a natural salesman.

Know About Jackson Michie’s Net Worth and Earnings

Aforementioned, Jackson Michie’s net worth is still under review. The major source of income comes from his work as a bartender.

Furthermore, his net worth is going to be a rise in the coming days after winning the reality show Big Brother. He has also won the grand prize of $500,000.

Besides, he has also worked in a real estate business and salesperson.

Know About Jackson Michie Personal Life and Relationship

Talking about Jackson Michie’s personal life, he is currently single. In an interview with former Big Brother contestant, Jeff Schroeder, he mentioned himself as single. However, the 24-year handsome hunk has been in a romantic relationship previously. He was romantically involved with his girlfriend Emma.

The dedication of love between the couple looked so much genuine. Despite, their good introduction to their family members, the couple broke up their relationship. After dating for several months, the couple parted their way.

Furthermore, the reality shows Big Brother Winner Jackson Michie is also active in social media. He has 81.4k followers on his Instagram account.

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