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Are you a Jenna Marbles fan? Have you ever wondered how much money does Jenna Marbles make? You’ve landed at the right place. You would be interested to know that the comedian, actress, and YouTuber has a net worth of $8 million dollars. She has over 2.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel currently and is loved and viewed by many users across the globe.

Who Is Jenna Marbles? 

Jenna Marbles is an American actress, comedian, and YouTube influencer. She hails from New York City. Her claim to fame was her first video that was launched on YouTube back in 2010 and got 5.3 million hits in just a week. 

The video in question was titled “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking”. Later on, in 2011, she created a video that was picked up and featured by the New York Times and ABC News. This was titled “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk To”. This is where people really got to know who is Jenna Marbles and what her forte is. 

She also appeared as Eve in the Epic Rap Battles of History season 2 episode “Adam vs. Eve.” aside from her YouTube fame. MTV’s Ridiculousness featured Marbles on episode 9 of season 4, and she played herself in the 2015 film Smoosh: The Movie.

After being nominated for numerous accolades and winning the Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar in 2014, Marbles is no stranger to success. In 2017, she was also honored with a Streamy Award in the YouTube Ensembles category for her work on the channel. She was nominated for the Shorty Award’s Creator of the Decade in 2018.

What Else Does Jenna Marbles Do?

Additionally, Marbles created a line of dog toys named Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles, which were based on her own dogs and sold under the Kermie Worm & Mr. Her most memorable remarks were printed on a line of merchandise she developed and sold.

According to a press release from the museum, Marbles was the first social media sensation to have a wax figure displayed there in 2015—posing for an Instagram photo with a friend.

Marbles is the host of SiriusXM Hits 1’s “YouTube 15,” a weekly pop countdown with guests. In addition, she served as an executive producer on the 2016 thriller/fantasy film Maximum Ride. James Patterson’s The Da Vinci Code series of novels served as the inspiration for the film’s storyline.

About 30 million people are subscribers to Marbles’ YouTube channel, which has 3.3 billion video views as of September 2019. As of the time of this writing, it is also the 86th most popular YouTube channel and the eighth-most popular channel run by a woman, according to data.

Which Are Jenna Marbles’ Most Viewed Videos and How Can You Watch Them? 

“How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking” (69.5 million views as of March 2020), “What Girls Do in the Car” (37.9 million views), and “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want To Talk To” are Marbles’ top three most-watched videos thus far (36.8 million views).

All these have a satirical genre and really touch the real-life scenarios and that is why they are most relatable. You can easily access her videos on YouTube but sometimes, YouTube restricts certain videos in some regions due to geolocation.

 If you happen to be in one of these regions, then don’t worry. Simply get a VPN for iOS or android and watch any video on any website from across the world by changing your local server. Having a good VPN for iPhone will not only allow you to access content from geo-restricted websites, but it will also allow you to keep your phone’s data safe and secure when you are browsing the internet and sharing information. Try VeePN’s robust iOS VPN through a free trial and see for yourself.

YouTube stars Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are engaged

Some Information on The Worth of Her Real Estate: 

Marbles bought her first home in May 2018 for $2.85 million in Sherman Oaks, California. There are five bedrooms and six bathrooms in this 5,093 square foot spec home, which is located on a quiet cul-de-sac street. She gave a tour of the house where she and Solomita live in a video she uploaded to her YouTube page. In the first two weeks, 3.2 million people saw the video.

Prior to purchasing, she rented a $1.1 million Santa Monica home, then in October 2014, she relocated to the San Fernando Valley, where she rented a second home worth $1 million.

This will also give you a good idea of how much money does Jenna Marbles make. 

Jenna’s Spouse & Personal Life 

Since 2013, Marbles has been seeing fellow YouTuber Julien Solomita. Since 2014, the Jenna and Julien Podcast, their weekly podcast, has been produced by the duo. At the time of writing, the podcast had 922,000 subscribers and covered topics like culture, sports, coming of age, and conspiracy theories. On occasion, they have guests on the program, such as YouTuber Shane Dawson. You can use a good VPN for iOS to access the podcast where it is restricted. 

Besides Mr. Marbles, the couple has three other dogs: Kermit, Peach, and Bunny the Italian Greyhounds. A non-profit dedicated to Greyhounds, Greysave, helped the couple find and adopt Bunny in 2019.

The year 2015 marked the year when Marbles become vegan.

A Quick Summary: 

Jenna Marbles is a well-known female YouTuber who has achieved a lot of popularity. Her enormous net worth can be attributed to her impressive subscription and audience numbers of 18 million and 2.6 billion, respectively.

She has 321,000 subscribers on YouTube and is the only person to have a wax figure of themselves made at the Madame Tussauds Museum in London.

With an anticipated net worth of $8 million by 2021, Jenna Marbles is continuing her career on YouTube with new videos released every week.

Jenna’s most viewed videos are the ones that resonate most with our day-to-day lives and the scenarios we face as individuals. Perhaps, this is why she is so popular and she gained so much fame in such a short time. She is an inspiration to all the aspiring YouTubers out there. Make sure you have a VPN for iPhone and you can access her videos and have fun watching them. 

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