Know About Former American Football Quarterback Joe Namath

Joe Namath is one of the iconic former American football quarterbacks. Besides, he is one of the NFL’s Greatest player in the history. With the birth name Joseph William Namath, he also has his name as Joe Willie or Broadway Joe. Joe Namath’s net worth estimated of $18 million as of 2019.

Furthermore, Joe has been one of the iconic sportsmen in history with his performance in the Superbowl III. He rose to immense fame when he played for Los Angeles Rams, A National Football League team. Let us dig a little bit deeper and see what we know about Joe Namath.

Know About Joe Namath’s Net Worth, Childhood Life, Career, and Relationship

Joseph William Namath took birth on May 31, 1943, in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States of America to the parents Janos Andrew Namath and Rose Namath. Joe’s father Andrew Namath was a steelworker. Besides, Joe experienced his childhood with his siblings. Joe is the youngest of all and had three brothers and sisters.

At a very young age, Joe’s parents separated their way. After the divorce of his parents, Joe lived with his mother. Joe was fond of sports from his early childhood days.

Following on Namath education background, he joined Beaver Falls High School in Pennsylvania. During his schooling period, Joe used to take part in various sports events. He also has a good ability to play basketball. Likewise, Joe also played football. He became active player in the quarterback position.

Joe became a regular pick on the Baseball team as an outfielder.

Joe Namath young age picture playing football.


Joe started his career in sports from his childhood age. During his college days, he was playing in a quarterback position for Alabama Crimson Tide. In 1964, they went to National Championship with the leadership of Joe and eventually won the match by a 29-4 margin.

After that major success, Joe played for St. Louis Cardinals in National Football League.

Simultaneously he also picked by the New York Jets for the American Football League. He received an award of the American Football League Rookie of the year when he signed for them in 1965.

His hard work and splendid performance in the American Football League helped him to earn the title of the Best Professional player for the year 1968.

Super Bowl III was held in 1969 in which Joe team defeated Baltimore Colts by margin of 16-7. During his career, he played 143 matches with winning 68 games, 71 loss, and 4 ties.

In 1985 Joe was honored by including him in the NFL Hall of Fame.

His great intensity of playing ability made him one of the most iconic players in American Football history. During his career, he was chosen for any brand promotion. Even after his retirement, several brands choose him for promotion.

Joe Namath’s personality was appreciated by people which helped him to play a role in television series. He also appeared in several Hollywood movies such as “The Brandy Bunch”, “The A-Team”, “The Waverly Wonders”, “The Simpsons” and some more.

Know About Joe Namath’s Net Worth and Earnings

Previously mentioned, Joe Namath’s net worth estimated of $18 million. He collected this fortune from his playing career. Besides, his acting profession also helped him to add value to his total asset.

Know About Joe Namath Personal Life and Relationship

Following on Joe Namath’s personal life, he is in a marital relationship to Deborah May. The couple celebrated their wedding vows in 1984. Similarly, Joe and Deborah were blessed by two daughters with the name Jessica and Olivia.

Joe Namath net worth
Joe Namath wife Deborah May together has two daughter.

After spending their time together for more than 15 years, the couple settled for divorce in 2000.

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