Know About Joey Chestnut Ex-Girlfriend Neslie Ricasa | Are Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa Married?

Joey Chestnut ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa

Born as Joseph Christian Chestnut and professionally known by the stage name Joey Chestnut is an American competitive eater. Moreover, he ranks first in the world by Major League Eating. Most recently, he sets the record by eating 76 hot dogs in ten minutes to win Nathan’s famous title and became the winner of Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2021. In addition to this, he won the 92nd Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by beating the defending champion, Takeru Kobayashi. In this article, we will be discussing about Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa.

Furthermore, the 37-year-old, Joey Chestnut is a Vallejo, California native and currently resides in Westfield, Indiana. Having started his professional competitive eating in 2009, he has set some world records in this field. In 2011, he won his fifth consecutive Major League Eating championship with 62 HDB. Likewise, in 2015, he lost his title to Matt Stonie. After a year, he regained his championship title from Stonie by setting the record of 70 hot dogs. As mentioned earlier, Joey Chestnut set the world record by beating his previous record in 2021. He consumed 76 HDB in 10 minutes. Without further delay, let us dig a little bit deeper to know about Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa.

Know About Joey Chestnut Personal Life and Relationship

Following Joey Chestnut’s personal life, he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend. Stalking upon Joey’s Instagram account, he posted a picture of himself cozying up to a woman named Brie. The picture had a caption of, “Oysters, the beach, and my amazing babe… My last weekend at home for a while. I have a bunch of contests coming up. Gyoza in la, pizza in New Orleans, wings in buffalo!! I love traveling and eating, but I sure do enjoy giving my stomach a break and spending time with the people I love.”

Previously, the competitive eater champion, Joey Chestnut also dated and romantically involved with his ex-fiancée, Neslie Ricasa. Furthermore, Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is popular for being a girlfriend of Joey. The couple started dating in early 2011. Before the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2014 started, Joey pulled out a ring box and took the microphone, and propose to her on stage. Neslie who clapped her hands to her mouth in surprise also said yes to his proposal. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and broke up shortly. According to the reports from the New York Post, in July 2015, the couple broke up within just weeks to go before their wedding date. Both of them have not revealed the reason for the break-up to the media. As of now, Joey Chestnut is enjoying his life with his new girlfriend, Brie.

Joey Chestnut's ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa
Joey Chestnut purposed her former girlfriend Neslie Ricasa before the 2014 Nathan Eating Contest. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Who Is Joey Chestnut’s Ex-Girlfriend Neslie Ricasa?

As mentioned above, Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is popular for being a girlfriend of Joey Chestnut. The former couple were in the relationship for almost four years before they separated in 2015. Additionally, Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is away from online media, and her Instagram account is inactive since 2015. Similarly, her Facebook was last refreshed in August 2019. In one of her Insta posts, Ricasa is seen taking care of a baby tiger with a big smile like a proud mom.

Despite the fact that Ricasa has maintained secretive personal life, her Instagram pictures clearly show she’s a tremendous animal lover. Additionally, she usually posts a picture of her pet dog on her social media accounts. Indeed, she once noticed that her pet dog is not a speed breaker like his boyfriend, Joey Chestnut, who is currently her ex-accomplice. Curiously stalking on her Facebook profile, she is the only friend with her present spouse, Drew Ely.

Neslie Ricasa Is Married To Drew Ely.

As previously mentioned, Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is a married woman. Likewise, he also updated her relationship status on her Facebook profile in 2019. Neslie Ricasa is currently in a marital relationship with her husband, Drew Ely. Even though there isn’t much about Neslie and her conjugal life, neither her professional career and current whereabouts, her Facebook recommends that she got married in 2019.

Moreover, Neslie and Drew started dating in 2017. According to her one of the Facebook post, the couple confirms about the dating from 2017. Likewise, she also uploaded a picture on her Instagram account captioning, Besties. Regardless of her personal information, Neslie keeps up with sheer protection and appears to have no aim to come up in the limelight of media.

Joey Chestnut ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa
Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is now married to Drew Ely. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa Tied Engagement Knot In 2014

As mentioned earlier, Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa started dating in early 2011. In 2014, the victorious Joey proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Neslie Ricasa, before the Nathan Eating Contest. After he purposed to her on the stage of the competition, the overwhelmed Neslie also accepted the proposal. However, their relationship didn’t last long. Moreover, the couple announced their separation just before a week to their wedding date on May 9, 2015. As of now, both Joey and Neslie has moved on to their life with new partners.

Are Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa Married?

After every one of the readings, in the event that you actually question is Joey and Neslie wedded, let us answer it for all. No! Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa are not married. Truth be told, they have continued forward with life and have tracked down their bliss. Yet, what truly caused the separation?

If you ask the competitive eater, Joey, he’d pinned their separation on his daily travel and tour schedule. He further conceded that he was gone a considerable amount and that they separated commonly.

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