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Meet Alison Harbaugh – NFL Coach John Harbaugh Daughter With Wife Ingrid Harbaugh

Meet Alison Harbaugh – NFL Coach John Harbaugh Daughter With Wife Ingrid Harbaugh

Born as John William Harbaugh and professionally known by the name John Harbaugh is an American football coach. The 60-year-old, John Harbaugh serves as the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. Besides, John has previously served as the defensive back coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Moreover, John has a younger brother named Jim Harbaugh who serves as the head coach of the University of Michigan. Besides, John and Jim are the first pair of brothers in NFL history to serve as head coaches. In addition to this, John’s father Jack Harbaugh also served as the college defensive coach and assistant coach for 45 years. Moreover, John Harbaugh attended Miami University where he played varsity football as a defensive back. He started his coaching journey in Western Michigan in 1984. In this article, we will be talking about John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh.

The Toledo, Ohio-born, John Harbaugh was first hired in NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1998 under head coach, Ray Rhodes. He served as the Eagles’ special-team coach for nine years. He also served as defensive backs coach for a season. In 2008, John Harbaugh was appointed as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Due to his lack of head coaching experience, John was not seen as one of the favorites for the job. During his first season as a head coach, he guided the Ravens to play-off with an 11-5 regular season record. In the 2012 season, John led the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl finals. His team defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII and claim the Super Bowl Championship. He became AP NFL Coach of the Year in 2019. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh.

Who Is John Harbaugh’s Daughter Alison Harbaugh?

The Baltimore Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh has gained immense fame from his professional career. Following his personal life, John Harbaugh shares a blissful conjugal relationship with his wife, Ingrid Harbaugh. The beautiful couple encountered for the first time at West Michigan University in 1985. During the time, John was serving as a graduate assistant for his dad, Jack Harbaugh, and his wife, Ingrid was working as a student assistant in the baseball office. Afterward dating for several years, the college sweetheart tied their wedding knot on 12th July 1991. As of now, the beautiful Harbaugh couple has been married for more than three decades. John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh is the only child of the NFL head coach with his wife, Ingrid. The birth details of Alison Harbaugh haven’t been revealed.

Being the only child of the family member, John Harbaugh’s daughter must have been pampered very well. Moreover, Alison has been raised with immense care and love. She must have wonderful time growing up. Having been born into a wealthy family, she must have wonderful childhood life. With her dad’s enormous wealth, her wish must have been fulfilled without worries. As of now, Alison is enjoying her life with her family.

John Harbaugh’s Daughter Is A Lacrosse Player

Having been born into a sports family background, John Harbaugh’s daughter has also developed her interest in sports. Moreover, Alison’s grandfather is also a football coach who has worked in a coaching career for 45 years. Likewise, his uncle, Jim Harbaugh is also involve in the NFL. Growing up in a sporting background, Alison is also involve in a similar field. However, she has chosen different sports than her family member. The only daughter of the NFL coach, Alison Harbaugh is currently attending the University of Notre Dame. She plays lacrosse for the college’s women’s lacrosse team. She completed high school at The Bryn Mawr School.

During her time at high school, John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh served as the lacrosse team captain. In addition to this, Alison also received IAAM All-Conference Lacrosse honors in 2020. Moreover, Alison is an active student-athlete. She received three varsity letters while participating in basketball and tennis. Under her leadership, Alison led the team to a conference title in 2020. After winning the title, she earned the IAAM Character Coin Award. Along with eight other seniors, Alison decided to participate in athletics in college in November 2019. She graduated from high school in 2020, but she missed the opportunity to mark the occasion by crossing the stage in a formal ceremony. Alison seemed to be succeeding in both her academics and athletics.

John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh is the only daughter of the NFL head coach. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Alison Harbaugh Shares Great Bond With Her Dad

Being the only child of the family member, John Harbaugh’s daughter Alison Harbaugh is love by every family member. Alison used to work on the field and deliver papers to coaches ever since she was in fifth grade. One day while she was doing her duty of serving the papers to coaches, her father called her to join him and sing the national anthem together. Moreover, the father-daughter duo has been together in every national anthem until she joined the college. Now that, Alison has joined the college, they must have missed the special tradition. Thus, Alison is very close to her father.

Talking about Alison’s personal life, she hasn’t revealed much about it. The only daughter of NFL coach, Alison Harbaugh must be focusing on her studies. Thus, the details regarding Alison Harbaugh’s boyfriend remain a mystery. All in all, John Harbaugh’s daughter is doing well in both her academics and athlete.

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