Know About Jose Aldo Daughter Joanna Aldo – Only Child Of UFC Fighter From His Relationship With Vivianne Perriera

Jose Aldo daughter Joanna Aldo

José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Junior, popularly known as Jose Aldo is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. As of now, Jose is currently competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in a Bantamweight division. Apart from this, Jose also is a former UFC Featherweight Champion. He has been the undisputed champion twice and the interim champion once. According to the latest UFC rankings of July 2021, Jose Aldo ranks on the #5 position in the UFC Bantamweight division. Fighting out of Manaus, Brazil, Jose Aldo is fighting against Pedro Munhoz in the upcoming UFC event. In this article, we will be discussing about Jose Aldo’s daughter Joanna Aldo.

Additionally, Jose Aldo also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has trained under the coach Luta Livre in Nova Uniao. The professional UFC fighter has a fighting record of 29-7. Among 29 wins, he has won 17 by TKO, 1 by submission, and 11 by unanimous decision. Have been an active mixed martial artist since 2004, Jose Aldo has gained a respectful career. The 34-year old mixed martial artist, Jose Aldo is also the greatest featherweight for a pound-for-pound fight in 2017. Without delay, here are some facts on Jose Aldo’s daughter Joanna Aldo.

Who Is Jose Aldo Dating?

The former UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo is currently in a relationship with his beautiful wife, Vivianne Perriera. Furthermore, Jose Aldo’s wife Viviane Perriera is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Moreover, Vivianne holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Additionally, she has also fought twice in Muay Thai.

The couple met each other single a young age. They both met each other in the gym during their training. At the time, Jose Aldo was 16 years old and Vivianne was older than him. After training together for several months, they started dating. With their bond getting stronger, the couple announced their marriage in 2005. As of now, the beautiful couple is in a marital relationship for more than a decade. The couple also welcomed their only daughter Joanna Aldo from their relationship in 2012.

Jose Aldo daughter
Jose Aldo’s daughter Joanna Aldo is 8 years old as of 2021. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Jose Aldo Daughter Joanna Aldo Is Only Child Of UFC Fighter

MMA Star, Jose Aldo, is a married man and is in love with his partner, Vivianne. Besides, Jose Aldo and his wife also share a child, Joanna Aldo. As mentioned earlier, Jose Aldo’s daughter Joanna Aldo is only a child of the couple. Although Jose and Vivianne have been married for more than a decade, they only have a single child from their relationship.

Jose Aldo’s daughter Joanna came into the world after seven years of marital relationship in 2012. Despite Jose and Vivianne has maintained privacy regarding the birth of their daughter, they have archived their valuable minutes together raising their daughter. Besides, the 8-year-old girl is an absolute sweetheart and loves to spend time with her parents. Besides, she is highly adored by her parent and goes on numerous vacations together. Regardless of sufficient screen time, we don’t know quite a bit about Jose Aldo’s daughter. She is the lone child of the MMA star and Vivianne. However, will the Aldo pair welcome Aldo junior?

Joanna Aldo Is the Biggest Fan of His Father and Love to Watch Jose Aldo’s Fight

Born with a family background in fighting, Jose Aldo’s daughter loves to watch fight nights. Moreover, Joanna’s father is a former UFC featherweight champion and her mother is a purple belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter. In an interview, while speaking with Jose Aldo’s wife Vivianne Aldo revealed that Joanna appreciates watching her dad’s fight. Besides, the beautiful little Joanna watched her dad, Jose, battle with Conor McGregor and cried when her dad lost. She kept awake until the pair returned home and motivated her dad Jose to turn into a champion.

Jose Aldo wife Vivianne Perriera
Jose Aldo daughter Joanna Aldo loves to travel with her parents. Picture Source: Instagram.

Joanna Aldo Not Willing to Following Parent Footsteps

Despite, Aldo family being comprised of fighters and survivors, Jose Aldo’s daughter probably won’t get into combat sports. However, during an interview with Jose Aldo’s wife, she said that she would love it if little Joanna shows her interest in becoming a fighter. Nonetheless, Vivianne explained that she wouldn’t follow her dad’s way.

During the mother-daughter live conversation, Joanna expressed her interest in ballet dancing and makeup, and cosmetics. Moreover, she plays capoeira. Both Jose and Vivianne don’t have an issue if their daughter chooses a different career and has full support for their only child. Jose Aldo’s daughter is a charming young lady who appears to share a great bond with her parent. Moreover, Vivianne and Jose’s Instagram account are full of their daughter’s beautiful pictures. Hopefully to see Aldo’s daughter grow up to turn into an effective individual and hear more later on.

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