Ken Miles Net Worth – Racing Car Engineer & Driver

Ken Miles Net Worth

Ken Miles was an English sports car racing engineer and driver. He was one of the best drivers in the history of motorsports career in the US. Besides, he is draftee to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. The late motorsports driver, Ken Miles’ net worth is not revealed yet.

However, we can assume that he must have earned a great amount in his fortune. Ken Miles died on August 17, 1966, after his car crashed during the testing at Riverside International Raceway. Keep on reading the article to know about Ken Miles.

Ken Miles recorded 14 straight win in RCCA racing events. Pic: GettyImage.

Know About Ken Miles Net Worth, Childhood Life, Career, and Relationship

Born as Kenneth Henry Miles aka Ken Miles took birth to the parents Eric Miles and Clarice Jarvis in Birmingham, West Midlands, England on 1st November 1918.

Regarding his education detail, the information is still under wrap. According to the source, he left school and went to work at Wolseley Motors when he was just 15 years old.

Later, the head of Wolseley Motors sent him to a technical school to enlighten his knowledge about vehicle construction.


Ken Miles was a motorcycle racer at the beginning of his career. Later, he served as a tank commander in the British Territorial Army in World War 2. He served his seven-year working in machinery and later in 1942, he was promoted to staff sergeant.

After the war ended, he started his racing career. During the time, he raced Bugattis, Alfa Romeos, and Alvises with the Vintage Sports Car Club. Later, he moved to the British brand, Ford V8 Frazer-Nash.

In 1952, Ken moved to Los Angeles from England. He then started to take part in different racing competitions. He set a record of 14 straight win in SCCA racing that was held on 1953.

In 1955, he began to design and construct a car based on the MG component and named it as the Flying Shingle. Later in 1957, he engineered the successful race car Porsche 550S engine and transmission.

Likewise, he was also a key member of the Shelby/Cobra racing team in the 1960s. In addition to this, he was a great driver as well as a mechanical engineer.

Likewise, he also served a major role in the development of successful race cars like Shelby Cobra 289, Daytona Coupe, and Ford GT40.

Know About Ken Miles’ Death

While having a prototype car test at Riverside International Raceway, he was at a top speed of 200- plus mph. Suddenly, the car flipped and crashed. The car broke into pieces killing Miles on the spot of the accident.

In contrast to the death of Miles, a huge change in vehicles was invented for additional safety precautions.

Know About Ken Miles Net Worth and Earnings

As mentioned previously, Ken Miles’ net worth is still under wrap. We can assume that he must have earned huge wealth in his career with great skill as a driver and mechanical engineer.

Know About Ken Miles’ Personal Life and Relationship

Regarding his personal life, he was a married man. Ken Miles was married to his wife Mollie. The couple together had a son named Peter Miles. Peter was 15 during the death of his father.

Ken Miles Net Worth
Ken Miles biopic movie FordvFerrari. Pic: Pinterest.

On the other hand, Miles’s biopic is being portrayed in the upcoming movie Ford v Ferrari by Christian Bale. Similarly, Ken Miles friend Carroll Shelby role is being portrayed by Matt Damon. The young actor Noah Jupe replicates the role of Peter in the movie.  

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