Know About Actor Kenneth Branagh Wife Lindsay Brunnock Who Is An Art Director

Born as Kenneth Charles Branagh, Kenneth Branagh is a British actor. The prominent actor owns Renaissance Theatre Company which has royal patrons including Prince Charles. Branagh also has another big title in his resume. He is counted as one of the best directors with a nomination for Academy Awards for Best Director for Henry V. The Belfast, Northern Ireland-born Kenneth Branagh has won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. The multi-talented actor and director has both directed and starred in numerous films. In this article, we will be talking about Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay Brunnock.

Furthermore, the actor has also appeared in numerous television series. Likewise, he has also narrated numerous documentary series. Apart from his significant career accomplishments, Branagh is married twice. He first tied the knot with Emma Thompson in 1989. However, the couple divorced in 1995 after being together for six years. The actor’s second marriage was with Lindsay Brunnock in 2003. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay Brunnock.

Who is Kenneth Branagh’s Wife Lindsay Brunnock?

Born as Lindsay Antonia Brunnock, Lindsay is famous as the wife of prominent actor and director Kenneth Branagh. However, her name is also well-known through her own career achievements. Kenneth Branagh’s spouse was born in 1970 to her parents, James Brunnock and Margeret Brunnock, in Cambridgeshire, England. She is a university graduate, but the college’s name and degree are not mentioned anywhere. As she was interested in art since her childhood, she must have earned her degree related to art.

Lindsay Brunnock Is an Art Director

Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay was heavily influenced by art in her childhood. As a young girl, she decided to pursue her career in the entertainment industry as an art director. In 1996, she dived into her career as an assistant designer for the mini-TV series The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Eventually, after graduating from the university, she started to work as a crew member for several movies. Shortly after that, Lindsay was promoted to assistant art director. She has credits in several movies, including This Year’s Love and The Abduction Club.

In addition to her works in movies, she has also worked for TV series such as Shackleton and The Last King. Among all credits, Kenneth Branagh’s wife gained the most success after working in the movie, Bright Young Things. Furthermore, the talented art director has been on a break since her last work for the movie Starter for 10 in 2006. Therefore, she must be focusing on her marital life and living a comfortable life with her husband.

Lindsay Brunnock’s Net Worth and Earnings

Aforementioned, Kenneth Branagh’s life partner, Lindsay, is a well-established art director. She has enjoyed a decade-long career. Therefore, we can assume that her bank account is quite fat. As per Glassdoor, an art director earns an average of $101,246 per year. However, considering Lindsay’s success, she must earn way more than the average income. Well, Kenneth’s lover must have amassed multi-millions as her net worth. Talking about her husband, Kenneth Branagh’s net worth is $60 million which is reasonable as he is one of the best actors and directors in the industry. With all those fortunes, Kenneth and his wife must be living a lavish life.

Kenneth Branagh wife Lindsay Brunnock
Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay Brunnock is an art director. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Kenneth Branagh Personal Life – His Wife Lives a Private Life

Despite all the public attention, Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay has managed to keep herself out of the spotlight. Likewise, Lindsay prefers to stay private about her personal life and seems content to be away from the limelight. Talking about Lindsay’s husband, he has an active social life. Although Lindsay often appears along with her husband in events, she cannot be found on any social media platform. Not only does she stay apart from social media platforms, but the art director has also not disclosed details about her siblings and parents. Lindsay and her husband Kenneth met back in 1997. The couple got married in 2003, and it has been almost a decade since their togetherness.

Both of them seem to be happy with their marriage. The couple shares a decade long marital relationship. However, they are yet to have any kids. The pair have rarely talked about their lives. Kenneth stated that it simply hasn’t happened. Nonetheless, the love birds are living happily with their pet dogs in Berkshire. Kenneth Branagh’s wife Lindsay Brunnock, is a beautiful woman and also seems to be a loving partner. She seems to be enjoying her break and living peaceful life along with her husband. We wish the lovely duo a lasting relationship filled with happiness and success.

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