Know About American YouTuber & Plus-Sized Model Loey Lane

Loey Lane is an American YouTuber, blogger, vlogger best known as a plus-sized model. She gains huge fame by posting her beauty and plus-sized fashion related videos on her self-titled YouTube Channel.

The inspiring youtuber Loey, substantially targets to solve the major problems and issue of body and fat-shaming. Her major intention is to jubilate and promote plus-size fashion and help other plus-size women to build their confidence in fashion platform.

She often shares details about the fashion brands and stores that offer stylish clothing to plus size women. She started her YouTube channel in February 2013 and has been one of the famous internet sensation and influencer on the platform.

Early Life

Loey Lane took a birth in Georgia, USA on 20th May, 1993. At a young age, she had an imaginative mind and fashion. She has attended the local high school in Georgia. Furthermore, no detail about her education background has been shared with the media.

She always struggled with weight issues since she was a little girl which led her to develop an unhealthy relationship with food to control her gain in weight.

After using all kinds of crazy tactics to control her weight for years she later decided to stop fighting her body and accept it for what it is.

She started to eat proper diet, exercise for the sake of being healthy and wearing whatever made her feel beautiful.


Loey Lane began her career in social media by creating a YouTube Channel on February 2013. She began posting videos on her YouTube channel about the fashion and make-up. From her early childhood age, she always loved fashion and makeup. Despite of having extra body weight, she made her mind about making her career in fashion industry. She knew that there was a huge difference in fashion for plus-sized bodies, however she kept on pursuing her dream.

Her channel started gaining attention when she began posting pictures of herself in an outfit inspired by Disney. The audiences liked her content and made her go viral. Her channel became a safe place for women who have been neglected by the fashion and beauty industry.

After getting loved by audiences, she started to post more videos. In 2015, she made the cover of Skorch magazine for her contribution towards destroying negative stereotypes that plus size women face daily.

After getting immense fame, she was even conducted an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has worked with major body positive and diversity conscious brands like Sephora and Kohl.

She has also won a content by IT Cosmetics for the empowering messages on body positivity that she shares on her YouTube videos.

She collaborated with designer Lauren Conrad in 2017 to create plus-size pieces for their brand.

Likewise, the talented Loey has also written a book with titled ‘Haunted in Hollywood: The Adventures of Loey Lane’ which describes her journey to the success. She released her book on October 2017.

The inspiring YouTuber, Loey Lane has get huge fan following in her YouTube channel. As of now, she has over 1.8 million subscribers. She is also seen actively on other social media accounts. Her Instagram account has over 500k followers. She usually posts plus size clothing hauls and body-positive stories on her Instagram feed.

Net Worth and Earnings

Loey Lane’s net worth is estimated at $400,000. She earns a good sum of money from her YouTube channel. Her estimated monthly earnings from her YouTube Channel is $900-$14.4k. Besides earning from the YouTube profession, she also adds value to her net worth from her modeling profession. She has been featured in many covers of a magazine.

She has also published her book form which she might’ve earned a good sum of money.

Personal Life and Relationship

Loey Lane is married to her husband Tyler who is a US Army officer. She met him in school and had an on-and-off relationship for seven years. They started dating from school life.

Loey Lane husband Tyler is an US Army Officer.

After lots of high and low nodes on their relationship, they finally decided to marry each other, She was 19 and Tyler was 21 when they got married.

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