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Know about One Minute Vlogger Nas Daily Girlfriend Alyne Tamir

Know about One Minute Vlogger Nas Daily Girlfriend Alyne Tamir

Nas Daily is the name popular for his one-minute videos which is stated publishing on Facebook. Nas Daily aka Nuseir Yassin was born on February 9, 1990, in Arraba, Israel. He is most famous for his one-minute video related to his personal life and about the people he meets during his travels worldwide.

Nas Daily’s net worth estimate of $1 million. He travels to the different countries in the world together with his girlfriend and produces the one-minute videos every day about his unique experiences related to the place he visited.  

Before being famous on the Internet, Nas Daily worked as a software engineer at Venmo in New York. He has done his graduation from Harvard University in Economics and Computer Science in the year 2014. He quit his job where he was earning over $100,000 a year and started making his travel videos.

Personal Life

Nas Daily has currently over 6 million followers on Facebook. He was born to a middle class Israeli- Palestinian family. Nas’ one-minute video was loved by many people. Similarly, his present girlfriend Alyne Tamir also loved and inspired by his video. Soon they started meeting and eventually began dating.

Nas Daily’s girlfriend Alyne Tamir was married before.

Nuseir Yassin got a YouTube channel and Facebook page under the name of Nas Daily. Nas Daily met his girlfriend Alyne Tamir through online after watching his video about Jerusalem. The collaborated video of both Yassin and Tamir has viewed over 50,000 times.

Nas Daily Girlfriend Alyne Tamir

Alyne Tamir is an Israeli and Nas is Palestinian. When Aylne firstly contacted Nas after seeing his videos, her divorce was barely finalized with his husband. Even though her divorce was recently finalized they started meeting each other and dated.

After having time spent together, they uploaded a lot of videos of their traveling in a different place. The information related to Aylne’s husband is yet to be disclosed.

Nas Daily is in loving relationship with his girlfriend Alyne Tamir.

Nas loves to eat meat whereas his girlfriend is a vegetarian as his girlfriend comes from a background of Jewish and Mormon traditions. With much more dissimilarities between each other, the two ended up being with one another.  They also published a video about their relationship.

The couple also uploads vlogs that described their fights and habits of one another which annoys them. They usually break up and patch up every now but, in the end, they still have a feeling for each other and love for one other.

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