Know Reason behind Break-up of YouTube Couple Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth

Tana Mongeau is an American YouTuber, musician, model, and internet personality. She mostly posts the storytime videos and rants about her social life. She has also collaborated with other YouTubers like Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson.

Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to parent Rebecca and Richard Mongeau.

A 20-year old American YouTuber has also worked in some of the TV series like Minute Match-Ups, Chaos Wolves and Escape the Night.

Like other famous Youtuber couples, the relationship between Tana Mongeau and her ex-boyfriend Somer Hollingsworth didn’t last very long. The couple dated for two years and separated their ways.

Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth Breakup Reason

So, if you have been following any of two YouTubers, then you should have already known the reason behind their break up.

Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth started dating for almost two years. In April 2017, the couple parted their way.

During their time off together, Tana and Somer collaborated to make videos. Somer was featured in a few of Tana’s earlier vlogs and videos. On January 7, 2016, Tana posted a video on her YouTube channel featuring Somer Hollingsworth with titled “Meet my Boyfriend”.

Talking about Somer, he lived in Nevada and enrolled at a University of Nevada, Reno. But most of the work of Tana is in California. The couple was in a long-distance relationship.

Tana is known for making outrageous videos and in one of the videos, it was seen that Tana was giving a lap dance. She was filmed giving lap dance to YouTuber Kian Lawley and that just sparked the flame in Somer.

Somer expresses his frustration on Twitter. Somer also didn’t like some of the videos that Tana has posted before.

Tana also took Twitter to defend herself for the allegation and the couple part their ways.

As of now, Tana Mongeau is currently dating Bella Thorne, an American actress, and singer. They met each other during the recording of the music video “Hefner” which was Tana’s song.

Tana Mongeau and Bella Throne kissing eath other while being in relationship.

The lesbian couple is so much into each other that they often mention one another in social media accounts. Both use to post the picture on their Instagram.

In April 2019, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, fellow YouTuber dated each other. Tana made it public after she posted a pic of her lying in Jake’s bed. The couple is in a strong relationship. On her birthday of June 24, 2019, she announced that she is engaged to her boyfriend Jake Paul.

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